Meeting of April 18, 2024

Board Meetings are held in the 4th Floor Boardroom of the TNRD Civic Building in Kamloops, B.C. All meetings are open to the public to attend in person or online. Meetings are live-streamed and can be re-watched on the TNRD YouTube Channel.


Birch Island Fire Protection Service Referendum

The Board directed staff to prepare a referendum for expansion of the Vavenby fire protection service to include the community of Birch Island, located in Electoral Area “A” (Wells Gray Country). The Board also approved setting the Birch Island referendum date for Saturday, September 14, 2024.

This follows public consultation with residents in Birch Island in March 2024, which included a public meeting, a survey, and sharing a thorough four-page fact sheet. A public information campaign will begin again in late-spring 2024 to inform residents of referendum details and to continue to share information about the proposed service. In the meantime, the public can also continue to find information about the proposed service on the TNRD website, by visiting:

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Evacuation Route Planning Grant Application

The Board approved a grant application being made to the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund (CEPF) to review and update existing TNRD evacuation plans.

If approved, the TNRD would receive up to $30,000 for this project which would fully fund work to review and update 11 existing evacuation route plans. In 2023, the TNRD was successful in receiving the CEPF grant and updated 5 other existing evacuation route plans.

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Solid Waste B-Train Trailers Purchase

The Board approved staff to purchase two b-train trailers for the solid waste department, which will be used to move garbage and recycling from TNRD solid waste facilities to various landfills or recycling processors.

The 2024 TNRD Capital Plan allotted up to $700,000 for b-train trailer purchases in 2024, and the total order cost is $661,500 before taxes. These trailers are being funded by the Solid Waste Management operating reserve.

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Enterprise Resource Planning System Procurement

The Board approved staff to pursue procurement of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, to replace current software in Finance, Human Resources and Payroll departments. An ERP software system would replace multiple software systems that are outdated and lack functionality to meet business operation needs of the TNRD.

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Thompson-Nicola Film Commission Summary

The Board received a verbal report from Thompson-Nicola Film Commissioner Terri Hadwin.

The Board heard that the motion picture industry’s direct output in Thompson-Nicola communities in 2023 was $6.25 million, which was much lower than normal years due to film strike action in the United States. Hadwin explained that the industry’s output so far in 2024 in the Thompson-Nicola region has already exceeded the 2023 total. Hadwin also highlighted productions that have filmed in the TNRD recently, including a newly-released western called Calamity Jane, the CBS/ CTV series Tracker, and Apple TV series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.



Grant-in-Aid Funding Policy Update

The Board adopted Policy 5.1.4 - Electoral Area Grant-in-Aid Funding Policy. This amended policy provides more clear direction for administering grant-in-aid funds and sets improved reporting requirements. Each Electoral Area Director has a grant-in-aid budget of $13,500 each year, and any unallocated funds in a given will offset taxation for the following year.

The Policy and Governance Committee recommended this policy update for Board approval during the March 20, 2024 committee meeting.

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Cemeteries Regulation Bylaw Update

The Board adopted Cemeteries Regulation Bylaw 2846, affecting the three cemeteries owned by the TNRD located in Little Fort, Avola, and Blue River. The Bylaw amendment includes updates to cemetery fees, memorial markers, plot sizes, honouring items, and the Sale of Lots Form for the Little Fort Cemetery.

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Street Lighting Policy Updates

The Board approved updates to Policy 10.1.1 regarding Street Lighting Establishment of Sites, and approved a new Policy 10.1.2, regarding Street Lighting Establishment in Specified Areas. The amended policy and new policy allow for annual deadlines for new street light requests in established areas and critical locations (specified areas), to support street light budget planning each year.

The Policy and Governance Committee recommended these policy updates for Board approval during the March 20, 2024 committee meeting.

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Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2839 (Blue River)

Following a Public Hearing, the Board approved third reading of Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2839, affecting property at 878 Harrwood Drive located in Blue River, in Electoral Area "B" (Thompson Headwaters).

The zoning amendment proposes to rezone the affected property from R-3: Residential Multi-Family to R-1: Residential Single and Duplex to allow a single-family dwelling (manufacture home) for personal use.

The zoning amendment requires formal approval from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure due to proximity to a highway, and will be brought to the Board for adoption at a future meeting.

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Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2838 (Pritchard)

The Board adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2838, affecting property at 1585 Lance Road located in Pritchard, in Electoral Area “L” (Grasslands).

The zoning amendment adds a site-specific regulation to the affected property to enable subdivision and create a parcel 4,900 square metres in size, to be used as a residence for a relative.

A Public Hearing was held on March 7, 2024, and the bylaw required approval from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure prior to being adopted by the Board.

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Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2765 (Blackpool)

The Board approved first and second reading of Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2765, affecting property at 1238 Ford Road located in Blackpool, in Electoral Area “A” (Wells Gray Country).

The zoning amendment proposes to rezone a portion of the property from MH-1: Manufactured Home Park to RVP-1: Recreational Vehicle Park One to enable a new RV park.

The Board also approved mailing a Notice of Intent for Temporary Use Permit (TUP) 72. This TUP would enable a maximum of 16 RVs to be placed in the manufactured home park on the property.

The proposal will be brought to a Public Hearing in conjunction with a regular Board Meeting at a later date, dependent on the TNRD receiving professional reports related to site development for water service capacity and groundwater licensing.

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Temporary Use Permit 73 (Upper Clearwater)

The Board approved mailing a Notice of Intent for Temporary Use Permit (TUP) 73, affecting property at 5797 Clearwater Valley Road located in Upper Clearwater, in Electoral Area “A” (Wells Gray Country).

This TUP would allow a seasonal mobile food cart to operate on the property for another 3 years. The food cart has been operating since 2018, selling coffee and ice cream between April and September, and wishes to continue with a renewed TUP.

Following the Notice of Intent being mailed to properties within a 300-metre radius, the Board will consider the TUP at an upcoming regular meeting.

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ALC Application 231 (Knutsford)

The Board resolved to send a recommendation of approval for Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Application 231, affecting property at 40 Edith Lake Rd located in Knutsford, in Electoral Area “L” (Grasslands).

The application proposes to allow a construction and manufacturing business to fully relocate to the property from a property within the City of Kamloops.

In order for a development application within the ALR in a TNRD Electoral Area to be considered by the ALC, the Board must formally submit the application. If the ALC approves the application, rezoning and subdivision processes are required through the TNRD.

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UBCM Community Excellence Award Applications

The Board approved two applications to be submitted for the 2024 Union of BC Municipalities Community Excellence Awards:

  • Excellence in Governance for TNRD Service and Taxation Communication Materials
  • Excellence in Service Delivery for the opening of the Aberdeen Tiny Library

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Next TNRD Board Meeting:

May 16, 2024, 1:30 pm

TNRD Civic Building Boardroom (4th Floor)

465 Victoria Street, Kamloops, B.C., V2C 2A9


Upcoming Meetings:

  • Policy and Governance Committee: May 15, 2024, 10:00 am
  • Invasive Plant Management Committee: May 15, 2024, 1:30 pm
  • Electoral Area Directors Committee: May 16, 2024, 9:00 am
  • Regular Board Meeting: May 16, 2024, 1:30 pm


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