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Celebrate Canadian Patient Safety Week

They’re more than a visitor. Essential care partners are vital members of the care team who provide consistent support to a loved one throughout their care journey – improving safety, care and the well-being of all involved. From October 25 – 29, join Healthcare Excellence Canada in supporting this year’s Canadian Patient Safety Week theme: Who knows? Essential care partners do.

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Learn More About Patient Safety Week

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A Patient Partner Shares Her Experience in
Island Health Magazine

When Alyssa Vincent sustained extensive injuries in her early twenties from a car accident, accessing care was challenging due to her age.

“‘Since my injuries are internal, one cannot ‘see’ anything wrong with me, so I was told that my pain was in my head and I was over-exaggerating my symptoms.’”

Read How Alyssa is Sharing Her Experience to Improve Care

Image credit: Island Health Magazine

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“Nothing About Me, Without Me”:
Making Change Across BC

The Ministry of Health’s Patients as Partners Initiative aims to ensure that patient, family and caregiver voices are incorporated at all levels of the health care system. It held a series of engagement tables throughout the province to gather on-the-ground feedback on diverse topics and 2021 saw many changes implemented.

Find Out What Was Improved

Let's Keep the Conversation About DEI Going

Formed in 2020, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group started off by exploring guiding definitions for DEI work and how these definitions could support our future work. This includes reducing barriers to joining PVN and creating a welcoming environment for members. In a follow up to last month’s update about the group, we’re sharing definitions for key terms commonly used in DEI work, such as “inclusion.”

Read More About Its Work

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