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April 2022 | Atlantic Edition


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Resolutions 2022

Voting is now open online to show your support for Resolutions submitted to Lactanet. All licensed Canadian dairy farmers have the opportunity to submit one vote per dairy farm for each Resolution posted. Voting will close on April 29th and results will be posted on May 2nd!

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Genetic Evaluation Release

Genetic Evaluation Release


The April 2022 Genetic Evaluations have now been released and are posted online. Remember, you can use the new Genomic Visualization Tool to see how your animal's genetic evaluation has changed after genotyping.

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The Impact of Genomics

Impact of Genomics

Earlier this year the database of Lactanet and its international partners surpassed the milestone of six million genotypes! While the impact of genomics varies between breeds, genomics has cemented its place as a vital tool in breeding and management decisions.

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5 Reasons to Genotype Your Ayrshires

Genomic Test Your Ayrshires

During the past four years, only 24 to 37 Canadian Ayrshire breeders have genotyped at least five females in their herd and the average number of genotyped Canadian-born females has been less than 600. This translates to an 11-12% adoption rate of heifer genotyping in Canadian Ayrshires.

Review the 5 reasons why Canadian Ayrshire breeders need to change their mindset and start genomic testing their heifers and cows.

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Breaking the Barriers: Mental Health in the Farming Community

Mental Health

May 2nd to 6th is Mental Health Week. Let's destigmatize mental health together in the farming community!

"I like to say that when you're a farmer, you have to wear many hats. But there are many things you can't do yourself! If I don't have the skills to operate on a cow, I call a vet.

If I don't have the skills to fix my tractor engine, I send it to the garage! It's the same thing with our mental health." - Interview with Martine Fraser - farm outreach worker with Au Coeur des familles agricoles (At the heart of farming families)

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Mini OIS

Mini OIS


Save-the-date for Lactanet’s one-day
mini OIS on Thursday June 9th, 2022.

The agenda will be released closer to the event, however, registration is now open if you wish to attend.

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A Walk in the Field

Walk in the Field

IIt's springtime! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the fields have begun to grow! Our challenge this month is totake a walk in your fields. Nothing better than a good assessment of your fields to plan for the next few months ahead.

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le producteur de lait québécois


Milking Robots, Where Efficiency meets Profitability

Robotic milking

Milking robot efficiency is the number of kilos of milk per minute in the robot. The ideal cow for robotic milking has a good temperament, good mammary gland conformation, and an above average milking speed.

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DairyTrace Tag Orders

DairyTrace Tag Orders

Allflex, the DairyTrace animal tag manufacturer, completed a computer system conversion in November 2021 but they have not yet reached optimal production rates to meet regular delivery times.

Typically, tag order delivery is 3 to 4 weeks. Currently, delivery is at 8 weeks, and this is expected to continue for the next few months as Allflex works to reduce the backlog of orders.

DairyTrace Customer Service recommends that you place your tag order in advance to allow a lead time of 8 weeks.

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DairyTrace Q&A

DairyTrace Q&A

Q: Can breed associations report traceability events for me?

A: Only registered animals can have their tag activation/birth event automatically submitted to DairyTrace via the breed associations. Keep in mind traceability events must be reported within 45 days after birth. Breed associations can also receive, send, and report other event information to the DairyTrace database on behalf of dairy farmers for registered animals.

Producers can always report traceability events with ease directly to DairyTrace via the portal, mobile app or through customer service.

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Q: Can Lactanet milk recording services report events for me?

A: Currently, Lactanet can assist with traceability reporting in two ways:

1] Lactanet’s DairyComp herd management software can facilitate recording and reporting of traceability events to the DairyTrace system; and

2] Lactanets Dairy Production Technicians (field services) can submit tag activation/birth events to breed associations as part of the Electronic Registration Assistance (ERA) requested by customers. This service is commonly performed on test day on registered animals. ERA’s conveniently and automatically lead to reporting via breed associations to DairyTrace.

Lactanet is currently working on new initiatives in the field to assist all producers with proAction® traceability requirements. Stay tuned!

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PROFILab for Cows on Pasture

PROFILab for Cows on Pasture

If a cow has access to a pasture that offers forage in sufficient quantity and quality, her consumption will be very high and will influence her production and milk fat content. To help you manage feeding of your herd on pasture, use PROFILab during the summer season to evaluate the impact of grazing management on the milk and fat performance of your herd.

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Progress Reports - Coming soon

  • West – distributed with the May Milk Producer magazine
  • Ontario - distributed with the May Milk Producer magazine
  • Quebec – distributed following the May LPLQ magazine
  • Atlantic – stats available online in early May and full report available online at the end of May.

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