Check out Our New Patient-Oriented Research Area!

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with the BC SUPPORT Unit to promote engagement opportunities in patient-oriented research! This blog post has more details about the partnership and this kind of research, where patients are directly involved as partners on health research teams.

How to get involved

The patient-oriented research opportunities are listed on our main Engagement Opportunities page, with a symbol right beside them:

Clicking on the symbol will take you to a new page which lists all available patient-oriented research opportunities, organized by region. For these opportunities, patient partners’ main contacts will be BC SUPPORT Unit staff members, rather than PVN Engagement Leaders.

Want more details about patient-oriented research and what you need to get involved? (hint: you do NOT need any previous research experience!) Find lots of information in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Patient-oriented research provides a great opportunity to make health research more responsive to patients’ priorities. Check out these new opportunities and get involved!

Engaging Indigenous Patient Partners 

In a new blog post from our Engagement Leader Jacquelyne Foidart, we find out how she has learned from Indigenous Advisors about how PVN can engage Indigenous patient partners in efforts to improve health care.

Read the post.

Results of Engagement Opportunities

Patient partners Ed Martin and Kim Eggers have been participating in an engagement opportunity with the BC Emergency Medicine Network. They were co-authors on an article about their work that was published this month!

Check it out here.

Oversight & Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Our first meeting of 2018 took place on January 16 and the minutes are now available online.

Read the minutes.


"What Did the Doctor Say?": A Simple Question with a Difficult Answer

A Washington Post article explores why the language doctors use can be so confusing – and what can be done about it.

Read the article.

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