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Ontario & Western Canada | March 2021


Reminder of Presentation of Resolutions


To ensure dairy producers and the Canadian dairy industry at large are supported for a sustainable and thriving future, we have launched a new website that hosts non-binding Resolutions.


The Resolutions have been submitted by licensed dairy farmers to Lactanet for consideration by our National Board of Directors.



View the list of Resolutions and visit the site


2021 Resolution Timeline flsdjfalskjdf lasj 

March 1 – Resolution submission deadline

March 22 – Resolutions posted on-line

March 31 – Virtual resolution presentation

April 5-16th - On-line discussion forum

April 19-28th - On-line voting

April 30th - Voting results revealed

Summer – Consideration of Resolutions by Lactanet Board of Directors

Fall – Status posted on carried resolutions


Join us for the presentations of the Resolutions that will be held on-line via Zoom on Wednesday March 31, 2021 at 1:00 PM (EST).

Zoom Meeting Link

Rappel - Présentation des résolutions  

Pour veiller à ce que les producteurs laitiers et l’industrie laitière canadienne dans son ensemble disposent des outils nécessaires pour créer un avenir durable et prospère, nous avons lancé un site Web dédié  au processus de résolutions.

Vous y trouverez l'ensemble des résolutions non contraignantes soumises par des producteurs laitiers en règle et qui sont à l'étude par notre conseil d'administration. 

Parcourez le site et consultez les résolutions soumises

Échéancier - résolutions de 2021 sffsfsfsd

1 mars – Date limite pour soumettre  des résolutions

22 mars – Publication des résolutions en ligne

31 mars – Présentation virtuelle des résolutions

5 au 16 avril – Forum de discussion en ligne

19 au 28 avril – Vote en ligne

30 avril – Dévoilement des résultats du vote

Été – Examen des résolutions par le conseil d’administration de Lactanet

Automne – Publication du statut des résolutions adoptées 

Soyez des nôtres pour la présentation des résolutions qui aura lieu par Zoom le mercredi 31 mars 2021 à 13 h, (HNE).    kjgjjgjjh

Lien Zoom pour la présentation



Elevate Your Production Efficiency


For decades, the focus of genetic selection has been on increased levels of production of the dairy animals in your herd. More recently, attention has also been paid to functional traits to reduce the costs of production and/or increase the longevity of dairy cattle.


For the April 6th 2021 Genetic Evaluation release, production efficiency will include BOTH genetic selection for high production and feed efficiency.  dfsdsdgsfgsdgdgd sdgsdgf


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April 2021 New Traits:

Feed Efficiency

Type Composite


Lifetime Performance Index (LPI) Formula

Base Change Summary

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Optimisez l'efficience de votre production


Pendant de nombreuses années, la sélection génétique mettait l'accent sur l'augmentation des niveaux de production des animaux de votre troupeau laitier. Récemment, les caractères fonctionnels ont également retenu l'attention afin de réduire les coûts de production et/ou d'augmenter la longévité des bovins laitiers.

Dans le cadre de la publication des évaluations génétiques du 6 avril 2021, l'efficacité de la production comprendra à la fois la sélection génétique pour une production élevée et l'efficience alimentaire.


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Nouveaux caractères - avril 2021 

Efficience alimentaire

Indices composites


Indice de performance à vie (IPV)

Base mobile



Join Us at CDX  

Visit us at our virtual booth on April 7-8, 2021 at the Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX). With two-day programming, CDX promises a virtual dairy classroom, cow and robot barn tours and over 300 exhibitors in a fully interactive tradeshow platform.

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Artificial intelligence: Fact or fiction?

Who hasn't heard about artificial intelligence (AI) in the past year? Although development began as early as World War II, AI has become an important topic and has made its way into our lives and barns.  What benefits could it have for the agricultural world?

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Sub-clinical Ketosis Screening

It is important to monitor BHB levels closely during the transition period to intervene quickly when cases of hyperketonemia occur in the herd.

Several tools are available to screen for sub-clinical ketosis, but these tools can sometimes raise several questions. Let's try to shed some light on the matter!

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We have posted NEW employment opportunities across the country.


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Nous avons publié de NOUVELLES offres d'emploi pour combler différents postes à travers le pays.

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It’s time to have your say in Canadian dairy research: Answer Dairy Farmers of Canada’s survey to help guide strategic research priorities for the future

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is inviting dairy farmers, dairy researchers and students, as well as sector stakeholders to complete an online survey about future priorities for Canadian dairy research.

The responses will help identify research priorities to update of the National Dairy Research strategy, which will guide investments in science over the next five years. DFC’s first National Dairy Research Strategy was published in 2016.

The online survey will be accessible from April 1 – 23, 2021 at DairyResearch.ca. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Although the survey answers will be kept confidential, participants will have the option to leave their name and email address to enter a draw to win a $200 gift certificate from Lactanet and three $50 gift certificates from DFC’s Blue Cow Shop.

Complete the survey as of April 1, 2021

Your participation in the survey is vital to growth and innovation in the sector. DFC invests about $2 million annually in dairy production, and human nutrition and health research. This amount is leveraged to increase investments in research to approximately $8 million annually through matching funding programs and partnership contributions.

Please share the survey link with your dairy colleagues!