Ian Howard Elected as President of Bowls Canada

Bowls Canada Boulingrin welcomes new board members

Ottawa, ON | October 10th 2018

The 2018-19 slate of directors was confirmed at the Bowls Canada Annual General Meeting on September 23, 2018. All positions were elected by the members (Provincial Bowls Associations) who were represented by their Presidents or official designates.

Members said goodbye to President David Calam (Regina, SK) and Director Alan Dean (Aurora, ON) as both completed their terms on the Board. “I truly enjoyed my time as President”, said Calam. “I was privileged to work with a passionate and talented group of Directors during my tenure and am excited for what the organization will continue to achieve over the next two years.”

Ian Howard of Burlington Ontario was elected to a two-year term as President. Howard previously served on the Bowls Canada board in the roles of Director and Vice-President. Howard brings a passion and drive to the organization and is looking immediately to continue Calam’s work on strategic planning. "It is my fervent hope that this great game will thrive as bowlers across Canada work to embrace the ideals, goals and strategies which BCB has continuously articulated. The growth of bowls in Canada has reached an exciting point in time, with enthusiasm at all levels of playing at all ages. Esprit de bowls/Boulingrin is alive and doing well and I look forward to ensuring this is captured in the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.”

Incumbent Jennifer MacDonald (Calgary, Alberta) will resume her role as Secretary for another two-year term and fellow Calgarian Kathryn MacGregor will transition from her Director role to fill the remaining one-year of the Vice President term (formerly held by Ian Howard).

Newcomers Steve Moors (Montreal, QC) and David Llewellyn (Stouffville, ON) were elected to the positions of Treasurer and Director-at-Large respectively. Moors brings a strong and long background in corporate finance as well as many years of volunteer board experience at various levels. Llewellyn offers a wealth of lawn bowls leadership from his involvement in both Canada and around the world.“On behalf of the organization, I express my sincere gratitude for the service and dedication of both David and Alan”, said Executive Director Anna Mees. “While it is always sad to say good bye to those whose terms are completed, I am excited by the broad scope of talent and experience within the 2018-19 Board. I believe that with their leadership, the organization will continue to grow and evolve.”

2018-19 Bowls Canada Directors

President Ian Howard (Ontario)

Vice-President Kathryn MacGregor (Alberta)

Secretary Jennifer MacDonald (Alberta)

Treasurer Steve Moors (Quebec)

Director Ivo van Bastelaere (British Columbia)

Director Jeff Harding (Ontario)

Director David Llewellyn (Ontario)Director Lorane Martin (British Columbia)


For more information, please contact:Matthew Nafe, Operations and Communications Coordinator, Bowls Canada


About Bowls Canada BoulingrinBowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in Canada. The BCB mission is to advance the sport of bowls in Canada. For more details on Bowls Canada Boulingrin and the sport of lawn bowls, visit

Ian Howard

Ian Howard - BCB President

Ian Howard

David Llewellyn - BCB Director at Large

Ian Howard

Jeff Harding - BCB Director at Large


New Directors for the OLBA

The Ontario Lawn Bowls Association would like to thank Charles Roach (Burlington) and David Koert (Stratford) for stepping forward to serve as directors on the board to cover the vacancies left by the departure of Wayne Harding for health reasons and Ian Howard after his election as BCB president. Charles Roach is a former board member and member of the Greens Committee and he will head up the Greens portfolio. He is also heavily involved in Burlington LBC's hosting of the 2019 Canadian Major Championships. David Koert is a relatively new bowler who will be stepping forward to take over the Communications portfolio which includes this newsletter and the Annual publication.

The OLBA email address for Charles and David are and



North American Challenge Comes to a Close

Laguna Woods, California | October 13th, 2018


After a tough three days of competition, the biennial North American Challenge has come to a close.The third and final day saw heavy rains soak the artificial carpet of the Laguna Woods Lawn Bowling Club. Players on both teams struggled through the rain to try and claim the seven coveted trophies.On the Men’s side, it was a sluggish start for the singles players. Both John Bjornson (MB) of Team Folkins and Owen Kirby (ON) of Team Jarvis started out 0-2. In the final game, Bjornson lost a tough one, while Kirby won a thrilling 28-end match.


In the Men’s Fours, the Jarvis team of Cam LeFresne (NS), David-James Smith (QC), Carter Watson (SK), and Erik Galipeau (ON) worked out some kinks in the first match before putting up a great fight in game number two. Despite their best efforts, they came up two points shy to go 0-2. In their last game, they had all cyclinders firing and finished with a win. The Folkins squad of Greg Wilson (AB), Braeden Campbell (NS), Rob Law (MB), and Brandon Watson (SK) absolutely crushed the Americans in the first two games, winning 22-4 and 29-5. In the final game, they were in for a tighter match as the Americans handed the Folkins foursome their first defeat in a 14-12 match.In the Women’s Singles, Lynda Robbins (BC) and Jordan Kos (SK) battled hard on the greens. Robbins couldn’t quite seal the deal, going 0-3, while Kos picked up one win to finish 1-2.


In the Women’s Fours, the Folkins squad of Pricilla Westlake (BC), Betty Van Walleghem (MB), Baylee Van Steijn (ON), and Alexis Gallacher (AB) narrowly lost their first match before rebounding with a win. In the final game, the Canadians came up one point shy in 17-16 match.

The Jarvis squad, comprised of Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong (MB), Joanna Cooper (AB), Fran Scott (SK), and Emma Boyd (BC), clicked right away, picking up two wins in their first two games. In the final game, the Americans had an answer and defeated the Canadians 14-9.


Despite Canada’s best efforts, the Americans walked away with all seven of the coveted NAC trophies. Here are the final standings for all seven trophies:


Men’s Jarvis

Men’s Folkins

Women’s Jarvis

Women’s Folkins


















Jarvis Cup

Folkins Cup














For the full results and more information on the North American Challenge please visit:

For more information, please contact:Matthew Nafe, Operations & Communications Coordinator, Bowls Canada


About Bowls Canada BoulingrinBowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB) is the governing body responsible for lawn bowls in Canada. The BCB mission is to advance the sport of bowls in Canada. For more details on Bowls Canada Boulingrin and the sport of lawn bowls, visit


Congratulations to the winners of the OLBA indoor qualifier: Dave Anderson (Silver), Patrick Cote (Gold), and Cary Lucier (Bronze). They will represent Ontario at the Canadian Indoor Championships.


OLBA Coaching Clinics for 2019


The Coaching & Player Development Committee would like all OLBA Clubs & Districts to consider their needs for the coming 2019 season. These needs might include Coaching Clinics for new Club Coaches. We also are looking for a club or district to host a 2019 Introductory Competitive Coach Clinic.

We also are looking for Clubs & Districts to consider your player development needs. They may include Player Development Camps on various subjects such as weight & line control, strategy, all 10 basic shots, team cohesiveness, etc. We also are looking for a club to host a High Performance Camp in September of 2019.

If you have any questions, or know you would like to host one or more of these events, please contact myself anytime at

All the best,

Dave Burrows -

OLBA Coaching & Player Development Chair.




The Good Old Days - Dave Burrows


I began lawn bowling in 1962 way back when. By the mid sixties I was totally hooked, and played everywhere I could. Some tournaments were very special, such as the Stratford M & M in August. The organizers managed to squeeze 80 teams of men's triples in a double draw,15 ends, dead ends allowed, on 18 greens + 2 greens fashioned from the "bowl" pen which was used later in the year for "patching" the main green. If you were in the early draw, you arrived by 8:00 a.m. and sometimes didn't leave until 11:00 p.m..

We all absolutely loved every minute of it. We played, waited between games and had lunch, played again, then waited by playing cards, going downtown for supper, played again, waited for the third game of the second draw to be completed, spent time with a myriad of players under shade trees, consuming the odd "beverage", and then finally went to the awards ceremony where they handed out 55 sets of prizes in order of finish. If you didn't pay for the next years event on the spot, you went on a 10 year waiting list.

I miss this vision. All, but at most 10% of the bowlers from my time are now deceased. I can guarantee you most are also turning in their graves. Why? They miss the fast greens, long days of bowls, old friends, and district play downs of 32 teams per event. To win your district was huge. Only the very few even dreamed about winning a "Zone", let alone an Ontario Championship. If you did happen to win the Ontario, your new friends at the Nationals from other Provinces would say in parting "see you next year". If they only knew how impossible that was when we had hundreds of entries in an event.

Back in the old days the OLBA was able to give out formal maroon blazers and pay 100% of the travel to the Nationals. They even paid your rail fare to travel to your Zone round robin back in the 50's.

If you desire games of Sesame Street length, such as the current National Seniors, narrow bowls that no longer draw, but simply are played "up and in" hoping for the best, greens of 10 seconds, and using a Re-Spot rule, I am out. But then again, not to worry, most of us who actually "loved" games of 15, 18 and 21 ends are dead anyway.😊



Whitby Receives Ontario Trillum Grant

The Whitby Lawn Bowling Club has received an Ontario Trillium Grant to do major repairs and renovations at their club. Trillium grants are a great way for clubs to get assistance for major projects. Grants can go over $100,000. Clubs need to be incorporated to apply on their own. The OLBA can help both with preparing your grant application and incorporation.

These grants are game changers for clubs and all clubs needing major renovations should consider them.

For information on Ontario Trillium Grants go to:

For help from the OLBA with your grant application, contact Phillip Francis -

For help with incorporating your club, contact Ralph Ellis -



Looking for Full Sized Indoor Lawn Bowling this year?

Check out the facility at Richmond Green 


Passing of Lloyd Woods fomer OLBA President

I met Lloyd Woods when I joined the OLBA board for the first time in 1985. Lloyd served lawn bowling in many ways - president of the men's section of the OLBA, member on the board at Leaside for ages, the writer of our current greens manual, adviser to Bowls Canada for greens for international events and numerous other posts at the club, District, provincial and national level. Lloyd was unfailingly kind and always a gentlemen on an off the greens. He was a leader on the board in the period leading up to the merger between the men's and ladies' sections. He will be greatly missed.


Looking for Short Mat Bowling?

Check out the clubs in the Canadian Short Mat Association

Your outdoor club can start its own short mat club and do it for almost free. Apply for a New Horizons Grant for money for mats, bowls and all other equipment. Then your group only needs to have access to or rent a playing space. For information on New Horizons grants, contact Ralph Ellis


Canadian Indoor Singles at the Pacific Indoor Bowling Club results -

Congratulations to all.

Men’s Gold - Hirendra Bhartu - BC

Silver - Richard Yau - BC

Bronze - Jon Braun - BC

Women’s Gold - Josephine Lee - BC

Silver - Rainbow Lung - BC

Bronze - Linda Ng - BC.


Please Take Note


The 2019 OLBA affiliation fee


will increase from $ 31.00 to $ 35.00.


$ 3.00 which is mandatory for BCB and $1 will go


to the OLBA to balance the budget for 2019.




John Fantin


Also outstanding amounts are due prior to


Oct. 31, 2018


Please check your membership lists and ensure


that all members have been reported.


2019 Championships Calendar for Ontario

Ontario is looking for host clubs for the 2019 Provincial Championships - Single Green Clubs Welcome - Contact Tom Roth

Ontario Lawn Bowling Association

2019 Host Club Guidelines


General Guidelines for Host Club Championship Committee:

  • Umpires will be assigned by OLBA.
  • Rinks must be played on their natural and best centers.
  • Supply Championship Chair with local accommodation information, directions to club, times for competitors to practice on the greens and social times if any.
  • Devise a method to identify host club members so out of town visitors can ask for assistance.
  • Contact local newspapers, radio and television, etc. with a press release.
  • Use the Championships as an opportunity to promote your club and the great games of bowls in your community.

Fours, Pairs and Singles:

  • Will be a 2day event requiring 2 greens for day 1, 2 greens for day 2 – game 1. 
  • Sixteen Women’s and sixteen Men’s teams will begin play on day 1 (pairs and singles). Day 2 will have 8 teams of Women and 8 teams of Men competing (pairs and singles).
  • The OLBA Convenor assigned to the event will conduct registration of teams Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at 8:00 AM.
  • Announcements will start at 8:45 AM on Saturday and games start immediately after.
  • Day 2 games start with trial bowls at 9:15 AM.
  • Fours may require 3 days to complete (depending on number of entries) in which case, Friday will be added.

Mixed Pairs, Senior Triples:

  • Will be a 2 day event requiring 2 greens for day 1 and 1 green for day 2 - game 1.
  • Sixteen Women’s and sixteen Men’s teams will begin play on day 1.
  • Mixed Pairs will begin play with 16 teams, requiring 1 green for both day 1 and day 2.
  • The OLBA Convenor assigned to the event will conduct registration of teams the afternoon before day 1 and the morning of day 1 at 8:00 AM.
  • Announcements will start at 8:45 AM on day 1 and games will start immediately after.
  • Day 2 games start with trial bowls at 9:15 AM.

Novice Triples and Singles:

  • Will be a 2 day event requiring 2 greens for day 1 and 1 green for day 2 - game 1.
  • Sixteen Women’s and sixteen Men’s teams will begin play on day 1.
  • The OLBA Convenor assigned to the event will conduct registration of teams the afternoon before day 1 and the morning of day 1 at 7:30 AM.
  • Parade of Champions will start at 8:00 AM on day 1, announcements, then the games will start immediately after.
  • Day 2 games start with trial bowls at 8:45 AM.


Specific Guidelines for Host Club Championship Committees:

  • Appoint a contact person from the club.
  • Supply a publicaddress system for announcements.
  • Provide sufficient number of scoreboards for all days. Scorekeepers would be welcomed.
  • Greens must be cut prior to the start of play each day. The host club is encouraged to contact the OLBA Director for greens, for advice on preparing your greens for competition.
  • Provide morning coffee, tea, donuts, muffins, fruit, etc. at the start of each day.
  • Lunch will be made available at host club’s choice, players will also have the choice to buy lunch from the host club if they choose to. Players must contact the club to order lunch on day 1 before the championship starts if required by the Host club.
  • Providing a program is recommended naming players, sponsors for the event, lunch menu, club information, etc.
  • Arranging to have a first aid person in attendance every day.
  • Provide a workspace for the OLBA convenor and an area to post results.
  • Someone to assist the OLBA convenor in getting the display items out such as banners.
  • There will be a parade of Champions in Youth and Novice events only.
  • Provide a person to update the scores after each round on the OLBA website.

Financial Information for Host Club Championship Committee:

  • OLBA will pay $700 for the use of a double green and $350 for the use of a single green for each Championship.
  • OLBA will pay $50 per day for one first aid person.
  • OLBA will pay $1.00 per person for morning snacks and coffee for players, convenors and umpires.
  • A cheque for the greens rental will be issued before the Championship and after the Host Club financial report has been submitted to the treasurer, a cheque will be issued for the balance.
  • OLBA will pay $100.00 for a piper for the Youth and Novice events only.
  • Any other expenses must be approved by the Championship Chair beforehand, no exceptions.

Opening Announcement Guide:

  • Parade of Champions for Youth and Novice Championships only.
  • Welcome by the Host Club Spokesperson.
  • O Canada should be included.
  • Introduce any local politicians.
  • Introduce the OLBA Convenor assigned to the event for his/her announcements.
  • Introduce the Head Umpire for his/her comments on the rules for the competition.






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