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Northern Electric was founded in Montréal in 1895, growing into one of the world’s largest and most important telecom companies. Nortel hung up the phone in 2013. Its campus on Carling Avenue became the new home of the Department of National Defense.

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  • 🌧️ 30 per cent chance of rain. High of 7°, low of -5°. 


Ottawan of the Day


  • Please don’t invite us to the party!
  • – The tagline on flyers given out in Sandy Hill by Ottawa Police Services and Ottawa ByLaw this week to encourage a more temperate party atmosphere on St Patrick’s Day. (Emma Weller in Capital Current)


  • 🏒 NHL Ottawa Senators 4 – Colorado Avalanche 5 last night

🛻 Lessons Learned

  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police recorded the lessons that it learned from the Trucker occupation.

    💡 Set the tone early with protestors

    💡The need for a ‘National Police Act’ to ‘clarify thresholds’ between levels of police 

    💡A request to increase penalties for people unlawfully protesting

    Also, and this may seem crazy and only the kind of thing a professional law enforcement organization may contemplate, but ...

    💡Don't let vehicles become entrenched

    (Stephanie Taylor at CBC)


🧊 Food Locked

  • The Parkdale Food Centre has closed its outdoor food fridge due to an ‘increase in incidents’. The Centre has not said what has happened but wrote ‘Homophobia, sexism, ageism, ableism, xenophobia, racism, and in particular anti-Black and anti-Asian racism have no place in our community’ in a statement. The outdoor community fridge allowed people to anonymously access food at no charge, and had been in place since 2021. The Centre still operates a free fridge inside their space. (Avanthika Anand at CBC)

🚨 Ottawa Police

  • The Ottawa Police Service officer who has been using a doctor’s note to avoid questions about missing money has been playing local gigs with thrash metal band Infrared. Detective Kirk Gidley has been sued by a resident who says the officer stole $50,000 from his premises during an investigation, in which all charges were dropped because of Gidley’s refusal to testify. Now that he has been witnessed playing gigs, the plaintiff in the lawsuit believes he can testify. (Garry Dimmock in the Ottawa Citizen)

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Just Announced

  • Ottawa Tool Library’s latest list of spring courses includes Intro to Woodworking for Women+: Make a Keepsake Box.

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Someone has worked out how 35 different cities in Canada would handle a zombie apocolypse. Ottawa is in the middle at number 14, Edmonton is best at fending off zombies at number one. 

the ottawan has also noticed that CTV has apparently used the Afghan Journalists in Residence Project, funded by Meta, to pay for this story. 

We will see you Monday  – Martha and Darren

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