October 12, 2021

This week...

Try the new cycling map app, learn about floating bus stops and prepare for an emergency. Read on for more!

Get Vaccinated

Message from Island Health

Masks are now mandatory in all indoor spaces for people aged 5 and older to reduce COVID-19 transmission and to prepare for the fall respiratory illness season. BCโ€™s province-wide indoor mask mandate applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status. 


Keep Water Meter Accessible

Just a reminder to residents: water meters are to be accessible at all times for reading and repairing of the water meter. This includes providing and maintaining an adequate and convenient passageway to the water meter. Please take the time to clear debris off the water meter lid on your property to ensure easy and safe access for staff. Thank you Nanaimo!


Looking for Feedback

Introducing The Nanaimo Cycling Map App, your โ€œone stop shopโ€ for getting around Nanaimo by bike.

This new Nanaimo cycling map is now live and is useful when putting together your routes to and from school, work, programs, the grocery store and more!

The City is gathering ideas on how the Cycling Map App can be even better for Nanaimo cyclists. Please share your ideas on how we can improve it.


What's a Floating bus stop, and how is it used?

With the completion of the road realignment on Front Street, which includes the addition of a two-way cycle track, catching the bus on the east side of the street looks a bit different. To keep the bus from crossing over the cycle track, the City of Nanaimo has implemented floating bus stops. This video introduces the concept of a floating bus stop and offers some advice on how transit users, cyclists, and motorists can all be safe around them.


Emergency Alert System

Will you know when there is a local emergency, and will you know what to do if it affects you and your family? If you've signed up for the City of Nanaimo's emergency alert system, then you'll get any emergency alerts and update messages that we send out. Sign-up is simple - don't be left out!


Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

Preparing for an emergency provides you a with a safety net for your family, loved ones and pets. We hope you never need it but it is there in case you do. The City of Nanaimo wants to be the most prepared city in British Columbia. When disaster strikes, the City works to get critical infrastructure back up and running. By being prepared you support the city in its recovery.

With climate change upon us, it seems that emergency situations are more likely than ever. In Nanaimo, these could range from a storm that knocks the power out to a fire or a hazardous materials spill that requires an evacuation. And then, of course, there's the promise of a future megathrust earthquake that could leave us trapped in our homes, at the office or on the side of the road.

An emergency kit needs to consider many different possible disasters, and should have enough supplies and water to keep you and your family safe, fed and hydrated for up to seven days.


Emergency Management Program

Did you know that Nanaimo has an emergency management program? This PowerPoint presentation is narrated by the City of Nanaimo's Emergency Program Manager, and provides a 17-minute introduction to potential emergencies the City prepares for, the range of disasters we could see in Nanaimo, and how we can all be prepared for an emergency.


Will Your Commute Be Affected This Week?

Up-to-date information on City construction projects:

  • Ninth Street is closed between Bruce Avenue and Plescas Crescent. Detours will be in place and commuters are asked to plan their travel accordingly and account for extra time when navigating the area.
  • Metral Drive is still an active construction site, so please expect delays and account for extra time when navigating the area. All businesses remain open and accessible, but commuters are asked to use alternate routes whenever possible.
  • Road work and utility upgrades are underway on Lost Lake Road between Tanya Drive and Blue Jay Trail. Commuters can expect delays and are encouraged to use alternative routes whenever possible.
  • Drainage upgrades are underway on Estevan Road between Brechin Road and Drake Street. During construction hours from Monday to Thursdays this road will be closed to traffic with the exception of buses and local residents. Detours will be in place and commuters are asked to plan their travel accordingly and account for extra time when navigating the area.
  • Hammond Bay Road (between Bonnie Drive and Overlook Drive) will be single-lane, alternating traffic 24 hours a day into November.


Work With Us!

We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:


Meetings This Week

Thursday, October 14: Design Advisory Panel Meeting at 5:00 pm

Monday, October 18: Regular Council Meeting at 7:00 pm

Did you know?

You can watch live meetings, view a list of upcoming meetings, read agendas and watch recordings of past meetings all in one place on the City website. 


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