Bluewater Park (BWP) and King Edward Bay (KEB) water users are advised that the full Stage 4 water restrictions must be reinstated. Cases of excess irrigation have been discovered which has once again led to depletion of the reservoir levels.

Current status of the wells

  • KEB reservoir level has dropped to 70% and is not recovering to the recommended level of 90% or over.
  • BWP reservoir depth has also dropped below an acceptable level.
  • Pumps have been running continuously.
  • Wells and reservoir levels continue to be checked every day.
  • Now that one significant source of depletion has been discovered, we will monitor the recovery of the reservoirs in the coming days.
  • Engineers are also developing a comprehensive strategy to identify other leaks in both the BWP and KEB systems.

Well testing scheduled - we need your help

  • Contractors will be on site the week of July 15th to test the BW wells.
  • Reservoirs need to be near full for the testing.
  • We need your help by limiting water use as much as possible through to July 18 to allow those tests to proceed.

Full stage 4 water restrictions reinstated

  • Please do not:
    • Water lawns or gardens.
    • Use garden hoses, irrigation systems, sprinklers or hand watering cans.
    • Fill pools, hot tubs or fountains.
    • Wash driveways, sidewalks, vehicles, boats or other equipment.
    • Use power washers.
  • Please do:
    • Purchase rain barrels to collect rainfall for watering.

Help us contact you quickly if we discover a leak

  • BIM is currently dealing with leaks at some properties in the water systems. We make every effort to contact the property owners, however in many cases we only have mailing addresses.
  • Please provide your contact information so that we can contact you by phone or e-mail if we discover high water usage on your water meter.
  • If BIM identifies a leak, every effort will be taken to contact the property owner. If the property owner cannot be contacted, water will be turned off at the property.

Next steps

  • System testing and leak exploration will occur over the next 3 weeks.
  • BIM’s consultants, Urban Systems are preparing an interim report to Council to present at a Special Council meeting on July 29, 2019.
  • Once the report has been presented to Council, staff and the consultants will hold a public information meeting in early August. All residents of Bluewater Park and King Edward Bay are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please share this information

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  • Please share this information with your neighbours and encourage them to subscribe to receive updates.