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Ontario & Western Canada | February 2021


Is Selective Dry Cow Therapy (sDCT) right for your herd?

Join a FREE 1-hour webinar as expert David Kelton and Lactanet's own Richard Cantin tell you everything you want to know about sDCT. f;slfjskljfslfjlsdjflksjflsjflkjdssdss 

Two webinars will be offered:

March 02, 2021: 12:30-1:30 p.m. MST

March 03, 2021: 12:00-1:00 p.m. EST

Est-ce que le traitement sélectif au tarissement convient à votre troupeau?

Profitez de ce webinaire GRATUIT d'une heure (offert en anglais seulement) animé par l'expert David Kelton et par Richard Cantin, directeur national du développement des services chez Lactanet.

Deux webinaires seront offerts :

2 mars 2021 : 12h30 à 13h30 (HNR)

3 mars 2021 : 12h à 13h (HNE)




One of the objectives of our Lactanet partnership (CDN, CanWest DHI and Valacta) is to combine our efforts and offer you more value.


In the coming weeks, Lactanet will be introducing a new website and Internet Reports portal called MySite. Your very own one-stop shop! The new modern, mobile responsive, bilingual platforms will have many enhanced features that we will be sure to share with you, however, during this transition there are two small but important details to know.


Firstly, when accessing your Internet Reports from the CanWest DHI site, you will be asked to validate your email address to ensure that we have your correct current email. This prompt will allow you to have clear access and ultimately, a better experience into MySite once it is launched. Secondly, as the Lactanet MySite replaces the CanWest Internet Reports entry, your PIN log-in will become your password.


If you encounter any challenges along the way, do not worry. The system can generate new passwords and our friendly 1-800 Customer Service Desk staff are available to help along the way. In fact, access to your Internet Reports from the CanWest site will continue for a period of time, even after the Lactanet MySite is launched.


We can’t wait to show you all of the upcoming features, including an interactive dashboard with ‘at a glance’ functionality to track your herd's performance and quickly take action. Stay tuned for more information!




Recently, Lactanet unveiled the top herd rankings for 2020 and paid tribute to outstanding herd management in Canada. Their results are truly inspiring! Congratulations once again to all those who stood out.


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Our annual Herd Summary Reports are mailed out to Lactanet customers at the end of February and received in March. In addition to the Herd Management Score, which reflects the vitality and profitability of the herd, dairy producers can’t wait to see their bundle of six essential reports and benchmarks that summarize their progress.


Beginning in 2020, the Udder Health calculation for our annual Herd Management Score and Benchmarks has had a minor change from Average Linear Score (LS) to Somatic Cell Count (SCC). This change came from requests from dairy producers. SCC is an indicator of milk quality, udder health, and impacts revenue.


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This spring, Lactanet will be participating in two on-line world-class tradeshows for dairy producers who want to improve their knowledge and decision-making abilities in dairy production and management. If you plan on attending, please swing by (virtually) and check out our booth!


Western Canadian Dairy Seminar (WCDS)

March 8-12, 2021

Spread out over 5 days (2-3 hours a day), the on-line version of WCDS 2021 gives you the opportunity to hear from speakers presenting on a range of topics, including calf health, nutrition, and reproduction.


There will also be virtual tours of three progressive dairy operations, a student research presentation competition and, the always popular, producer panel. The tradeshow area will also give you a chance to connect with us. We are proud to be a sponsor of this event that attracts the best speakers in the industry!


Learn more about WCDS 2021 


Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX)

April 7-8, 2021

The ever-popular CDX is also coming to your kitchen table in 2021 and there is no charge to dairy producers or industry attendees. With two-day programming including a virtual dairy classroom, cow and robot barn tours and over 300 exhibitors in a fully interactive tradeshow platform, we are excited to invite you into our virtual booth. Be sure to save the date.


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Last Call for Resolutions ;sjflfjsljfsl ;lajljlsjfsljsllsl


The Lactanet Resolutions process allows all dairy producers in Canada the opportunity to submit, discuss and vote on non-binding resolutions. The ideas shared are a catalyst for best practices, knowledge sharing and collective evolution. Resolutions must be received by March 1, 2021.er







Resolutions form and details

Dernière chance de nous soumettre vos résolutions

Le processus de résolution de Lactanet donne à tous les producteurs laitiers canadiens l’occasion de soumettre des résolutions non contraignantes, de participer aux discussions sur ces résolutions et de voter. Les idées partagées sont un catalyseur pour l'élaboration des meilleures pratiques, le partage des connaissances et l'avancement du secteur. Les résolutions doivent être reçues d'ici le 1er mars 2021.


Formulaire à télécharger et détails


We have employment opportunities available across the country and are currently accepting job applications for full-time and part-time Validators to conduct dairy farm audits as part of #proAction. ;lskjflsjflsjfsljfslfjslfjslkjfsfslkfdjsjfdsfsd jflsjfdsdfj


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Nous offrons plusieurs opportunités d'emploi à travers le pays. Nous recherchons actuellement des candidats pour combler plusieurs postes de valideurs à la ferme, à temps complet et temps partiel, dans le cadre du programme #proAction.  

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