November 22nd, 2021


Theme - Elves
Fun workshop ideas, games, crafts, and an adorable elf-themed song are just a few of this theme’s suggestions that will help you prepare for Christmas!

Educatall Club
Keep your elves busy with this theme’s activity sheets, dress-up dolls, finger puppets, coloring pages, and more!


A snowman craft for all ages
A quick and easy cut and paste project that develops various skills.

Elf in a cup
This little pop-up elf is the perfect project for this theme!

Elf-themed candy jar
This craft may just be the cutest handmade Christmas present...

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Christmas ornaments
Unbreakable ornaments set the stage for tons of sensory experiences.

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Exploring snow
Tis the season to discover (or rediscover) this fluffy white substance!

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Sense of smell
This experiment can be adapted to explore Christmas scents with your group.

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Part liquid, part solid
An introduction to solids and liquids for the younger crowd.

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Cinnamon dough
This dough is ideal for making scented Christmas ornaments for your tree.

Sparkling paint
A festive blend that yields shiny masterpieces.

Minty wreath
Simple steps to making unique Christmas decorations!

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A simple Christmas bell listening game

Lower the noise level in your daycare with this musical activity.



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2 somewhat different homemade association games

These games require very little material and they’re great for keeping children occupied during waiting periods.

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Decorating your Christmas tree with books and other ideas

Original ways to celebrate books and reading with children.


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