We love the new swimming badges for pre-school kids. 

They were designed by Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg artist Dean Ottawa for the new Swim City programme in the City’s pools.

The Red Cross, after 50 years of teaching people to swim, has left that activity, leaving it to local municipalities to pick up the slack. 

Needing new badges, Ottawa (the City) called upon Ottawa (the artist) to create something iconic. Ottawa (the magazine) has an interview, revealing that the loon and the beaver are the artist's favourites.

– Martha and Darren

  •  If you want to move beyond grocery store olive oil, you need to visit Aurelius Fine Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars.

    Darren and Martha spent some time in the store last weekend, tasting several of the infused olive oils and Balsamic vinegars, and our tastebuds are still talking about the experience.

    It’s easy to understand why the shop supplies fine olives oil to local eateries like Riviera, Gitanes, and North and Navy: the flavours are amazing. We’re already planning a summer of salads dressed with Basil infused Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar (both from $8.99), and a dash of salt and pepper.

    If you’ve never been, head to Aurelius this weekend, (April 29th and 30th) when the store is releasing its flagship oil, the 2022 Early Harvest EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), at an in person celebration. You’ll sip oil, dip bread in gorgeous Balsamic vinegars, and enjoy treats. You’ll also find a great deal on the 2022 Early Harvest EVOO: when you buy a bottle, you’ll receive a complimentary 60ml bottle of the Balsamic vinegar of your choice (a few restrictions apply).  
  •  There is a new menu at 1 Elgin (at the National Arts Centre), a collab between latest Resident Chef La-tpya Fagon and Centre executive chef Kenton Leier.
  •  Nita’s been busy, having released its new hazy IPA OMA, and brought back the fan fave Pineapple Sour.
  •  NeXT’s Mother’s Day Brunch @ Home is a mix of cold, hot, and sweet items, Prosecco and orange juice, and instructions for setting the table, all of which are bound to bring a tear to your Mother figure's eye. In addition to the glorious food, you’ll have access to video instructions from Chef Blackie himself. $60 per person. Delivery is available or you can pick up on May 13.
  •  Peter Hum at the Ottawa Citizen says fans of jerk chicken will be satisfied at Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine in Orléans. He also points out that ackee and saltfish (with fried dumplings) is a weekend-only treat.
  •  Morgan Waters in Apt 613 spent $85 at a Dominion City Brewery cheese pairing event. Her findings:

    - Civic Pilsner with Chèvre À Ma Manière from L’Atelier Fromagerie (Great pairing, knock-out cheese)

    -  Bonspiel Brown Lager with Gouda from Lutjewinkel (Holland) (Great pairing, her favourite)

    - Wilderness Gothic Vidal with Brebichon from Les Fromages du Verger (Good pairing)

    - Cold Snap IPA with raw cow’s cheese from Laiterie Charlevoix (Good pairing)

    - Sunsplit with  St. Agur French Blue (Loved the beer, found the cheese overpowering)

    - Between Two Evils Stout wiith an English Stilton and a chocolate brownie (A bit much)


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  • 🌧️ 60 per cent chance of showers.  High of 11°, low of 2° 


  • 50 per cent
  • – Where the fundraising for the new campus of the Civic Hospital is at. The goal is to raise $500 million, and the campaign has so far raised $268 million. (Joel Haslam at CTV)

Ottawan of the Day


  • We still have not funded that position
  • – College ward councillor Laine Johnson on how the City has created a wildlife strategy lays out guidelines for human-animal interactions but has not funded the required biologist. Johnson is one of many who are concerned that it was left to the Ottawa Police to deal with a bear in a residential area of Kanata, rather than a wildlife agency.  (Elyse Skura at CBC)

🪧 Federal Civil Servants Strike

Reader Sam had two comments about the Stats – Strike Edition from yesterday:

First, the ‘$6,250 per year’ quote is incorrect at worst, disingenuous at best. The 9% TBS has offered would cover the past three years, so the total compounded increase after those three years would be $6k. The average salary increase annually for the last three years is actually $2k, and public servants are only receiving it as a lump sum because TBS is three years behind on contract negotiations.

Second, Alex Silas is much more than “an Alliance member” and a “cheerleader”. He is the PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President for the National Capital Region. I know he refers to himself as a cheerleader in the article but it’s not his job title, and he deserves a lot more credit and respect as he has done a lot for the union leading up to and during this strike.

Thank you for your email, Sam.

Stats – Strike Edition

Weather: Still calm

Number: May 10. The day that Public Service Alliance of Canada will stop receiving their paycheque if they are still striking. Until then, strikers are on full pay, however, the Treasury Board could attempt to clawback money at a future date.

Participant of the DayRob Shepherd The Carleton University professor in the school of public policy and administration argues that the Treasury Board needs the ability to contract out work to quickly respond to needs. But that doesn't mean that union jobs should be cut for replacement workers.

Quote:There’s a lot of frustration creeping in, let’s put it that way, and people have been out for a while. They’re seeing the public is not really in our corner. I think people just want to get back to work’ – Picketer Larry Leadman, who works at Statistics Canada

  •  The Public Service Alliance of Canada released their own open letter in response to the one from the Treasury Board. (The Open Letter)
  •  5,000 to 10,000 strikers gathered on Parliament Hill this morning to rally and hear from union leaders. (Catherine Morrison in the Ottawa Citizen)
  •  Thanks to picketers, business is booming in Tunney’s Pasture. (Michelle Allan at CBC). And in the Downtown core as well. (Laura Osman at the Canadian Press)
  •  For shame, Ottawa Citizen. You run a story about dogs on the picket lines but only show two pictures? How far the Petfinder has sunk. (Bruce Deachman in the Ottawa Citizen)
  •  The Federal Government will not extend the deadline for tax returns despite the strike making Canada Revenue Agency employees unavailble for answering questions. The deadline for tax returns is May 1. (Daniel Otis at CTV)

🏒 Ottawa Senators

  •  The Sens will play two regular season games in Sweden next Autumn. The team will join the Toronto Maple Leafs, Minnesota Wild, and Detroit Red Wings in the overseas match, each playing two games at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm. Yes, the arena really is named after the late DJ. (CTV)

💰 Lansdowne 2.0

  •  The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group says Lansdowne will generate nearly a quarter billion dollars less than it predicted. The Group argues that this makes a better case for redeveloping the area. Because of the agreement made by the previous council, the City would not have seen any more money if the original prediction was accurate. (Kate Porter at CBC)

🚌 OC Transpo

  •  The City is starting to remove the protective canopies for passengers at Hurdman and Tunney's Pasture LRT stations. The canopies, cheaply made from standard scaffolding equipment was installed in 2019 to protect bus riders and their jaunt between the stations and the bus stops. Council voted to remove the protective coverings from passengers March 1 and they will be replaced with nothing. The canopies should be fully removed by late May. (Ted Raymond at CTV)

🛠️ Nice pictures of a renovated house

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Mother’s Day gift alert: Rien ne se Perd Tout se Crée has lightweight, Québec-made floral scarves that your mother figure might just love. The only thing you have to do is decide which pattern to buy. Good luck: there are lots of options $29.



Take a look at how Washington DC is building out their roadside cycle paths. Their ‘befores’ look like our ‘afters’.

We will see you Monday  – Martha and Darren

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