October 24, 2022

This week... 

The City of Nanaimo is testing our Emergency Alert system, participate in a spooky swim or skate and prepare yourself for winter road conditions. Read on for more!

2022 general election results are in

Nanaimo Voted!

With the final votes tallied, the City of Nanaimo is pleased to confirm the results of the 2022 General Local Election. Chief Election Officer, Sheila Gurrie, has declared the following candidates for the next Mayor and Council. As the candidate who received the highest number of valid votes for the Office of the Mayor, Leonard Krog has been officially re-elected.

The following candidates, who received the highest number of valid votes for the Office of Councillor, are also officially elected:

  • Sheryl Armstrong (10,260 votes)
  • Tyler Brown (6,805 votes)
  • Hilary Eastmure (5,650 votes)
  • Ben Geselbracht (8,383 votes)
  • Erin Hemmens (7,497 votes)
  • Paul Manly (10,366 votes)
  • Janice Perrino (7,131 votes)
  • Ian Thorpe (8,040 votes)

The City would like to thank the community for voting and thank the election workers for their hard work during the advance and general voting days. 


Pottery studio available at Bowen Park

Pottery Studio

Did you know? There is a pottery studio located in the Bowen Park Recreation Centre. Each week four sessions are held where participants can register a maximum of three days in advance. The studio has tools, equipment and supplies available for the public to work independently. Children, when accompanied by an adult, are welcome (both must register). No instruction is provided. Clay can be purchased for $32 per 22 pound bag and it includes all firing and glazing fees. The cost is $12 per session. View page 13 of the Fall Activity Guide for more information. 


Halloween Swim & Skate

Come to Beban Pool Sunday, Oct. 30 from 9 am to 12 pm for a spooky Halloween Howl swim. There will be decorations, face painting, crafts, spooky treasure hunt, jousting, diving boards, slides and a haunted slide tower! 

If you'd rather skate, there is a Halloween themed Parent & Tot skate at Frank Crane Arena on Monday, Oct. 31 from 10 to 11:30 am.

Regular admission rates will apply. 


Emergency Alert Testing

The City of Nanaimo will be sending a test alert through its emergency notification system, Voyent Alert! On Oct. 25 at 10:25 am, registered users will receive a test alert via SMS text, phone call, email or as a notification through the app, depending on what type of messaging each individual has registered for.

To prepare for the test, residents who have already registered for the Voyent Alert! app may need to check a couple of things. Make sure push notifications are turned on for the app. Also, given the app hasn't been in use for some time, iPhones and Android devices may have off-loaded it or put it in deep sleep. An instructional video from Voyent Alert! on how to check for this is included in the online version of this news release. For more information on using the app, visit Voyent Alert's community support page.

All residents and visitors to the City of Nanaimo are encouraged to look at the Voyent Alert! program and sign-up for free. It's a simple process and it's anonymous! Visit www.nanaimo.ca/goto/alerts for more details and download the Voyent Alert! app from GooglePlay or Apple's App Store.


Prepare for Winter driving conditions such as slippery roads

Winter Driving Conditions

Heads up, Nanaimo! Here comes the rain again. Please slow down and expect roads to be extremely slippery when wet. After a long, long stretch of dry conditions, the accumulated oil, dust and debris on the roads will create a slippery layer between vehicle tires and the wet asphalt. Safe driving out there, and pedestrians and cyclists, please be extra aware of vehicle traffic.

Photo of rcmp officers

Mayor Krog on Death of RCMP Constable 

On behalf of Nanaimo Council, I offer my condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Burnaby RCMP Constable Shaelyn Yang who was killed in the line of duty on Oct. 18. Const. Yang worked with the mental health outreach team, serving some of the most vulnerable people in her community.

I would like to say thank you to the many people who work every day to make our communities as healthy and safe as possible. Your efforts are appreciated and valued. We care about what you do, and we care about you. Thank you.


photo of metral drive, almost complete

Will Your Commute Be Affected This Week?

Up-to-date information on City construction projects:

  • Metral Drive is still an active construction site, so please expect delays when navigating through the area. All businesses remain open and accessible. Concrete bus slabs are curing, and workers will be installing streetlights, planting trees, and finishing off the finer details. The end is near!
  • Emerald Drive (from Uplands to Ross Rd) will be closed during the day for a water main upgrade. Access will be limited to residents, buses and emergency services. Other commuters should plan an alternate route.
  • Construction crews continue to work on the Midtown Water Supply Project along the Nanaimo Parkway between East Wellington Road and Northfield Road and are making their way to the intersection of Northfield Road with the trench preparations.
  • Beban Park has detours within the park and areas of restricted access for the Midtown Water Supply Project. Access to the Stevie Smith Bike Park and Community Gardens is off Bowen Road past the tennis courts and golf course. All main parking lots, facilities and park amenities are open. In an effort to protect the public and provide a safe working area, certain areas of the park are fenced off and restricted for all non-construction personnel.
  • Commuters can expect minor delays along Labieux Road between Dorman Road and Kenworth Road at the Beban Parkway entrance as construction crews fuse together the large diameter water mains for the Midtown Water Supply Project.


Link to job postings, currently hiring lifeguards and instructors

Work With Us!

We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

  • Two Lifeguard/Instructors 
  • Junior Applications Analyst - Permanent Full-Time & Temporary Full-Time
  • Roads Management Specialist - Temporary Full-Time
  • Bylaw Enforcement Office - Temporary Full-Time
  • Recreation Coordinator - Aquatics
  • Manager, Emergency Program
  • Municipal Services Inspector
  • Lifeguard/Instructor - Permanent Part-Time
  • Planning Assistant
  • Building Official
  • Casuals - Police Services
  • Custodian - Relief Pool
  • Casual Lifeguard/Instructors


Meetings This Week

Monday, Oct. 24: Regular Council Meeting at 7 pm 

Thursday, Oct. 27: Design Advisory Panel Meeting at 5 pm

Did you know? 

We would like to thank the outgoing Councillors for their service to our community over the past four years. The last meeting with the current Council takes place Monday, Oct. 24.

The inaugural meeting with the newly elected Council is scheduled for Nov. 7, 2022. We look forward to welcoming new and returning members of Council.


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