An update from the HIBAR Research Alliance

In this newsletter issue, we share the launch of a new early career researchers pilot project, highlights from our recent webinars, new content on our website, upcoming events, and more. 

As always, you can find additional information and resources at www.hibar-research.org.


Building an early career researchers community

This month, the University of British Columbia is launching a new student-led project to build a community of early career researchers, emphasizing graduate students, who care deeply about engaging with society through their research. This is designed as a pilot project to determine that there is an appetite among graduate students to belong to a community of this type, and to demonstrate that it is feasible to establish it through a series of focused, student-led activities.


Watch the highlights of our recent webinars

Building Sustained Research-Practice Partnerships

In January, Jenny Irons from the W. T. Grant Foundation and Alicia Sasser Modestino from Northeastern University shared how the Institutional Challenge Grant program supports universities in building sustained research-practice partnerships, including one with the City of Boston’s Department of Youth Engagement and Employment. Read more.

Catalyzing Change by Supporting Embedded Expertise

In February, TRESTLE project leaders Andrea Follmer Greenhoot and Caroline Bennett from the University of Kansas described the synergy generated by the “embedded expertise” partnership between researchers and educators, and shared insights they have gained about catalyzing academic culture change. Read more.


Sharing new content on our website

We have recently updated two pages on our website, to showcase example HIBAR projects and highlight key takeaway messages from our webinar series.

Key takeaway messages

Our webinar presenters have shared lessons learned from leading both HIBAR projects and institutional change efforts. This new page on our website includes a short video clip of the takeaway messages shared by the presenters.

HIBAR project examples

HIBAR research projects have a strong and vibrant history in many fields. Here we showcase some example HIBAR projects – both well-known historical examples and new and promising projects currently underway.


Related reading: Collaboration on the Mudflats

In their recent Issues in Science and Technology article (Fall 2022), University of Maine co-authors David Hart, Bridie McGreavy, Anthony Sutton, Gabrielle Hillyer, and Darren Ranco showcase how community-university partnerships can strengthen deliberative and democratic practices. "Finding common ground" is thought to be  an essential goal for the cross-sectoral partners who co-lead HIBAR research projects. Here, the authors describe that common ground can be found in the shared belief that the differences among partners, and the creativity these differences spur, motivates problem-solving and other kinds of connection.

Read the article


Upcoming funding opportunities

We are pleased to share the following funding opportunities that can either directly fund HIBAR projects or develop institutional capacity to support them.


Sloan Centers for Systemic Change

Pre-proposal submissions due by May 5, 2023

A funding program to advance systemic change that dramatically increases diversity, fosters inclusion, and closes equity gaps.

Read More


Global Centers Program

Proposals due by May 10, 2023

An international funding initiative for use-inspired research addressing global challenges in climate change and clean energy.

Read More


Institutional Challenge Grants

Next application deadline September 13, 2023

A program that encourages research institutions to value research-practice partnerships and remove barriers that inhibit collaborative work.

Read More


Accelerating Research Translation

Proposals due May 9, 2023 and Sep 18, 2024

A program to increase the scale and pace of advancing research discoveries toward tangible solutions that benefit the public.

Read More


Growing Research Access for Nationally Transformative Equity and Diversity (GRANTED)

Full proposals accepted anytime

GRANTED supports ambitious ideas and innovative strategies to address challenges and inequalities within the research enterprise.

Read More


Upcoming events that may be of interest

These upcoming events are offered by other organizations and may be of interest to you as a member of the HIBAR Research Alliance community.

Public Interest Technology (PIT) for Innovation in Global Development Workshop

Virtual event
September 12, 2023

INSciTS Annual Conference 2023 Bridging Theory and Practice

Bethesda, MD
July 24-26, 2023

National Academy of Inventors Annual Meeting 2023

Washington, DC
June 25-27, 2023

Social Impact of Science   Conference 2023

Halifax, Canada
June 19-21, 2023


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