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January-February 2023


The holiday season is behind us and with a new year comes new goals. 
Need ideas? Here are our suggestions:

  • Goal #1: Watch our January 18th webinar to learn more about two exciting workshops.
    Goal #2: Learn the real cost of lameness at your farm.
  • Goal #3: Refresh your memory on how to manage non-ambulatory cattle.

Finally, keep your employees motivated and well trained. Enjoy the read!


Upcoming Online Workshops

Upcoming Online Workshops

Want to learn more about our new winter workshops: The Secrets to Profitable Milk and The Story Behind Your Heifer Inventory? If you missed our January 18th webinar, have a well-deserved coffee break and watch an insightful video recording that will tell you more.

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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

For centuries, dairy farmers have supported conservation efforts, healthy communities, and built resilient businesses for future generations. Let's take a closer look at environmental sustainability, including the carbon footprint of the dairy industry.

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Investing in Cow Confort

Investing in Cow Comfort

Cow comfort has continued to be an important topic for the entire dairy industry, as well as for consumers. While producers improve their management practices and facilities, how do we know that investing in cow comfort will pay off?

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Employee Retention

Employee Retention: Essential for Farm Sustainability

To be sustainable, itโ€™s important to think long-term: will my farm overcome the challenges of time from an economic, environmental, social, and animal welfare perspective? To succeed, you will need to surround yourself with the right people - especially the right employees.

But how do you retain great staff?

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Managing Non-Ambulatory Cattle

Managing Non-Ambulatory Cattle

Finding a cow down is a great source of stress for producers. This situation can cause discomfort and helplessness for the owner and farm staff. Studies show that even with the best of care, these animals have a 35%-40% chance of survival and euthanasia is often the best option. But before deciding, let's take action!

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๐Ÿ“ƒ Updated A2 Reports

Updated A2 Herd Summary and A2 Animal Summary reports are now available in your MySite account. As the interest in favourable milk properties continues to rise, producers who wish to increase the frequency of A2A2 cows in their herd can utilize these reports to view the overall profile of their herds A2 status.

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