July 22nd, 2019

Theme - Reptiles
Workshop ideas, activities that foster motor skills, outdoor fun, crafts, and more material to explore the fascinating world of reptiles!

Educatall Club
Activity sheets, a story and memory game, a creative recipe for crocodile bars, a mobile, coloring pages and so much more!

Accordion-fold paper snakes
Children will love playing with these folded friends!

Bee-filled flowerbed
Little ones will love designing their own buzzing garden.

Paper bag frog
Even the youngest children can complete this hopping project.

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Exploring construction games

There are so many store-bought and recycled items to build with!

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Summer exercises for little legs and feet

Fun ways to strengthen and explore children’s lower limbs.

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It floats, it sinks
The perfect backyard experiment for summer!

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The sun’s effects
A very important concept for sun safety.

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Edible paint for special snacks
Perfect poolside fun!

Magic sand for sandcastles
Use this mixture to make sandcastles you can treasure forever!

Summer magic potion
Drink this through a fun straw to make any day extra special!

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10 things to do with berry containers

Waterfalls, insect observatories, and lunch boxes are just a few.

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Beach bags for reading

A great way to make summer reading attractive.

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Butterfly pose

Develop children’s joint flexibility with this simple yoga pose.

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