January 3, 2024


At the end of December, the Front commun was able to reach a proposed tentative deal at the central table for the renewal of public-sector collective agreements, after 11 days of strike action and weeks of intensive work at the bargaining tables.

The Front commun has always always wanted its members to be the first to know the full details of the proposed tentative deal worked out at the central table. However, given that information is now beginning to circulate, we want to tell you about the basic elements of the hypothetical settlement. A more complete account will be provided in a longer newsletter to be sent to you around January 7.

The Front commun has obtained a pay increase of 17.4% over five years, along with a clause to protect purchasing power during the last three years of the collective agreement and numerous improvements in working conditions.

Significant gains have also been achieved in terms of group insurance and vacation leave, along with gains related to parental rights and the attraction and retention of skilled workers and psychologists, among others. Some improvements have been obtained with regard to the pension plan, and major setbacks have been avoided in this area. In addition, a number of enhancements are set out in sectoral agreements.

Decision-making bodies at the CSN, CSQ, FTQ and APTS are currently reviewing the content of proposed agreements worked out at the central table and at each of the sectoral tables to determine if they actually constitute an overall tentative deal.

If that is the case, it will be your turn to make your views known in general assemblies starting in January 2024. The current round of bargaining talks will be officially completed when you, the 420,000 workers who came together to form our historic Front commun, are satisfied with what has been achieved in terms of conditions of work, practice, and pay.

Stay tuned for more information about general assemblies in upcoming communications from your union.