Vol. 1, No. 2 | NOVEMBER 2, 2022

The APTS presents its sectoral demands

Your bargaining team has just taken a new step in negotiating your next collective agreement by presenting “sectoral” demands, i.e., demands related to your conditions of work and practice, to the CPNSSS (the management bargaining committee for the health and social services sector).

At the heart of these demands is more time for you, premiums that better reflect your reality as a professional or technician, genuine recognition of overtime, and better measures to support your professional development.

See our website for more details on APTS demands on behalf of professionals and technicians. Information documents, videos, and visual tools are also available on the site.

The APTS is a member of the Front commun. For more information about Front commun demands (in French), go to frontcommun.org/outil-revendications.

What’s next?

The ball is now in the government’s court. To keep the promises it set out in its plan to reform the health system, and to meet its objectives regarding the quality and accessibility of services for Quebecers, the government needs to show that it really does intend to be an “employer of choice”. It will soon have an opportunity to provide this demonstration: normally, it should respond to our demands by January 2023.

At that point, the official work of our sectoral bargaining table will begin. Stay tuned – this Bargaining Update newsletter will let you know what happens next in our provincial contract talks.

Your bargaining team