The Blue Band                                                    April 2022

The Association of New Brunswick Licensed Practical Nurses is the regulatory authority for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in New Brunswick. Our mandate is protection of the public by promoting the provision of safe, competent, ethical and compassionate care by its registrants.

57th Annual General Meeting - Virtual

ANBLPN will be conducting the Annual General Meeting virtually. Our virtual AGM will be held on Wedneday, May 11th at 10:00am  where the ANBLPN Board of Directors will present the 2021 annual report.

All members wishing to attend must register in advance by using the registration link:

Date: May 11th, 2022

Time: 10:00am

Registration Link:  HERE

The AGM is for LPN members only.  This presentation will be done in English, however, live french interpretatin will be available. Members will have an opportunity to ask questions in the language of their choice following the meeting by using the "Q&A" box.


The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is for the Board of Directors to provide a report to registrants of the ANBLPN which represents the management of the organization in the previous year.  

Please be advised that written reports, including; Audited Statements, President's report, Executive Director/Registrar report, Practice Consultant report, and the Director of Registration & Policy report will be provided in advance of the meeting by way of the Annual Report document. The purpose of providing this written report in advance is to ensure that there are no time constraints at the AGM.

The Auditor, President, Executive Director/Registrar, Practice Consultant, and Director of Registration & Policy will be in attendance to address their reports for clarification purposes only.

In the interest of time and ability to fully be responsive, members are strongly encouraged to submit any questions with respect to the written reports to the Chairperson in writing, at least 2 days prior at and inlcude the subject line: Chairperson

Finally, any resolutions for new business at the AGM must be submitted to the Chairperson, in writing no later than 30 days in advance of the AGM at and must be supported by two members.  The membership is reminded that no new business will be entertained from the floor at the AGM.

Congratulations: NEW Board of Directors

ANBLPN is happy to announce the new members for the 2022 Board of Directors by acclamation.  This year nominations were held for President and Member at Large (Region 4).  We would like to welcome and congratulate Jean-Philippe Losier for President, and Marsha Wilson for Region 4.

Jean-Philippe Losier


Jean-Philippe has been an LPN for 15 years and works for the Extra Mural Program in Tracadie.  He has been an active board member for several years having served two terms as Member at Large for Region 5 as well as being on the Executive Committee as Treasurer.


Marsha Wilson

Member at Large - Region 4

Marsha Wilson has been an LPN for 12 years and works at the Résidences Mgr. Melanson.  This will be Marsha's second term as Member at Large for Region 4. 


Call for Nomination: Member at Large - Region 5

As Jean-Philippe Losier is moving into the role of President, the position of Member at Large for Region 5 (Acadien Peninsula) is now open

Commitments include attending board meetings (3-4 times per year), participating in ANBLPN committees, attending the AGM and Education Day, meeting preparation and communications. You are responsible to represent and protect the best interest of the public, develop an understanding of LPN Regulation and ANBLPN legislation, represent and support council decisions and conduct oneself in a professional manner.

Please click the link to access the nomination forms and send your nominations to by May 2nd, 2022.

NOMINEE BIOGRAPHY                                                            NOMINATION FORM


Nursing week for 2022 is May 9th - May 13th, with LPN Day being on May 13th.  ANBLPN is pleased to offer a full week of FREE, educational webinars throughout the entire week to our membership!  We have a variety of topics available to choose from and webinars are a great way to achieve your annual continuing competence learning goals!

Check out what we have planned and click on the link to register!

MONDAY, MAY 9TH @ 10:30AM: Policies & Procedures for Independent Practice

MONDAY, MAY 9TH @ 1:30PM: Leadership,Professionalism & Evolution of Practical                                                                Nursing

TUESDAY, MAY 10TH @ 1:30PM: Scope Optimization & Collaboration

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11TH @ 10:00AM: 57th Annual General Meeting

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11TH @ 1:30PM: Big Daddy Tazz: The Bi-Polar Buddha

THURSDAY, MAY 12TH @ 10:00AM: Drug Free Workplaces: Recognizing the Signs

THURSDAY, MAY 12TH @ 1:30PM:  Proud, Prepared and Protected

FRIDAY, MAY 13TH @ 10:00AM:  Stop and Smell the Roses with Neville MacKay


ANBLPN recognizes that these last two years have been the most challenging in all of our careers.  That's why we know you could all use a good laugh!  Check out our two main presenters that will be sure to make you laugh and set aside your stress for awhile!

Please note that there will be no recording permitted for these two presentations, these will be live presenations only.

Big Daddy Tazz

ANBLPN had previously booked Big Daddy Tazz "The Bi-Polar Buddha" for the 55th AGM/Education Day in 2020, however, due to the pandemic our event was cancelled that year.  We are thrilled to announce that Big Daddy Tazz will be our main presenter this year using a virtual format on Wednesday, May 11th at 1:30pm AST. 

Recording of this presentation is not permitted so don't miss out on this one and only LIVE presentation!

Register HERE

After 30 years of denying he had the mental illnesses that were controlling his life, Tazz realized that being manic-depressive, attention deficit, and having mild dyslexia could either destroy or enhance his life… it was his choice.  Today, audiences are happy to join him on his rapid cycle ride down the never-ending road to recovery that has led him from comedy venues across North America to the Psych ward at the Calgary Foothills Hospital (held over).

Tazz tours the country speaking on Good Mental Health, Bullying and Customer Service. For the last 14 years Big Daddy Tazz has brought forth light and laughter for those living with mental Illness, by raising awareness that stigma effects all of us. With his newest endeavour "Stand Up Against Stigma" Tazz believes that it is time to educate, embrace, and empower everyone so that we can all stand tall and give stigma a bad name!

Big Daddy Tazz will make you laugh til you cry then laugh again… it’s the bi-polar way!

Neville MacKay


Learn how Neville proactively creates a positive working environment by engaging, staff, and suppliers and the community with a passion that is truly contagious! Neville shares how he built his business from the inside out… embracing the need to reduce stress, maintain balance and promote respectful behaviour. Using some wonderful analogies from the world of floral design- Neville will show how to make a workplace bloom before your eyes! His sessions are heaped up with encouragement, entertainment and education!

Recording of this presentation is not permitted so don't miss out on this one and only LIVE presentation!

Register: HERE

Pan-Canadian Regulatory Requirement: CCP Update

The annual Continuing Competence Program (CCP) audit is underway and those randomly selected were notified in March.  ANBLPN would like to remind members that this is an annual regulatory requirement and members confirm that they have complied with this program on their annual registration forms.  Additionally, this is a pan-Canadian requirement and regardless of where you are in Canada, compliance with this program is mandatory (in some provinces this is referred to as the Quality Assurance Program).  

ANBLPN informs members of this program and shares ideas that can be used towards CCP regularly through social media, the newsletter, and the website. Various support tools are available to you which include:

If you have questions, we are happy to discuss them with you.  However, disparaging, demeaning, and inappropriate behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated and may be seen as conduct unbecoming of a professional.  

Going forward, all members will be required to upload their Record of Professional Learning Plans on their registration form in order to become registered.  Therefor this is a good reminder that you should be completing your learning goals in real time, and not wait until you are audited to complete this mandatory licensure requirement.


NEW Document

Appropriate use of social media continues to be an issue within the nursing profession.  As a result, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of complaints being made related to unprofessional and inappropriate social media use by nursing professionals. 

Help protect your clients, yourself and your nursing practice by reviewing your professional accountabilities when using social media in our newly revised document:


Stay connected with ANBLPN!

As a self-regulating professional, LPNs are responsible to stay informed on regulatory requirements. Ensuring that you are connected with ANBLPN is a great way to keep yourself informed. ANBLPN reaches out to their members through our website, newsletter, emails and social media.

The ANBLPN website ( has many resources to assist LPNs with their practice, continuing education and more!

ANBLPN also uses two social media platforms: Facebook and now Instagram! This is a great way to stay connected and become aware of what is new and upcoming! Be sure to follow us at: and


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