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  • 15
  • – The number of Connexion Routes, all 200-numbered, that OC Transpo will be removing from service. Transit Services General Manager Renee Amilcar says that removing the routes will improve service. (Josh Pringle at CTV)

Ottawans of the Day

  • Ritchard Brisbin, Dr. Christopher Carruthers, Michael Crockatt, Dr. Robert Cushman, John Ferguson, Deirdre Freiheit, Sharon Ching Wai Kan
    Sam Laprade, André M. Levesque, Anne Merklinger, Joan Milkson, Mark Palmer, Solange Tuyishime Keita, Marianne Wilkinson, Janet Young
  • – The 15 have been awarded the Order of Ottawa, and will be inducted into the order in a ceremony hosted by Mayor Mark Sutcliffe on November 16. (City of Ottawa)


  • Our coffeehouse managers have always been an integral part of the team

  • – Bridgehead Coffee president Paul Pascal explaining why salaried managers now get a share of the tip pool. While hourly staff received a small raise when the minimum wage was raised by the province, managers did not. Bridgehead cut the managers into the tip pool as recompense. (Guy Quenneville at CBC)



What’s going on at City Hall.

Built Heritage Committee
Monday, November 06, 2023 9:30 am

  • Application for demolition and new construction at 283-285 McLeod Street
  • Application to alter the former Hintonburg Pumping Station, 5 Onigam Street
  • Designation of 692 Echo Drive under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Application for demolition and new construction at 110 York Street
  • Application for demolition and new construction at 1 Maple Lane/1112 Lisgar Road
  • Designation of the Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Avenue under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Lansdowne 2.0 Heritage Considerations

📋 Agenda

Police Services Board Policy and Governance CommitteeMonday, November 06, 2023  2:00 PM

  • No agenda provided

Board of Health
Monday, November 06, 2023 5:00 PM

  • 2024 Draft Operating Budget for the Ottawa Board of Health
  • Ottawa Public Health Update on Ottawa’s Overdose Response Strategy
  • Update on Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Ottawa Public Health
  • Nutritious Food Basket 2023 and Food Insecurity Report
  • Ontario Public Health Standards - 2023 Risk Management Report

📋 Agenda


💸  Lansdowne 2.0

The joint finance and planning committee managed to get through nearly 30 delegations before calling it quits around 7:30 pm last night. The meeting will continue today, and possibly Monday.

  •   You can view the meeting on the City’s YouTube channel here.

    • Ottawa Bulldog has a round-up of the questions brought forth by delegations  (1, 2, 3) :

         •  Why does the new arena, with three extra ice pads in addition to the major arena space, cost $80 million for the Olympiques major junior hockey team while the “event centre” at Lansdowne for the 67’s major junior hockey team costs about $250 million?

        • Why does Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group expect the public to believe its own purchased survey for Lansdowne which is released a day before the crucial Thursday committee meeting?

        • Why is now the time to incur an extra $419 million of debt during a period of high interest rates?

         • Why does the city consider property taxes paid by residents of residential on the site as revenue from Lansdowne?

         • Why do (City Manager Wendy) Stephanson and OSEG throw around multi-million-dollar figures for revenue for the “partnership” when all that revenue goes to OSEG?

         • Why did the city sign such a lopsided agreement that absolutely favours OSEG?

         • Why would the city put itself in the gruesome conflict of interest of being the regulator of development in the community and also be the “partner” of a developer?

         • Why is the city at Lansdowne not looking out for the best interests of the community and its taxpayers?

         • Is Lansdowne 1.0’s waterfall the same as Lansdowne 2.0’s air rights?

         • Why are the city and OSEG so concerned about finishing this deal so quickly?

        • Why is OSEG pleading poverty in this deal?

        • Why did the city fly in the face of a legal vote by city council to create an international design competition and abrogate that decision without permission from council to sole-source Lansdowne?

    • Why is the city wanting to assume $419 million more in plain, unadulterated debt in a high-interest-rate environment when it can’t balance its budget, when transit is accruing ridiculous losses and the light-rail project is sucking astonishing amounts of money from a city that has been drawing on reserves for 12 years?

    • Why is the city trying to sell a bad deal to the taxpaying public?

    • Why does Lansdowne 2.0 not address the basic problems of the original deal? As in, the wrong product, in the wrong neighbourhood, with the wrong transportation, with the wrong parking with the wrong transit?

    • If the city is willing to bail out private-sector OSEG, why did it not try to bail out the critical industry of Nortel?

⚡ West Carleton Battery

  •   West Carleton-March ward councillor Clarke Kelly says residents have concerns over a large battery project. Gatineau’s Evolugen wants to build a facility that buys electricity cheaply during the evening, stores it in batteries, and sells it back during the day at peak rates. The facility would be eight acres, located on 32 acres of land between Kinburn and Fitzroy Harbour. For comparison, Canadian Tire Centre sits on 32 acres. Evolugen plans to make an application December 12. (Celeste Declair at CBC)

💍 Alyea’s Jewellers

🍖 Elegy

Two deaths have shocked Ottawa’s restaurant community this week.

  •   Ryan Smolkin, the founder of Smoke’s Poutinerie, died last Sunday aged 50, after complications from surgery. Smolkin grew his poutineries to a 100 store chain, with a goal of going international. (Tessa Bennett at Global)
  •  Razmon Poisson, who ran the Jabberwocky Supper Club and Union Local 613, has died aged 35 by suicide. Poisson was self-taught and worked at a succession of high-end restaurants, including Oz Kafe, Navarra, Das Lokal, and Orto. (Peter Hum in the Ottawa Citizen)

📻 JUMP! 106.9

  •  JUMP! 106.9 has replaced its Seattle-based morning show duo with a pair broadcasting from Hamilton. The Tucker & Maura show, generically hosted by Scott Tucker and Maura Grierson, began Wednesday, adding Ottawa to stations in Toronto, London, and Hamilton. Prior to Wednesday, the Brooke & Jeffrey show, heard on dozens of stations, broadcast generically to Ottawa from Seattle. (Broadcast Dialogue)

🛻 Convoy Trial

Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are on trial for their actions in the Convoy siege.

  • The judge has ruled that some redacted emails from Ottawa Police may be given to the defence. Two Crown witnesses, both Ottawa Police officers, testified that their phones were wiped after receiving instructions to upgrade the phone software. The defence wants to see what the Ottawa Police instructed them to do. (Canadian Press)
  • The Ottawa Citizen is liveblogging the trial today.



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  •  Improvisational and Experimental Music of Ottawa and Outwards presents the record release of Shoreline by Tom Richards. The ambient sounds are “meditations or obession(s) with a root." Special guests on the tracks include a honeybee, a lawnmower, and violinist Kip Jones. Take a listen here and enjoy the event at Spark Beer on Sunday evening (suggested donation of $20, or PWYC/NOTAFLOF). 702 Somerset St. W
  •  If you’ve got old, disused electronics, batteries (household and car varieties), scrap metal and appliances, bring them to the Metal & E-Waste Collection fundraising event at All Saints Catholic High School.
  •  Experience storytelling, music, dance, and ritual at the Celtic Fire Festivals – Samhain. Explore Celtic and Irish Spirituality in an outdoor setting. In English with some Irish Gaelic. At the Muséoparc Vanier Sugar Shack.
  •  Writers of all levels know that November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the time to attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Ottawa Public Library Main branch is once again taking part with NaNoWriMo Write-ins, when you can gather on Sunday afternoons with other writers to just write together for a few hours.
  •  Meet more than 100 vendors at the The Nepean Sportsplex Christmas Craft Show. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for Seniors and youths, and free for those under 12 years old.


  •  This Sunday’s Original Navan Market will feature an incredible 200+ local vendors. It’s outdoor, so dress for the elements, and be prepared to get your holiday gift, food, and decor shopping done and dusted. 1279 Colonial Road.  

  •  Manotick’s One World Bazaar presents a Day of the Dead Celebration this weekend, with highlights including Las Paisanos Mariachi Band, an altar to the dead, Mexican food vendors, and Mexican goods. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm today.

  •  The Horticulture Building welcomes Wall Candy Noir Art Festival, with a theme this year of Day of the Dead. More than 50 artists will be exhibiting.
  •  If you ever wrote plays with your high school friends (Martha raises her hand) this one’s for you. Back in the 80s three friends started to write a musical. They recently got together to finish it. Be among the first to catch the staged reading of Stitches: A Medical Musical Comedy. $20 at LIVE on Elgin.

  •  CKCU FunDrive. Rainbow Bistro
  •  Wicked Grin. Atomic Rooster
  •  Jazz Vespers. All Saints Anglican Church Westboro
  •  Birdie Whyte, C.A. Jackson, Sal Valley, Sonny Aiken, Marc Albert. Irene’s Pub. & Restaurant
  •  Sunnycide, Qwan, Moratorium, Shingen. Avant-Garde Bar



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In an audio interview on CBC’s Q, TALK describes how he ended up currently  touring with Shania Twain and why returning to Ottawa created his biggest hit, ‘Runaway to Mars’.



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