Our theme this week is teaching students to unplug outside of classroom hours. Kids today have no memory of a time when screens were not an insidious part of life. Teaching kids to unplug has never been more important, and is a good reminder that as adults, we need to unplug too.

Our first resource links to the Distance Learning Resource hub of an Ontario school board and includes some low-tech/unplugged learning activities at the bottom of the page. Next is a Ted Talk by Sherry Turkle which discusses how we can feel alone while actually being connected through technology. Finally we have a resource for teachers to help students manage stress. Many of these techniques can prove useful offline.


  1. Unplugged & Remote Activities: Distance Learning Resources (simply scroll to where it says 'Unplugged')
  2. Sherry Turkle Ted Talk: Connected But Alone
  3. Resource: Tips for educators to help students manage stress during uncertain times

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