September 2nd, 2019

Theme - Writing
Develop fine motor skills with this theme’s activities, games, crafts, and projects!

Educatall Club
A picture game, word flashcards, activity sheets, stickers, counting cards, games, and so much more!

DIY Mini notebooks
Children will love writing or drawing in these!

Autumn mask
The perfect accessory for your fall walks!

Edible apple tree craft
A crafty way to get children to eat veggies.

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At your fingertips, fine motor skills

Fine motor skills involve so much more than writing.

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Before children can write, they learn to draw…these ideas can help!

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Invisible ink
An experiment that is sure to impress your little writers!

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The rocket
Start the countdown to science-based fun!

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Drawing dough
Use this dough for creating textured outdoor designs.

Maple caramelized apples
A sweet take on seasonal fruit.

Ink for stamp pads
Make your own inexpensive stamping fun!

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25 ideas for learning to read

Because reading and writing go hand in hand, enjoy these activities!

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How a simple desk can encourage pre-reading skills

Set up a letter-filled corner children will love to explore.

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How to make a chalkboard

Great ideas to create a unique writing surface.


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