AVIATEUR EXPRESS # 857 - September 15, 2021


  • Safety capsule:  Icing of the carburetor
  • Chat for chat evening: September 20 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom
  • 19 minutes: The Piché exploit. A documentary available on TVA
  • News from one of our corporate members: Select Aviation
  • You want to rent your plane: Important information you need to know about your insurance coverage
  • Aeroventure Casey 2021
  • Donate to the cause of VOl d'un survivant
  • Supplement to AIP Canada 46/21: Festival western de Sainte-Tite from September 8 to September 21
  • Two events are added to our calendar  :  
  • Your virtual library.
  • Photo competition 2020-21

Safety capsule: Icing of the carburetor
Source: Transport Canada

Carburetor icing is a common cause of general aviation accidents. Fuel injected engines have very few induction system icing accidents, but otherwise no airplane and engine combination stands out. Most carburetor icing related engine failure happens during normal cruise. Possibly, this is a result of decreased pilot awareness that carburetor icing will occur at high power settings as well as during descents with reduced power.

In most accidents involving carburetor icing, the pilot has not fully understood the carburetor heat system of the aircraft and what occurs when it is selected. Moreover, it is difficult to understand the countermeasures unless the process of ice formation in the carburetor is understood. Detailed descriptions of this process are available in most good aviation reference publications and any AME employed on type can readily explain the carburetor heat system. The latter is especially important because of differences in systems. The pilot must learn to accept a rough-running engine for a minute or so as the heat melts and loosens the ice which is then ingested into the engine.

The following chart provides the range of temperature and relative humidity which could induce carburetor icing.

NOTE: This chart is not valid when operating on automotive gasoline (MOGAS). Due to its higher volatility, MOGAS is more susceptible to the formation of carburetor icing. In severe cases, ice may form at outside air temperatures up to 20°C higher than with aviation gasoline (AVGAS).

(Source: Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM) Section AIR 2.3.)

Aviateurs.Québec invites you to participate in our first Chat for chat evening scheduled for Monday, September 20, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom.

We will chat with Jocelyn Brunet, chief pilot at Voltige 2001 about the particularities of CYA (P) airspace, with its dangers and your responsibilities as a pilot.

To prepare for this meeting, we invite you to consult the Aeronautical Information Manual , pp 222-224

To register for this virtual meeting, click HERE

19 minutes: the Piché feat, a documentary available on TVA

Prsented by journalist Paul Larocque, the documentary 19 minutes: l'exploit Piché marks the 20th anniversary of the famous flight TS236 which landed urgently in the Azores on August 24, 2001. With 306 people on board, Captain Robert Piché has achieved a record: a glide of 19 minutes; the longest in the history of civil aviation.

You missed the screening of this documentary, it is available for catch-up HERE

News from one of our corporate members: Select Aviation

Select Aviation College spreads its wings at the Gatineau / Ottawa Executive Airport.

The new campus located on the site of the Gatineau / Ottawa airport is at the center of a major investment project to revitalize the airport. In fact, an investment of nearly $ 11.7M was announced last week to build a new taxiway parallel to the runway, greatly facilitating the movement of aircraft. To this work will also be added the construction of new buildings and a new hangar which will be our future premises!

The plans will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Aircraft rental websites: Important information you should know about your insurance coverage
Text by Christine Gervais, President and CEO of COPA
Photo: Jean-Pierre Bonin

In the interest of our readers who own an airplane, we are taking up here an article published by COPA and which concerns the precautions to be taken before signing a contract where you are about to lease your plane, either to an individual or a company. .

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more online services that offer aircraft owners the opportunity to lease their private aircraft to individuals and outside companies. These flying clubs and free lease agreements potentially expose the aircraft owner and lessee to both regulatory and insurance liability - with a high potential for denial of coverage if claimed. compensation.

Before signing a contract in which you make your aircraft available to someone else for hire or use, it is important that you contact your insurance representative to discuss any potential issues that could compromise your cover. Members should be aware that COPA's VIP insurance program does not cover such arrangements.

By referring to the wording of the Gold insurance policy, aircraft owners should know what is included and excluded in their coverage:

Professional and leisure use - Use for private and leisure purposes or for any commercial or professional purpose, but excludes the use of the aircraft for:

  • rental, reward or any use for which remuneration or benefit is received, promised or anticipated, other than a good faith reimbursement to the Insured for the operating costs only of the Insured's aircraft as as defined by Transport Canada; and
  • instruction, other than for the further training of approved pilots, unless otherwise specified in the policy;

Commercial - The uses set out in the Private Leisure and Business sections and the use for the transport by the Insured of Passengers, luggage accompanying Passengers and goods on behalf of others, provided that the Insured is validly authorized for such use by Transport Canada and, where applicable, by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

The safety of our members and their aircraft is a priority and COPA encourages all of its members to be careful when encountering rental sites online. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance agent before signing a contract.

A reminder that Aviateurs.Québec offers its members a personalized information service on insurance matters via its Service PLUS .

Aéroventure Casey 2021
Photo: Naor Cohen

The Labor day weekend has been hilited since 2013 by a fly-in at the abandoned runway of Casey in Haute-Mauricie. From its humble beginnings, under the leadership of Pierre Nadon and his acolytes, the event has now grown to unprecedented scale. This year, according to figures published by Aéroventure Casey 2021, there were:

  • 237 planes; 13 amphibians on Lake Wet and 17 helicopters for a one-day visit.
  • 78 planes and 2 helicopters for camping.
  • 244 vehicle; ATV, motocross, camper, etc.
  • 54 new members of “Les Amis de la Piste de Casey”.

Quite an event. Aviateurs.Québec would like to congratulate the organizers and volunteers who contributed to the success of this RVA. 

The organizers tell us see you next year for AeroVenture Casey 2022 from September 2 to 5, 2022!

Donate to the Vol d'un survivant

Aviateurs.Québec is proud to be associated with the "Vol d'un survivant" event .  This event was created in 2011 by Hugo Desrochers. The purpose of this event is to raise funds for the benefit of young children of the CHU de Québec who are fighting against cancer. Hugo Desrochers is an airline pilot for Air Canada and himself battled leukemia at the age of 29.

In the form of a day of seaplane flights departing from Lake Saint-Augustin, the event allows about twenty children to fly over beautiful Quebec City under the fall colors, thus allowing them to forget, the space of a few moments, the disease and the treatments. This year's Theft of a Survivor event will be held on September 18.

Since 2018, the event has partnered with the Charles-Bruneau Foundation, an organization whose mission is to provide all children with cancer the best chances of recovery by funding research and supporting the development of projects dedicated to cancer. pediatric hemato-oncology.

You are invited to make a donation by clicking HERE

Supplement to AIP Canada 46/21: Festival western de Sainte-Tite from September 8 to September 21

This supplement aims to inform the aeronautical community operating in the Mauricie region of the holding of the Festival Western de Saint-Tite, as well as the operational limitations and restrictions that will be in effect on this occasion around the Saint-Tite aerodrome. Tite (location indicator unknown) and the land aerodrome and the water aerodrome of Lac-à-la-Tortue (CSL3 and CSU7 respectively). These aerodromes are represented on the VFR aeronautical navigation chart (VNC) of Montreal AIR 5002.

To increase safety around this event and under section 5.1 of the Aeronautics Act, Transport Canada (TC) will set up a no-fly zone (restricted airspace), above the city of Saint-Tite and centered on the stables located to the east of the city (orange zone). TC will also designate a Mandatory Frequency Use (MF) zone centered on and encompassing the aerodrome southwest of the city (red zone). This MF is within the newly created Common Frequency Use Area (CFA) shown on the current Montreal VNC (32nd edition - May 2021); it is also on the same frequency of 122.7 Mhz.

For a copy of this document, click HERE

New events are added to our calendar  :

September 18, O'Connel track, Lac des Loups

There will be a pilot meeting on Saturday September 18 at the O'Connell track (abandoned Lac-des-Loups track). Between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., the orientation of runway 15-33, you are asked to report 5 nm before your arrival on 123.2, standard circuits. Don't forget your picnic and your chairs. For the occasion people who participate will have the chance to see the private collection of original photos and posters of the O'Connell family from the airport and the O'Connell Lodge fish & game. This is a friendly meeting only. The 25 first to arrive will be entitled to a souvenir track jersey. We look forward to seeing you in large numbers and looking forward to meeting you ...

September 17-19, RVA Hydravion Blue Sea Lake (Outaouais)

Parking for ~ 7 seaplanes, sandy beach no rocks. Camping (tent) of your choice on the ground. Free WiFi on site, toilet also. Beautiful site for swimming one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. Community campfire by the lake. No 100LL but Mogas very close on the lake. Unicom 122.8. PPR event only therefore pre-authorization required. Contact me by Messenger or email: outaouais.aviation@gmail.com


Our calendar  - September 2021

  • Cancellation:  September 25 - RVA Aérodrome de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield (CSD3)

Consult our calendar for other events offered in September

Your virtual library

Photo Contest Aviateurs.Québec 2021

Congratulations to Marc-André L'Espérance, winner of the July round of the Aviateurs.Québec photo contest! Marc-André wins a cap or a polo shirt in the colors of Aviateurs.Québec.

The 2021 competition continues!

It's time to submit a photo or two for September!

We currently accept photos (aviation related, read regulations )

Send your photos to photos@aviateurs.quebec before September 30 at 10 p.m.

You can also vote by clicking on the photo (or photos) of your choice HERE

The winner will receive one of the following prizes: cap or polo shirt

In order to allow everyone to have the chance to win during the year, the same person cannot be declared winner of the month more than four (4) times during the year.

You also have until the same date to vote for any other photo of your choice!

The winning photos of the month and the photos having had the most "likes" during the year (up to a maximum of 20 in total and coming from "active" members [membership in good standing]) will be judged subsequently for determine the three winning photos. (See text below)


You can still vote for any of your favorite photos from the year 2021 by clicking “Like or love” before January 11, 2022 by going to our  Facebook page

The price structure:

Grand annual winner: gift certificate $ 75 plus trophy
2nd and 3rd annual: gift certificate $ 25 plus trophy
Monthly winners: Cap or Polo

In order to allow everyone to have the chance to win during the year, the same person cannot be declared winner of the month more than four (4) times during the year.

The winning photos for each month plus the photos with the most votes during the year, up to a total of 20, will be finalists.

For a monthly round to be held, you must have received at least five photos, from at least three different photographers. Otherwise, the photos received are entered in the following month's round. 

The complete contest rules can be viewed HERE



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