RCI is Partnering with Transitions in Care to Address Gaps and Find Solutions

RCI and Transitions in Care (TiC) have teamed up on a joint initiative aimed at addressing gaps in the process of long-term care (LTC) resident transitions. Multidisciplinary healthcare providers (Hospitalists and ED physicians, ED allied health practitioners, RCI physicians, ward-level practitioners such as CNLs, OTs, and PTs) have identified concerns across the patient journey, from living in the community, to acute care admission and placement in a long term care home, to ED transfers to and from long term care homes. Concerns include a lack of standardized processes for sharing information (particularly medication reconciliation and prescription orders), lack of clarity regarding roles and responsibilities, and difficulties related to communication and coordination during resident transitions.

Together with our TiC colleagues and a multidisciplinary working group, the RCI team is in the process of developing potential solutions for addressing these gaps, such as spreading the Pink Band project, doing “in-reach” education sessions for hospital colleagues about local long term care sites, and developing communication tools/processes so transitions are smoother and more streamlined for all involved. Stay tuned for project updates coming this fall!

Resource Highlight: Focus on Dementia

This month, we're focusing on dementia resources for practitioners and families.

The WHO has recently released new guidelines for risk reduction of cognitive decline and dementia. Read the executive summary here, or see the full report by clicking on the button below.

For more tools, see our Resource section!

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Quality Improvement Corner 

Looking for a tool to help your QI team visually display a problem? 

Try out the IHI's Driver Diagram! This diagram visually displays a team’s theory of what contributes to the achievement of a project aim, and is useful for communicating to a range of individuals where a team is working.

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Upcoming Events

June 27, 11:15-12:00: Co-Creating Meaningful Patient Oriented Participatory Research on Gardening and Horticultural Therapy in a Long Term Care Facility - Webinar

Learn how LTC residents in northern BC partnered with researchers to inform development and planning of a new gardening and horticulture program focused on promotion of the natural environment in their facility.

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News and Trends in Health Care

Screening for Vision Impairments in Individuals with Dementia Living in Long-Term Care: A Scoping Review. Vision impairments are common but often underdiagnosed in people with dementia living in long-term care. This article conducts a review of vision screening tests in order to determine which of these tests, if any, would be suitable for use by nurses in long-term care environments. Learn more here.

Treatment of Diabetes in Older Adults: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline. This article outlines clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of diabetes in older adults. The goal is to give guidance to health care providers in treating patients with both types of diabetes with an emphasis on avoiding unnecessary adverse effects. See the list of recommendations.

Recognition of the Complexity Facing Residential Care Homes: A Practitioner Inquiry. Authors explore the challenges faced by staff in UK residential care homes (approximately equivalent to assisted living in BC) when managing the healthcare needs of residents. Findings reveal the complexity of issues facing care homes and how these can negatively impact staff’s ability to manage resident needs. Read the full article.

Staff Experiences with Implementing a Case Conferencing Care Model in Nursing Homes: A Focus Group Study. Examines the qualitative experiences of nursing home staff regarding the implementation of comprehensive geriatric assessments and case conferencing. The study notes that management and nursing home staff must understand the factors that enable or constrain change in order to sustain quality of care improvements. Learn more here.

Meet the RCI Community

Introducing Dr. Janet Mak!

Shortly after completing her residency at the University of Alberta, Janet moved to Victoria and joined the Seniors Outreach Team (SORT), which sparked her passion for geriatrics.

Meet Dr. Mak

Introducing Alexandra Schram!  

Originally from Montreal, Alex was a competitive alpine ski racer from childhood through university. She has her MSc in exercise physiology and found long term care by happy accident.

Meet Alex

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Resource Highlight: Focus on Dementia 

This month, we're focusing on the dementia roadmap and resources for practitioners and families:

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