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Monday, December 2 - Hôtel Mortagne, Boucherville

This event is being held in partnership with the STIQ with the participation of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Canada Economic Development and the CEFRIO.

Labour scarcity – Québec’s critical challenge!


Hello all,

The Institut du Québec recently updated its jobs index, reflecting a labour market that is constantly growing. For example, the employment rate for people 25-54 years old remains above 85%.

These are statistics that demonstrate the strength of our economy. However, what are the consequences for our companies?

The labour scarcity is posing some challenges for all players in our ecosystem. With 37,000 jobs to be filled in the next 10 years, the aerospace industry must put in place actions to encourage young people to pursue careers in aerospace.

According to CAMAQ’s latest figures, for more than 30 years the number of jobs in the aerospace manufacturing sector has been growing at an average of 2.9% per year. Québec ranks sixth among Western countries in terms of aerospace employment.

With this in mind, we have just signed a partnership with Academos, an organization that promotes school perseverance. Academos receives financial support from the Québec government’s Youth Secretariat and various private partners. This agreement is directly in line with our goal of encouraging young people to become interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fields of study directly related to the development of innovation.

This measure is in addition to the “Rise to the Future” campaign which has just completed its 3rd phase and which has enabled us, in one year, to reach thousands of young people and their parents throughout Québec. Through public relations activities and the implementation of a web platform, we have highlighted the many opportunities offered by a career in aerospace.

In view of the significance of the labour scarcity challenge, we are pleased to announce that the “Rise to the Future” campaign will be renewed in the coming weeks. Our goal is to build on the efforts made so far and to take advantage of the renewed attractiveness that aerospace careers represent for our young people today.

The jobs in highest demand are aircraft maintenance technicians, structural assemblers, engineers and pilots. These highly specialized aerospace positions earn a competitive salary compared to other industrial sectors. Québec has technical and vocational schools and engineering programs to train our young people. With this in mind, we must continue our efforts and encourage the next generation, from an early age, to develop a passion for the aerospace sector! 


Suzanne M. Benoît


Welcome to our new members:

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Belogic inc.

Starlink Aviation

Growth Working Group - Accelerator 360

Launch of request for proposals


As part of the Accelerator 360 program, we have just issued a request for proposals for aerospace business opportunities and industrial team training services.

Deadline: October 23



Growth Working Group

Launch of the SME Committee

On October 2nd, we launched the SME and Innovation Committee, which aims to support the industrialization of innovations in the supply chain. This launch took place in the presence of Pratt & Whitney Canada, Fusia, Hutchinson, Arconic and Groupe Meloche.

Human Resources Working Group

Academos and Aéro Montréal join forces to promote the aerospace sector among young people

The objective of this partnership is to promote careers in the aerospace sector to young people aged 14 to 30 through the virtual mentoring of Academos and content, both fun and informative, published on its web and mobile application.


Human Resources Working Group

Request for proposals

The Aerospace Succession Awareness Study. This request for proposals aims to better understand the Y and Z generations in order to attract and retain them in the aerospace sector.


Rappel de l'OQLF sur les règles d'affichage des marques de commerce

Si vous affichez une marque de commerce dans une autre langue que le français, vous avez jusqu’au 24 novembre 2019 pour être en règle.


RTCA Announces New Training Agreement With Mannarino Systems & Software



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