VOLUME 11 No. 20 | NOVEMBER 29, 2021

You'll soon be voting on an agreement in principle

The agreement in principle reached by the government and the APTS (Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux) has been approved by over 81% of delegates to the APTS General Council. The agreement includes new premiums in mental health, youth protection, labs and medical imaging sectors. Special general assemblies will be held over the next few weeks to provide you with full information and recommend that you adopt the agreement. See our press release for more details.

Looking back at the 2021 Convention

In Laval from November 15 to 18, the ninth APTS Convention took as its theme “Together, stronger”. Some 725 delegates to the Convention elected a new Provincial Council, reviewed what was achieved over the past two years, debated the future of Class 4 jobs and adopted the new APTS political platform. Our newsletter, L’APTS en congrès 2021, includes highlights from Convention debates and decisions – we hope you’ll enjoy it. An English version will be available online in the near future.

17 femicides - not one more

As part of 12 days of action to end violence against women, APTS members took part in an awareness-raising action honouring Romane Bonnier, Anna Uitangak, Andréanne Ouellet, Nathalie Piché, Lisette Corbeil, Zoleikha Bakhtiar, Dyann Serafica-Donaire, Kataluk Paningayak-Naluiyuk, Rebekah Harry, Nadège Jolicœur, Carolyne Labonté, Myriam Dallaire, Sylvie Bisson, Nancy Roy, Marly Edouard, Elisapee Angma and one unidentified woman. We hope you’ll watch and share the video clip.

If you need help, visit the SOS violence conjugale website.

Youth protection: time to act

It’s been over six months since Régine Laurent submitted the report of the Special Commission on Children’s Rights and Youth Protection. Last Wednesday, youth centre workers handed MNAs a memo reminding them of their responsibilities in youth protection. The message: implement the report’s recommendactions without delay. For more information, see the report on Salut Bonjour (TVA) and read our press release.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: mobilizing and planning for the future

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and the PHAS movement (Personnes Handicapées pour l’Accès aux Services), of which the APTS is a member and ally, will take this opportunity to launch its mobilization campaign for the coming year. The event, which will be held in Montréal and includes a press briefing, debates and a demonstration, will focus on the concepts of free choice and living environment, the role of the health and social services system and quality control, assessment of needs and delivery of appropriate services, and conditions of work and training. For more details, see the Facebook page for the event, and fill out the registration form if you’d like to attend.

Changing your group insurance coverage: don't wait

If you want to increase your health insurance coverage to Intermediate or Superior or add dental coverage, it’s important to communicate with your employer now in order to fill out the required form. Your employer must send the form to the insurance company before January 1 so that the change can take effect on that date. You have to participate for at least 24 months for the health insurance plan and 48 months for the dental plan. Full details are in the SSQ brochure.

Keep a copy of your request – if there’s a problem, you might need it.

25 years of fighting for pay equity!

The APTS is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Québec’s Pay Equity Act (LES), a historic law tackling systemic discrimination based on gender. Since the law came into force in 1996, the APTS has achieved substantial pay adjustments for thousands of employees. The APTS was also the first organization to go to court and challenge provisions that eliminated any possibility of retroactivity or recourse for a period of five years. For more information about the LES, see the CNESST information document (in French).

“Of course, this doesn’t mean the fight is over,” says 3rd APTS vice-president Benoit Audet. “We have complaints from 2016 and even 2011 that are still unresolved. It’s high time these cases were settled. The government needs to recognize that things have changed and provide each employee with fair compensation instead of dragging its heels.”