November 2022 Newsletter Table of Contents

  • Membership Renewal Reminder
  • 2023 Memeber Survey
  • Program Details and Meeting Reminder - Monday, November October 21ss
  • October Meeting Recordin
  • Show & Tell Reminder and Details
  • Block Lotto
  • Call for Quilts for Covenant House 
  • Course Reminder: 'Developing your Creative Voice' with Deborah Boschert

Membership Renewal Information

Reminer that it's Membership Renewal season! 

To renew your membership please use the attached link to Google form and send $60 to


Membership Survey

Dearest Members,

As we move forward, getting back to in person meetings we want to make sure that we are serving our membership in the best way we can. The Memebership team has come up with a survey to see where member's intersts in the guild are.

Please click the link below: 


November 2022 Guild Meeting Reminder

Meeting Date: Monday, November 21st, 2022
Doors Open: 6:30PM for mixing
Meeting: 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Unitarian Church
949 West 49th Ave, Vancouver


Zoom Meeting for watching will open around 6:45pm

While the mask mandate has been officially lifted, to make all those that attend meetings in person feel comfortable we are asking those that attend meetings in person please wear a mask.

The November meeting will have a wonderful presentation by Bill Stearman

Bill describes himself as "just a guy who likes to make quilts ... and tell stories. Every day is an adventure as I try new things. Like the rest of life it seems, what can be done in quilt making is limited only by my imagination. What an incredibly exciting journey! This blog continues on from my farm blog ..."


He asked that we keep this section short as he likes to share more about himself in the presentation.

October Meeting Recording

We were able to record the meeting in October. For those of you that would like to watch it, or reeatch it you can find the video in the link below:

October Meeting Video

This link will expire on November 12th.  You will need to download the video if you want to watch it past November 12th. We will not be sening this out again, please make sure that you watch it this week or downloard it. 

November - In Person - Show & Tell Reminder

We will be holding Show and Tell in person.

  • All quilts/projects shown must be quilted and finished
  • If you wojld like your project to be included in the September Show & Tell there will be a white board at the meeting to write your name on to indicate that you have a quilt to share 
  • During your presentation of the quilt please be sure to say your name and your instagram handle if you have one  (Please speak slowly as there is someone recording your information.)
  • Share a story about your quilt and explain why you think it's modern
  • Let us know if it's a WIP

    UPDATE: Please also send an image of your finished project, the story behind it and your Instagram to before Tuesday, November 22nd at 5pm so we can post them to social media.
  • Let us know if you don't want it shared on social media 

Block Lotto is BACK!!!

Let’s kick off our program year with a favourite guild activity – Block Lotto. Bring your completed blocks to our meeting on November 21.  Each block that you enter is a chance to win all of the blocks.

The Friendship Star seems like an appropriate choice for this month as we reconnect at in-person meetings. Please use the pattern for the 9” block that is linked below.

The colours are:

 Star: solid brights, or brights that read as solid. I used a bright
pink with tiny white polka dots. The dots are very subtle.

 Background: solid whites/creams or whites/creams that have a
subtle pattern. I used the reverse side of some prints.

 The centre of the star can be either the solid or the low volume.

The pattern is straightforward. You should end up with a 9 ½” block.  There’s very little wiggle room and my first block was shy of 9 ½” square. I cut subsequent pieces a tad generously and used a scant ¼” seam. This gave me a perfect block. Please run a line of basting stitches, within the seam allowance, around the completed block


Call for Quitls for Covenant House

Covenant House provides support to youth who are experiencing homelessness, crisis or are moving from short-term care into independent living. Their staff are dedicated professionals who are passionate about their work. 

Recently, Dianne Semark and I toured the beautiful new Covenant House facility on Seymour St. From the dining hall to the gym to the five floors of youth rooms, every detail was informed by those who would work or stay there. 

When asked if there was a need for quilts, the answer was an
immediate and enthusiastic ‘yes, please’! There are two
program areas where quilts will be used:

  1. Rights of Passage - is a long-term program for youth up to
    25 as they transition to independent living. A private,
    furnished apartment is provided along with support and
    life skills training.

    There are currently 14 youth in this program. CH has
    requested one quilt/participant. The quilts will move on
    with the participant.

  2. Crisis Program – is a welcoming haven where homeless or
    youth in crisis are provided with safe shelter, food and
    clothing as well as access to the support systems that they

    There are five floors of housing in the Crisis Program: each
    has a common room with lounge, tv and small kitchen area. CH has requested two quilts/floor that will be used in the common area.

How can we help?
How many quilts - 24. (14 for Rights of Passage and 10 for the
Crisis Program)
Guidelines –

  • Quilts can be lap size to no larger than double bed size.
  • Quilts must be neutral in colour and not gender specific.
  • Quilts must be washable.
  • Positive themes are welcome. i.e., hearts, words of encouragement
  • No triggering themes. i.e., violence, obscenities

Covenant House will take our quilts at any time. However, they
did mention it would be amazing to present the 14 Rights of
Passage quilts as part of their holiday gift drive. Please bring
your quilt donations to our meeting on November 21.
Any questions?

Thanks in advance for your help and support.


REMINDER: Developing your Creative Voice - Deborah Boschert

Date: Saturday, November 19th, 2022
Location: Zoom

Cost: $40 for members until the cut off.

Deborah will introduce us to the world of art quilting. You can watch a video from Deborah by clicking this LINK

Registration Information:
To register, email to let the Education Committee know you want to participate. Your space will be held once your payment is received by the Treasurer.

To make the payment for the course, email