We acknowledge that we live, learn and work on the unceded territory of the Scia’new (Beecher Bay) First Nation.

eNEWS | 2022 | Edition 2

Pearson Supports Proposed Indigenous Protected Area Through Land Commitment

Pearson College UWC is proud to support to an initiative that could see an Indigenous Protected Area established in this region which would include a 14-hectare College-owned undeveloped property adjoining the main campus. Learn what Head of College Craig Davis had to say at the signing event.

College Assembly: Student Voices One Year Later

Second-year student Yahya (Year 47/2022, Iraq) recently spoke eloquently about his experience as a member of the College Assembly (CA) at Pearson. Yahya graciously agreed to allow us to share his video observations with our entire eNews audience.

Prompted by this, we also asked other student CA members to voice their perspectives on being part of the CA. Read more


Honest - Leadership - Equity - Fresh Perspective

The above terms are Dr. Evan Adams's (Year 9/1984, Canada-BC) goals and values for his candidacy to become the next President-Elect for the Canadian Medical Association.

"As an Indigenous lifelong learner, learning from Knowledge Keepers and medical teachers is part of who we are. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are core to our future as an Association and as a profession. (...) We need to draw on our existing EDI leaders and champions, broaden engagement and opportunities for learning in creative and less traditional ways, and create platforms for sharing stories and lived experiences related to the width and breadth of our patients and colleagues I so that we can create a movement for change."

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How Technology Tools Are Helping South Asians Learn New Skills

One of the key areas where collaboration can help is sharing success stories and cases where successful models have been implemented,"

said Rabi Karmacharya (Year 16/1991, Nepal) executive director of Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal. OLE is a non-governmental organization that works to improve the digital literacy of the underserved. It has programs in 50 schools and trains teachers to use technology in classroom learning.

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Building a CALD Curriculum

“Impressive” and “inspiring” were two of the words used by Curriculum and Development Lead, Climate Action Leadership Diploma and Experiential Education Coordinator Marjia Uzunova Dang after the first on-campus, in-person gathering of the Pearson faculty team and professors from Royal Roads (Master of Arts in Climate Action Leadership program) and Vancouver Island ( Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies program) universities who together are mapping the curriculum for this innovative program. Read more

Reflections on the Russian State Invasion of Ukraine

Last week, Craig Davis shared observations on campus reaction to the Russian state’s military action against Ukraine in this thought piece. Students at Pearson and from across the UWC movement, have taken up the challenge of moving past the online firehose of factual, semi-factual, mis- and disinformation about the conflict to hear and understand perspectives from students whose homelands are directly threatened by this conflict that has become combat. Learn more

The Pearson Kiln is firing again, and students are working the clay during weekly pottery workshops our revived Pottery program. An encouraging step back towards normality. 🔥

The Importance of Being Accredited

Glance at the bottom of each page on our website and you will see a “CIS Accredited School” logo. That is much more than another stylized mark of membership in an international education forum, it is an important and essential indicator of rigorous evaluation and quality standards in a global educational institution. Read more


UWC Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

According to the Norwegian Press, UWC has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination was submitted by Alfred Bjorlo, a Parliamentarian from UWC Red Cross Nordic's area.

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Lester B. Pearson's Bow Tie

A letter and bow tie donated to Victoria’s Value Village in early February did, in fact, belong to former prime minister Lester B. Pearson, his grandson told Black Press Media.

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UWC Annual Review
is out

This past year was another one not quite like any other, filled with challenges, but also with uncountable opportunities and “UWC moments”. We hope you enjoy reading about our inspiring students and the impact our alumni make.

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