August 2019

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Student Focus

History Honours student Laura Moberg earns the 2019 W. Kaye Lamb Award from The BC Historical Federation

 Laura was honoured for her essay "Canada’s Evergreen Playground: Leisure, land and settler colonial nation-building in the promotion of Canadian Pacific Railway tourism in British Columbia, 1920-1945."


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History student Amelia Boughn's Global Seminar experience

Amelia participated in Prof. Henry Yu's Global Seminar ACAM 390A "Kaiping - The Heritage of Chinese Migration" in May and June 2018.

Learn about Amelia’s experience studying in China with a short video and Q&A on our website.

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Faculty News

Emeritus Professor Arthur (Skip) Ray appointed to the Order of Canada

Prof. Ray was selected for his work as a historical geographer and expert witness in Aboriginal land claims.

In celebration of his recent award, Prof. Ray shares his thoughts on receiving the Order of Canada in a short Q&A.

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Finding Gold Mountain on the Fraser River

Eagle Glassheim, History Department Head, writes about a recent rafting excursion to the Fraser River he participated in with group of 20 historians, geographers, archeologists, and an ethno-musicologist. This two day event was sponsored by UBC’s Departments of History and Geography, as well as the UBC Faculty of Arts and the SFU Department of History.

"We were prospecting for bits and pieces of the river’s mining history that reveal a more expansive and inclusive story of resource extraction, migration, and colonialism in early British Columbia."

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Recent Articles

  • Diana Lary, Tim Brook and Timothy Cheek offer their thoughts on the 30th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Read more.
  • The Hong Kong Studies Initiative held a roundtable discussion about the Hong Kong Extradition Bill on June 18th featuring UBC Faculty Leo Shin and Diana Lary. The event was summarized with thoughts from Profs. Shin and Lary in two recent articles from The Ubyssey and The Tyee.
  • Leo Shin offered his thoughts on the Hong Kong Extradition bill in a recent CBC article.
  • Leo Shin commented on the Hong Kong protests spilling over to Canadian universities in an article for the Vancouver Sun.
  • Heidi Tworek wrote an Op-ed titled "Government-imposed internet blackouts are a power move to suppress dissent" in The Conversation Canada.
  • Heidi Tworek wrote a series of three articles on history and platform governance for The Centre for International Governance Innovation.
  • Laura Ishiguro discussed the importance of digital archives in a recent UBC Library article.

Alumni Spotlight

Joanna Biddlecombe, 2006 UBC History Graduate 

"My history degree gave me a love for the world and the past, and now I view curriculum and educating my students through an inquiry-based historical lens. It gave me the passion and drive to travel and experience different cultures and see first-hand all the topics I studied."

Joanna discusses her experience as a History major and her current career as an elementary school teacher in her Alumni Q&A.

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Project: Decolonizing the African Collections and Displays at the Museum of Anthropology (MOA)

New project led by UBC History's David Morton, MOA's Nuno Porto, and UBC Africa Awareness Initiative's John Michael Koffi will employ students to revise African object descriptions in MOA's museum collections.

Are you an undergraduate student and passionate about African Studies at UBC? Apply for a research postion by August 14th.

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Featured Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Courses

Countdown to the Fall Semester 

History Podcast and Blog Suggestions

Stay engaged in history this summer by exploring podcasts and other online sources for historical information.

A roundup of podcasts and blogs, suggested by UBC History's faculty and grad students, can be found on our website.

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Upcoming Events in September 2019 For History Students 

Drop in History advising will take place during Imagine Day for returning undergraduate and exchange students on Tuesday, Sept 3rd from 12:00pm - 2:00pm in BuTo 1207. Are you planning to go on exchange? Are you a transfer student who has not yet sought advising or a returning major with concerns about your program? Drop in with your questions to chat and graze over the lunch hour with the History advisor and other History students.

The Annual "Welcome Back to History" Event for Majors, Minors & Honours will take place on Wednesday, Sept 11th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm in BuTo 1197. Meet your classmates, enjoy refreshments, and get helpful information on completing your program and shaping your future. Check our website for more details here. 

For more information on these events, email:

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