February 10, 2021



The Quebec aerospace industry newsletter
Aéro Montréal's mission is to mobilize stakeholders in Quebec’s aerospace ecosystem to support its global reach, innovation capacity and growth.
Message from the President
Dear members, dear partners,

The mobilization of Québec’s aerospace cluster continues.

Last November, as part of the Relaunch MTL movement, we held the Strategic Forum on Aerospace in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal. From this ground-breaking event emerged an Action plan to strengthen the aerospace and air transport sectors. I invite you to take a look at it today!

As we have often stressed, innovation needs to be a cornerstone of an effective recovery. In this regard, the proposed courses of action highlight the importance of developing an integrated strategic R&D proposal for the development of the “green” aircraft and its components, and emphasize the quick adoption of an ambitious Canadian aerospace policy. By focusing on the technologies of the future, this policy would allow the industry to reduce its carbon footprint but also to remain in the global race towards more sustainable economies.

This action plan also highlights the need to focus on attracting and retaining our valuable talent and reminds us of the importance of ensuring financing for aerospace companies while supporting diversification in key space and defence sectors.

An accelerating mobilization

Our regular discussions with industry and government leaders confirm the importance of seeing measures proposed and coming from the industry emerge quickly.

Resolutely committed to this race against time, Québec’s aerospace cluster is continuing its efforts to accelerate the implementation of the proposed measures and, in particular, has submitted a brief to Québec’s Finance Ministry as part of the 2021-2022 pre-budget consultations. A brief will also be submitted to Canada's Finance Ministery in the coming days.

In parallel with this in-depth work, the Aéro Montréal team is relaunching its work on mapping the current issues and needs of the Québec aerospace industry by conducting its third industry survey since the beginning of the crisis: a valuable tool to ensure that the team is providing you with all the support you need.

Let’s stay the course, together. Thanks to these numerous efforts, we will succeed in initiating an efficient recovery.



Industry news
The latest news about the Québec aerospace industry.



Journée des Chantiers 2021


In the COVID-19 pandemic context, the global aerospace industry has been weakened and must demonstrate resilience. Governments around the world have been looking for ways to remain competitive and position themselves for the future, pursuing aggressive industrial policies and aid programs dedicated to the aerospace sector. But what about Quebec and Canada? This is why Aéro Montréal is organizing the Journée des Chantiers 2021 and is inviting all its members to reflect on how the Canadian aerospace industry is ensuring growth through this crisis and what place will our industry be taking in the future?


Signing of a Montréal-Toulouse partnership


The City of Montréal announced today the signing of an agreement with the City of Toulouse. This new Montréal-Toulouse partnership aims to pursue mutual growth and development objectives. The Montréal-Toulouse partnership targets leading-edge sectors of economic activity.

  MORE (in French)  



Must see webinar: Creating Value for Business through Artificial Intelligence


Offered by NGEN, this webinar demonstrates the benefits and best practices of using AI for manufacturing players through the testimony of Selwa Rafi, President of KeplR Intelligence, and then presents a case study of the implementation of the JitBase solution at Leesta. KeplR Intelligence and JitBase are both members of StartAéro 360° and Leesta of the MACH FAB 4.0 program.


Aerospace Industry and Bell Press for a ‘Buy for Canada’ Strategy


Bell has a long and rich history building helicopters in Canada, for both Canadian and global customers. Producing more than 5,200 helicopters in Quebec, Bell in Canada plays a key role in the country’s economy. Socioeconomic research company founder and CEO Nicole Verkindt of OMX states Bell Textron Canada contributes $848 million a year to the country’s GDP, sustaining 6,243 jobs across the country.



Human ressources
Stay abreast of the major succession and workforce challenges in aerospace.



Hiring telework trainees: it’s possible!


In teleworking, adapting your ways of doing things is essential to ensure that the internship is supervised such that it will be beneficial for both you and the student. Several educational institutions have published guides that highlight the winning conditions for supervising your intern from a distance.

Give a box, help a class!

The Cosmodôme Foundation has decided this year to offer boxes of edutainment turnkey activities. We know that the current situation is not easy and that we are all living in unusual times. In order to uplift students’ daily lives, and to keep in touch with the clientele it serves, the Foundation has created fun workshops and challenges, in collaboration with Aéro Montréal. The activity from the Passion Within program is included in the box. By buying a box, you are helping 30 students live the space experience. You are contributing to enhancing their school life. And you are helping the Foundation accomplish its mission!



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