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What Spotify and the ‘Audio Industry’ Are Doing to Musicians

Even though the small number of streaming services have access to almost every bit of music that’s ever been recorded, and even though they strike near-monopolistic deals with near-monopolistic major labels, there isn’t quite enough money for anyone to make a good profit on streaming music. Too many middlemen take their share, and there’s a limit to how much people are willing to pay for music now that the internet exists.

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Chops: The Power of Bandcamp in Jazz

That platform is Bandcamp, the internet music company that’s exploded in popularity in recent years, especially since the start of the COVID pandemic. As artists hurl increasingly withering criticism at the big streamers for cutting into their livelihood, and Spotify founder Daniel Ek responds by doing things like investing $1 billion in missile-defense tech, Bandcamp looks more and more attractive.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

Why Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is No. 1 on
Billboard’s Hot 100.

There is literally no precedent for a six-vocalist Disney patter song becoming a hit on this scale. This is where the data comes in. The three factors that make up the Hot 100, streams, radio and sales, show how the business model has evolved for Disney music not just since the ’90s, but even in the last decade.

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How Playlists Reshaped the Music Industry

While streaming revenue is nowhere near replacing album sales yet, we can see why standing out on streaming platforms is important to musicians. A stable income from streaming isn’t something that an up-and-coming artist can realistically count on, but they can benefit from being featured on a playlist in other ways. Even a spot on a modestly followed one can bring significant exposure, meaning more listeners, more PR, and subsequently, new opportunities and more fans on their social channels.

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Politiques publiques

SOCAN's Jennifer Brown Bullish On Broadcasting Act Revamp

At the moment, the amount of digital media royalty distribution to Canadian SOCAN members is hovering around slightly less than 10%, while traditional media distribution averages 33%, a distribution disparity of 69%.
The new legislation should offer Canadian creators a larger slice of the digital streaming pie.

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Music streaming investigation will examine market 'from creator to consumer'

"Streaming has changed the way we listen to music. In the UK, more than 80% of recorded music is now listened to via a streaming service rather than using traditional physical media like CDs and vinyl.
"Linking the creators making the music and the fans listening to it through a streaming service is a complex network of companies that help make, promote and distribute recorded music,"

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Paying Attention: The Attention Economy

Our attention has always been limited, valuable, and scarce. But what distinguishes the present day is that technological advances have made an overwhelming amount of information available, strategically aimed at capturing our attention. As for the general public, it has never been easier to garner such personal levels of attention though means like social media.

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Spotify entering into €280 million sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, causing various controversies

Spotify is close to confirming a €280 million sponsorship deal with the Barcelona football club, which will get the streaming service naming rights over the team’s stadium Camp Nou. The big bucks deal is likely to cause yet more controversy within the music community, in addition to the mini-controversy already underway regarding whether or not the sponsorship arrangement contributed to the resignation of the football club’s CEO Ferran Reverter.

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Actualités techno

Bandcamp adds queing to fan Collections, inches closer to being an artist friendly streaming alternative

Bandcamp has added queing to each fan’s Collection. The addition inches Bandcamp closer to being a more artist friendly alternative to Spotify and other music streamers.

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More details emerge about Apple Music’s upcoming app, Apple Classical

It’s been on the cards since last August when the Cupertino tech giant bought classical music streaming service Primephonic.
The plan was to incorporate its best features – in particular search and discover – in Apple Music with Lossless and Spatial Audio, and also issue a dedicated app.

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