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An outstanding freedom of movement

An outstanding freedom of movement

In a few words, the users would tell you: … « My new bunker gear INNO-6000X-M is also flexible as my old bunker, wich was discontinued! »

The guideline during the conception of the bunker gear INNO 6000X-M was to deliver it light, comfortable, ergonomic and resistant, while offering a maximal protection.

INNOTEX ® owned the challenge with the conception of the bunker gear INNO 6000X-M.

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1. Variable height collar.

2. Velcro grip at the neck.

3. Radio pocket 8'' x 4'' x 2'' with mic loop, 2 semi-bellow pockets 8'' x 10'' with reflective trim "grabbers". Deluxe inside pocket.

4. Clip with hook and loop fastener.

5. Triple trim, 3''

6. 2 semi-bellow pockets 8'' x 10'' with reflective trim "grabbers"

7. Nomex wristlets with black thumb loop. Ara-shield® at the cuffs

8. Zipper closure with velcro flap

9. 2 bellow pockets 10'' x 10'' x 2'' with reflective trim grabbers

10. Ara-shield® reinforcements at the knees and cuffs EMK ergonomic knee with foam padding

11. Crosstech® Type 4A ankle gaiters

NFPA Approved


12. Crosstech® Type 4A ankle and wrist gaiters

13. Deluxe Cotton Strapless, "H" style

14. Kevlar® belt with 5 loops, Inspection port (pants and coat), 5.5'' Napoleon pocket, 4.5'' x 5'' Medical pocket, Deluxe inside pocket


• Outershell: PBI Max (Or), 7.0 oz/vg2 - Gold
• Thermal barrier: Glide 2-layers 7.4 oz/vg2
• Moisture barrier: Crosstech® Black Type 2F (WL Gore), 4.7 oz/vg2

Pbi versus Armor or Armor AP

First and foremost, the difference in worst case scenario protection. PBI Max will offer more time for the firefighter to get out of a worst case scenario situation. Armor and Armor AP do not react any different than any of the other Nomex/Kevlar products...   Read more