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Would you like to know more about the municipal election and how to vote? About the candidates and what events are taking place? Need to find those links to relevant election-related articles, podcasts, and more?

Head to our Municipal Election 2022 Information page, which features links to:

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We've done our best to gather information, interviews, and local events related to the election in one spot.

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The Science of Survival: Bringing on the Accretocene

Bowen author Andrew Wright will be speaking at the Library this Sunday, September 25, 2 pm

Submission to the Undercurrent by Elaine Cameron / Bowen Island Food Resilience Society

“And what is the Accretocene?” you might well ask. Andrew Wright, Bowen resident and author of Pelican’s Paradise: Preventing Extinctions, explains that it is the era when human efforts lead to a rapid increase in rewilding the planet. He and conservationist Greg Howald coined the word, and now, to their delight, it’s being used by others.

It’s a word that expresses hope for the future, a hope that Wright’s experiences as an engineer and a photographer led him to believe is justified.

As an engineer, Wright founded a telecommunications tech company before becoming an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University in the Faculty of the Environment. As a photographer, he has documented the work of the Island Conservation Society. Wright has the unique perspective of seeing current global emergencies through the lens of his camera and the pragmatic eyes of an engineer.

In his third book, Pelican’s Paradise: Preventing Extinction, Wright records how Island Conservation brought fragile life back from the brink of extinction. Using engaging prose and stunning photographs, he documents the flourishing of biodiversity on five islands, one of which is in Haida Gwaii...

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Poster with photo of photographer Andrew S. Wright taking a photo out of a helicopter with mountain and forest landscape. Includes book cover title page of a pelican on a rocky beach and surf with a rainbow. Has logos for Bowen Island Library and Bowen Island Food Resilience Society and text as above.

Author Talk: Andrew Wright

Sunday, September 25, 2022 | 2 pm

Conservation and documentary photographer, Andrew S. Wright, presents on and shows photos from his most recent book, The Pelican’s Paradise: Preventing Extinctions.

Andrew has been working with the non-profit, Island Conservation. They have removed invasive species on 65 islands worldwide and protected 500 species on fragile and remote islands. Andrew has documented their work on five of these islands, including the Gwaii Haanas in BC and will present their fascinating story through his incredible photographs.

This program is presented by Bowen Island Public Library and Bowen Island Food Resilience Society.

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