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  • Safety capsule: Rushed pilot lands with gear up, blames iPad for blocking his view of landing gear position light.
  • Annual General Meeting: April 10, 2021 via Zoom videoconference
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  • Transport Canada: Reminder - Notice of public consultation. The deadline for your comments is February 26, 2021.
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  • Aeropod episode # 59, OK for the sale of Transat to Air Canada.
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Safety capsule:  Rushed pilot lands with gear up, blames iPad for blocking his view of landing gear position light
General Aviation News, February 12, 2021

The pilot of the retractable landing gear-equipped Cessna 172 reported that, during approach to the airport in Atlanta, he noticed he was a little high, so he reduced power to idle and heard an alert horn.

He quickly scanned the engine gauges and observed that the manifold pressure gauge was “pegged at the bottom with no indication.” He considered performing a go-around, but decided to land and assess the situation on the ground. The pilot landed the airplane with the landing gear retracted.The pilot added that he did not see the landing gear position light because his iPad sitting on the yoke blocked his view.

He added that leading up to the approach and landing, the flight was fast paced, and he felt rushed, which attributed to him assuming he was in his “typical” fixed landing gear airplane.

The airplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage.The pilot reported that there were no preaccident mechanical failures or malfunctions with the airplane that would have precluded normal operation.

Probable Cause: The pilot’s failure to extend the landing gear before landing. Contributing to the accident were the pilot’s inability to see the landing gear position light because his iPad was blocking his view of it and his feeling of being rushed during the approach and landing.

Identification NTSB: 98998

This February 2019 accident report is provided by the National Transportation Safety Board. Published as an educational tool, it aims to help pilots learn from the misfortunes of others.

Photo: Pinterest

Annual General Meeting: April 10, 2021 via videoconference

Mark your calendar. The Annual General Meeting will take place on April 10, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom videoconference.

Members in good standing will shortly receive a notice of meeting.

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Our new platform which was rolled out in October 2020 seems to serve our members as well as general aviation enthusiasts very well and we are very happy about it. We have an average of around 400 visits per day.

We are working to improve the site and add content to it. In particular, the Member Services section provides access to members of Aviateurs.Québec to documents / videos that affect areas such as education , legal help , Member Discounts , Aviation Review and The Aviator , Aviation Safety , helpful documents to pilots  

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The Aerocamping directory.
Let's get ready for the next season!  

First let me thank those who contacted me to add data or say they had used the data in my directory for wing camping.

The aerocamping repertoire continues to grow with now 42 airports in 9 provinces.

Latest update February 4: Stanley Airport CCW4, NS & Mattawa Airport CMA2, ON)

You have a place to add, contact Jean-Pierre Bonin

You can consult the directory by clicking on this link  Directory Aerocamping

News from one of our corporate members:
Québec Aéronature

Today (February 5) is a very big day for Québec Aéronature . We have just obtained our 702/703 certifications (aerial work and air taxi) from Transport Canada.

So today we are officially an airline.

You can't imagine the work it took to get there. It will have taken a year. A year of paperwork, a year of writing, researching, brain-digging, doubts, discouragement, encouragement, perseverance, time ... of work finally ... all this in the midst of a pandemic .

Thank you all the people who helped me, your support was essential.

And finally, thank you to the various Transport Canada inspectors for their great professionalism and all the support they gave me, I really felt supported and accompanied throughout the process, whether in operations, maintenance , hazardous materials, cabin safety, you have all been extremely efficient, and that deserves to be highlighted.

There you go ... now, to bring all this to life, it takes customers, passengers, so don't hesitate to talk about Québec Aéronature to your loved ones and those less close to you, to all those who would like to taste the experience of flying in seaplane or on wheels, we are there, always with a big smile and a good mood!

Photo: Québec Aéronature

Transport Canada: Reminder - The deadline for your comments is February 26, 2021.

Notice of public consultation aimed at establishing a mandatory frequency zone for the airports of Montmagny and L'Isle-aux-Grues .

Online training available

In these difficult times, when COVID is disrupting our lives, Aviateurs.Québec is pleased to offer free online training to all members and non-members of Aviateurs.Québec. We do this to give everyone the opportunity to meet their need for regulatory compliance, but also to improve their competence as a pilot.

The following trainings are available for a limited time:

  • Recency training - Winter Flight. This training is validated by Transport Canada as meeting the requirements of CAR 401.05
  • Foreflight - Initial configuration of the application.
  • Foreflight - Flight planning
  • Foreflight - Weight and balance
  • Foreflight - Visual approaches in Foreflight

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AéroPod: Episode # 59,  OK for the sale of Transat to Air Canada

Your virtual library, updated January 28, 2021

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Not having received enough submissions for January, submitted photos will be entered into the February round.

In the meantime, I offer you a "little" souvenir from Montebello ...

The 2021 competition begins!

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The pricing structure

Grand annual winner: gift certificate $ 75 plus trophy
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Monthly winners: Cap or Polo

In order to allow everyone to have the chance to win during the year, the same person cannot be declared winner of the month more than four (4) times during the year.

For a monthly round to be held, you must have received at least five photos, from at least three different photographers. Otherwise, the photos received are entered in the following month's round. The total number of photos in the final remains at 20.

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