Communication to Québec golfers
Update on the situation of golf courses in Québec

Dear golfers:

We hope you are in good physical health and that your spirits are holding up despite this global crisis. The arrival of the month of May coincides annually with the opening of all golf courses. Although the timing of this opening is unknown at this time, we are aware that golfers are excited to hit the fairways again. So, we believe it is time to give you some encouraging yet realistic news.

In the past few weeks, your Golf Industry Standing Committee has been working tirelessly to open golf courses in collaboration with the government and in compliance with government guidelines.

We are aware that the Québec government is very sensitive to the health and safety of all Quebecers. The golf industry is no exception. Consequently, our mobilization with the government is focused on finding various solutions that will comply with the guidelines of the Public Health Branch to ensure that golf courses open safely in Québec.

When the government allows the courses to open, we will obviously count on the cooperation of all golfers, without exception, to respect the new policies that will be put in place. It will be important to demonstrate that we are a united and accountable industry. 

As you know, the practice of golf is full of mental and physical health benefits. The Standing Committee is convinced that it will be possible to comply with public health guidelines as golf is an individual sport that is easily played with a social distance of two metres.

If the good news is announced and that everyone makes an individual effort, it will be a lot easier to be responsible collectively. Of course, patience is very much appreciated in a situation that is as out of the ordinary as the one we have been living in for several weeks.

Rest assured that golf clubs are already actively working on preparing for the season with the safety and health of employees and all golfers as a priority. When the Québec government gives permission to open the courses, the clubs will be ready.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Québec's golf courses.

Your representatives of the Golf Industry Standing Committee