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A message Bill Miller, ISPO Canada President!

Greetings from Vancouver where spring is definitely in the air! Similar to the renewal that accompanies spring, ISPO Canada is experiencing renewal. We have previously announced at the Oct 2021 AGM our 3 streams of strategic planning objectives: collaboration, education/research and membership. We’ve already made considerable strides toward achieving our goals in each of these areas. As an example we recently welcomed the Amputee Coalition of Canada (ACC), and more specifically Sam Paulos, as a new stakeholder partner on the board. Sam has been updating our board with the renewal that is happening with the ACC. They are revamping many of their deliverables including a focus on peer support mechanisms for those undergoing limb loss and a new website to market their new initiatives. Watch for the launch of their new website – coming soon!

In this issue of the ISPO Canada we've added some new features. As an example, we hope you will enjoy the initiative from our Education and knowledge translation working group to present research from Canadians across the country related to P&O.

We have also included information about the ISPO Canada/U.S./Mexico webinar series speakers for 2022, and a profile of an ISPO member from "la belle province."

We hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter.



President, ISPO Canada

Welcome to our New Board Members!

We are very excited to welcome our new board members! Click the link below to learn about each of our board members and their roles with ISPO Canada.

Our Board Members

Annual Membership Renewal

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Canadian research groups contributed to POI in 2021

As you know, Prosthetic Orthotic International (POI) is the journal of ISPO society. This is
important that as ISPO members, we support the journal with quality articles on the medical,
clinical, rehabilitation, technical, educational and research aspects of prosthetics, orthotics and
rehabilitation engineering.

Among the Canadian research groups, there are scholars who are members of the ISPO. In
2021, some research work in the field of P&O were highlighted in the POI. You may find it
interesting to learn what research questions motivated scholars and clinicians to study
individuals in need of P&O services across Canada. Interestingly, the articles were mainly
dealing with lower limb, from Hip disarticulation to transtibial amputation levels. We take the
opportunity to commend the research activities of our members, and hope to see more
contributions from across the country to share our scholar works with other worldwide member

ISPO members have complimentary access to the POI. Please find the links to the publications
below for further details.

Research papers here!

International ISPO Webinars

ISPO Mexico, along with US ISPO and ISPO Canada, is hosting a free monthly webinar series, leading up to the ISPO World Congress. To listen to some of the past webinars, click here!

The next webinar will occur on Friday, March 25, 2022 at 11 AM EST. The topic will be "Prescription of an AFO, Articulated or Not" presented by Nicholas LeCursi, CO and Engineer. Future webinars will be updated on our iSPO Canada website here.

Register below of the next webinar!

Register here!

2022 PAC Symposium

The Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) is hosting its 2022 Symposium in Winnipeg, MB at the RBC Convention Centre from April 8-9. More than 250 Pedorthists, Podiatrists, Chiropodist, Orthotists and others concerned with the field of pedorthics are expected to attend North America’s largest Pedorthic event.

The goal of this year’s Symposium is to broaden attendee’s understanding of chronic pain. More information on the 2022 PAC Symposium will be available here as it becomes available.

Event details here!

Empowering Human Potential - OAAC 2022 Conference

The OAAC 2022 Conference is virtual this year and will take place Friday, April 29.  The conference focuses on advancing the care of people who have extremity amputations. The organizing committee is looking forward to hosting Occupational Therapists, Physiatrists, Physiotherapists, Prosthetists/Orthotists, Registered Nurses, and other health care providers who are interested in increasing their knowledge on amputee rehabilitation, establish networks, and build Communities of Knowledge which Empower our patients to reach their potential!

Event details here!

ISPO 19th World Congress

Every 2 years, ISPO invites professionals involved in the care of persons in need of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility, and assistive devices to its unique and interactive flagship meeting, the ISPO World Congress. The ISPO 19th World Congress will take place from April 24 to 27, 2023 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The theme this year will be "The Art and the Science." Visit the link below for updates leading to the event!

Event details here!

Member profile highlight! 

In each newsletter we would like to highlight long standing ISPO members. In this edition, we would like to highlight Nathalie Anglehart!

Rencontrez Nathalie!

Nathalie est orthésiste certifiée depuis plus de 30 ans. Elle se spécialise dans les patients pédiatriques et être entourée de petits visages au quotidien est une joie en soi. Cela lui permet de partager avec eux des petits moments de bonheur.

Elle est actuellement la nouvelle responsable de la commission de certification et d'inscription à l'OPC, siège comme membre du conseil d'administration de l'AOPQ et donne des cours d'orthèses à l'UQAT (Université).

Nathalie a eu la chance d'être impliquée avec l'ISPO pendant plusieurs années en tant qu'auditeur pour le comité d'accréditation de l'ISPO. Faire partie de l'ISPO lui a permis d'interagir avec ses pairs et de s'impliquer dans différentes écoles à l'international. Ses rencontres professionnelles lui permettent de grandir professionnellement.

ISPO selon elle a un grand impact pour les orthésistes et prothésistes au niveau international afin d'échanger et de communiquer. Il permet la formation de nouveaux techniciens orthopédiques répondant aux normes de qualité internationales à plusieurs niveaux, et améliore la qualité des services et des appareils pour les personnes qui ont besoin de nous.

En dehors de sa vie professionnelle, Nathalie aime peindre, camper, s'entourer de sa famille et de ses amis et voyager. 

Ce que Nathalie peut conseiller aux jeunes diplômés et aux étudiants, c'est d'ouvrir grand leurs portes aux opportunités d'évolution dans le métier d'orthésiste-prothésiste. "Impliquez-vous et voyez grand dans vos rêves pour devenir seulement meilleur. Aujourd'hui, avec la technologie, nous avons tous besoin d'apprendre et de développer de nouvelles compétences. Mais surtout, écoutez simplement les personnes que vous aurez la chance de côtoyer au quotidien et apportez-leur le meilleur de vos connaissances."

En savoir plus sur Nathalie en anglais et en français. Cliquez ci-dessous !

More on Nathalie!

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