🚊 NO Train: Day 2️⃣2️⃣

Here are today’s updates on the closure of the Confederation Line.

  •  We were tempted to reset the NO Train clock back to zero because partial service was restored today but no, such a minor restoration does not pass muster with the ottawan’s Transit Judgement Authority. Five single-car trains will provide service every five minutes between Tunney’s Pasture Station in the west and uOttawa Station in the east. There are no discounts for riders. (City of Ottawa)
  •  OC Transpo General Manager Renée Amilcar says full service will return next Monday, August 14. By full service, she means 11 single cars during the morning rush hour and 13 in the afternoon. Nine carriages will run during off peak hours. (Blair Crawford in the Ottawa Citizen)
  •  Kitchissippi resident Mayor Mark Sutcliffe had a Zoom call with Alstom, the manufacturer of the O Train carriages, Friday. The mayor said that he wants the O Train running and running soon. And safe, he wants it running safe, and soon, he said. (Josh Pringle at CTV)

    The mayor also made a video Tweet about his desire to have the O Train running.
  •  Some riders are finding the new R1 rail replacement buses are faster than the O Train when it runs. OC Transpo is being coy about answering if the service will continue. (CBC

– Martha & Darren


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  • ⛈️ 60% chance of showers. High of 22°, low of 16°. 


  • $1,464,383
  • – The average sale price of farmland within the area covered by the Ottawa Real Estate Board last year. The year before it was $832,856. (James Morgan in The Review)

Ottawan of the Day

  • Eric Peters
  • – The 26 year-old took silver at the 2023 world archery championships in Berlin on Sunday. (CBC)


  • Access to the bridge will coincide with when the station opens to the public
  • – City of Ottawa rail construction programme director Michael Morgan explaining that the new pedestrian bridge over the Queenway between Woodroffe Avenue and Greenbank Road will remain closed until paying customers start using Queensview Station plaza in 2026.  (Joanne Laucius in the Ottawa Citizen)


  • 🏈 CFL Ottawa RedBlacks 24 – Saskatchewan Roughriders 26 last Sunday
  • CPL Atlético Ottawa 3 – York United 3 last Saturday
  • 🏀 CEBL Ottawa BlackJacks 72 – Scarborough Shooting Stars 77 last Friday.

    And that’s it for Ottawa basketball this year. Scarborough Shooting Stars go on to the Eastern Conference Final this Friday.
  • FRONTIER Ottawa Titans 6 – Empire State Grays 2 last Sunday
  • FRONTIER Ottawa Titans 10 – Empire State Grays 9 last Saturday
  • FRONTIER Ottawa Titans 2 – Empire State Grays 1 last Friday

🏗️ House of Commons

  •  The temporary House of Commons has a temporary House of Commons (Pictures). The House has been meeting in the West Block while its home in the Centre block has a multi-year renovation. But the West Block itself is being renovated while the Members of Parliament are on summer vacation, resulting in the just-in-case set up across the street in the Sir John A MacDonald building. However, unless an emergency session of Parliament is required, the temp-temp House will never be used. (Darren Major at CBC)

    ➕ Related Ottawa Construction News takes a tour of the Centre Block renovation

🏥 Gatineau Hospitals

  •  The Outaouais health authority cannot find a new chief after a five months of searching. The Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l'Outaouais has been without a president since May. The authority has opened a second round of searching with a deadline of September 8. (CBC)

🐝 Ottawa Police Service

  •  Someone called the Ottawa Police Service over a bee hive in Orléans. The beehive in Millennium Park, which was impressively large, was visited by Police officers, who then called in a bee expert. The hive was removed to another location and the Queen released without charge. (Josh Pringle at CTV)

🏆 The City has won an award for geographic information

  •  You know why we don’t have events today? Because we spent all the time trying to work out what this item is all about. (Okay, not really). So there is a software product made by a US company called Esri. This software is exceptionally complex and allows its users to visualize geographic features in three dimensions. The City used that software to slurp in information about zoning, zoning height, bylaws, elevation profile, transit, roads, and surface infrastructure, and, combined it with physical features, resulting in a three dimensional Ottawa on its computers. This allows City planners to better see the future results of development projects. For its efforts, the City received a 2023 Esri Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems award. (Robin MacLennan in Ottawa Construction News) (A not-very-helpful explanation of what the City did)

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Our military has kept secrets from the public about UFOs, where the other, newer Diefenbunker is located, and what happened to the sixth Avro Arrow but this latest round of Canadian Forces uncommunicativeness is even more infuriating.

On Monday, the Forces’ private golf course, Hylands, near the airport, was invaded by a frolicking 27 kg pig. How did it get there? What is the pig’s name? Is it a pet or farm animal? Were any golf matches disrupted?

Nothing has been forthcoming from our armed services aside from the mystery porker has been humanely removed.  (Arthur White-Crummey at CBC)

We will see you tomorrow  – Martha and Darren

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