ParticipACTION Grant Deadline Looming

ParticipACTION’s 2020 Community Challenge grant deadline is approaching fast. If you’re holding an event on Bowls Day, why not apply for an extra $1,000 to help with your event? The deadline to apply is February 28. To learn more and to apply for a grant, click -> 2020 Community Challenge

For guidance click on these -> sample applications



2020 Coaches and Player Development Clinics announced

OLBA is very pleased to announce several new Clinics for Coaches and Players.

  • The NCCP Club Coach Clinic is intended for those OLBA members wishing to coach new or novice club members to give them a positive experience, and enough knowledge to enjoy all facets of friendly club activities and also to be registered as a Trained Club Coach.
  • The NCCP Competition Coach Clinic is intended for those coaches who wish to assist all players in the development of their skills at the Open Tournament, District and Provincial Levels and to become a “In Training” Competitive Coach.
  • OLBA Player Development Camps are designed to improve player skill and knowledge in the game in order to compete with success in tournaments, district and provincial play.
  • The New OLBA Coaching Coaches Camps are designed to give our existing Volunteers & Coaches additional skills and knowledge to assist them in retaining club members longer than just the first year or two.
  • The OLBA High-Performance Camp is designed for those players wishing to reach the pinnacle of the sport and are willing to plan and follow a yearlong program to achieve this goal.

With 13 Clinics already arranged and more to come - we expect that members will find a date and location convenient to them.

Please click to our website for dates, places, contacts and registration forms.



2020 Conditions of Play coming soon

The Competitions Committee is putting on the finishing touches for the 2020 CoP.  Many exciting changes are on the way including the following highlights:

  • Pairs and Singles will now be Open (no District qualifiers)
  • A new Novice event - Combo Fours - is coming
  • Regular Triples (3 bowls) is returning as a Provincial only event 



Check out the Canadian Bowler Blog interview with Ryan Bester

Full Episode Below


Safe Sport resources posted to

“Safe Sport” is the banner used by sports and governmental agencies internationally to denote significant reforms designed to address these issues. The Governments of Canada and Ontario have already implemented massive reforms at the national and provincial level as part of the Ontario Amateur Sport Fund compliance requirements for accredited provincial sports organizations. We can expect this trend to continue and for other sports organizations at all levels to be held to higher standards of accountability. Ontario lawn bowling will be no exception.

The following policies and guides have been posted to to help to explain Safe Sport in a lawn bowling context and to aid clubs and members towards implementation.

Do your background check either with your local police or online with Sterling Backcheck.


Jim Law to Enter Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame

From Walter Gowing's column in the Cambridge Times. It is announced that a lawn bowler will be entering the Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame this year."Cambridge has been a lawn-bowling centre for more than 100 years and James Campbell Law will represent that sport in the hall.When it comes to placing the ball in the right spot you can look to Law, who was born in Galt. He started his lawn-bowling career at age eight at the George Street Lawn Bowling Club.

He went on to win local, Ontario, Canadian and U.S. national championships. He has been inducted into the Waterloo County Hall of Fame."My records show that in 1956 and again in 1958 he won the Provincial Fours playing out of the George Street clubHe won the Ontario Singles in 1961 playing out of the Galt Sportsmans Club.1970, 1971 & 1974 won the Provincial Fours winning the National title in 1970.1972 won the Ontario and Canadian Pairs titles, again out of the Sportsmans Club.1977 & 1979 Provincial Fours Champions out of Waterloo, taking the Canadian title at 1977 appearance.

In 1983 playing out of Rockway he again was on the winning Provincial and National Championship Fours team.Jim was inducted into the OLBA Hall of FameJim Law was one of the most prolific winners in Ontario lawn bowling history. His career of district championships spanned from 1956 through to 1991His Ontario Hall of Fame credentials include 33 District 7 titles, 10 Ontario Championships and 4 Canadian Championships. His dominance in Fours was outstanding, accounting for 21 districts, 8 Ontario and 3 National Titles.

Jim was a mentor for both Bill Boettger and George Boxwell as they moved up the competitive ranks of bowls. Jim also was very forthcoming to anyone who wished to learn the strategy of the game which, at the time, was considered very generous. Jim also established the Galt Sportsman L.B

Due to a combination of 173 qualifying points and being one of the great skips of his period, the OLBA was proud to induct Jim Law as a Legacy Player into the OLBA Hall of Fame Class of 2018.


New online registration available for OLBA Open Fours, Pairs and Singles

Register directly without having to download and mail a paper form.  Click your desired format.

FoursJune 13-15 in Oshawa

Pairs:    June 27-29 in Leaside (W) and Agincourt (M)

Singles: July 11-13 in Glenridge (W) and Heritage (M)

Note that the tournaments will extend to Monday if needed depending on number of entries.




OLBA Find a tournament Spreadsheet

By using our new automated spreadsheet you can view all of the tournaments that will occur across Ontario.

  • You can find tournaments in your district or any other district.
  • You can find tournaments at a specific club.
  • You can find tournaments on a specific date.
  • You can find tournaments by format such as Novice (Nv) or Youth (Yth)

The spreadsheet can be accessed by clicking here.

​Before working with the spreadsheet take a look at this video for helpful instructions .


Women on Boards Webinar Registration

Learn how to create an inclusive board culture, the value of adding women to your board and strategies to recruit more women by attending this FREE organization-focused webinar. Applicable to national, provincial and club board members.

Three webinars will be offered. Click to register.

-> Monday March 2nd 6:30pm

-> Friday March 6 at noon

-> Monday March 9 at 2pm




As of February 14, twelve clubs have been approved for New Horizons Grants in Ontario. No club has been turned down.


The OLBA is hiring an Executive Director

Applications must be received by March 12, 2020. Interested candidates are asked to forward a resume and cover letter detailing their qualifications for the position by email to:

Please include Executive Director in the subject line.

The post is listed as Toronto but the Executive Director can work from anywhere in Ontario from home.

Key Responsibilities:
Reporting to the President, the Executive Director is accountable for managing the dayto-day operations of the OLBA. Responsibilities include planning, developing, organizing and efficiently managing the OLBA business operations ensuring adherence to the Strategic Plan and related policies and procedures.

  • Governance: The Executive Director will provide guidance to the Board of Directors on process issues related to Organizational Governance with respect to by-laws, policies and procedures, safe sport, risk management, elections, decision making and accountability

  • Administration: The Executive Director will provide guidance and support to the Board of Directors on Administrative duties such as budget preparation, publication of the Annual, arranging meetings, taking minutes, maintaining the web site and communication with member clubs.

  • Grants and Marketing: The Executive Director will assist the Board and member clubs with grant applications and registration for funding including but not limited to the Ontario Amateur Sport Funding, Trillium and New Horizons for Seniors. Additionally, the Executive Director will research alternate methods to generate funding including development of marketing programs.

  • LTAD program:  The Executive Director will ensure compliance with the Long-Term Athletic Development program as established by Bowls Canada Boulingrin including coaching development and certification.


The successful candidate will posses the following skills:

  • Solid, hands-on, budget management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making and reporting
  • Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation
  • Knowledge of grants, fundraising strategies and donor relations unique to nonprofit sector
  • Ability to collaborate with and motivate board members and committee members and engage diverse volunteer and donor groups
  • Highly developed communications skills, verbal, written and presentation
  • Transparent and high integrity leadership skills
  • Five or more years senior non-profit management experience
  • Relevant post-secondary education
  • Strong public speaking ability
  • Proven process improvement and design automation skills

Additional information:

The position of Executive Director is a part-time position consisting of 21 hours per week. The successful candidate will be required to use their own computer, phone and office space. Expenses related to the position will be reimbursed as per OLBA policies.

The successful applicant will be required to provide a police records check in accordance with the OLBA Screening Policy




36 countries will descend on the Gold Coast for the 2020 World Bowls Championships from May 26 – June 7.

See below for selected teams:

Australia (AUS) 🇦🇺


Singles: Kelsey Cottrell
Pairs: Lynsey Clarke, Kelsey Cottrell
Triples: Ellen Ryan, Natasha Scott, Rebecca Van Asch
Fours: Ellen Ryan, Lynsey Clarke, Rebecca Van Asch, Natasha Scott


Singles: Aaron Wilson
Pairs: Corey Wedlock, Aaron Wilson
Triples: Barrie Lester, Aaron Teys, Aron Sherriff
Fours: Barrie Lester, Aaron Teys, Corey Wedlock, Aron Sherriff

Aaron Wilson

Argentina (ARG) 🇦🇷


Triples: Sara Ines Jaimez, Ana Ramos, Gabriela Villamarin
Fours: Sara Ines Jaimez, Celia Nunez, Ana Ramos, Gabriela Villamarin


Triples: Ricardo Rubinat, Jorge Barreto, Raul Pollet
Fours: Ricardo Rubinat, Rodolfo Muller, Jorge Barreto, Raul Pollet

Botswana (BOT) 🇧🇼


Singles: Lephai Modutlwa


Singles: Remmy Kebapetse
Pairs: John Gaborutwe, Remmy Kebapetse
Fours: Ajitkumar Naik, Baven Balendra, John Gaborutwe, Binesh Desai

Brunei (BRN)🇧🇳


Triples: Hajah Nafsiah Jamal, Dayang Isah Muntol, Hajah Ajijah Muntol

Canada (CAN) 🇨🇦


Singles: Kelly McKerihen
Pairs: Joanna Cooper, Jordan Kos
Triples: Jackie Foster, Leanne Chinery, Kelly McKerihen
Fours: Jackie Foster, Joanna Cooper, Jordan Kos, Leanne Chinnery


Singles: Ryan Bester
Pairs: John Bezear, Ryan Bester
Triples: Rob Law, Greg Wilson, Cameron Lefresne
Fours: Rob Law, Greg Wilson, John Bezear, Cameron Lefresne

Ryan Bester

China (CHN) 🇨🇳


Singles: Miao Xinhong
Triples: Miao Xinhong, Zheng Fang, Song Suzhen


Pairs: Mao Yongmin, Liu Guoqiang
Triples: Meng Zhaoqian, Zhang Baocheng, Ye Suiying

Cyprus (CYP) 🇨🇾


Triples: Robert Manson, Colin Hall, Scott Ferguson

England (ENG) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Singles: Katherine Rednall
Pairs: Katherine Rednall, Ellen Falkner
Triples: Sophie Tolchard, Lorraine Kuhler, Sian Honnor
Fours: Sophie Tolchard, Lorraine Kuhler, Ellen Falkner, Sian Honnor


Singles: Robert Paxton
Pairs: Nick Brett, Robert Paxton
Triples: Andrew Knapper, Jamie Walker, Sam Tolchard
Fours: Andrew Knapper, Nick Brett, Jamie Walker, Sam Tolchard


Fiji (FIJ) 🇫🇯


Singles: Litia Tikoisuva
Pairs: Losalini Tukai, Litia Tikoisuva
Triples: Elizabeth Moceiwai, Loretta Kotoisuva, Sheryl Mar
Fours: Losalini Tukai, Elizabeth Moceiwai, Loretta Kotoisuva, Sheryl Mar


Triples: Kushal Pillay, Rajnesh Prasad, Semesa Naiseruvati


France (FRA) 🇫🇷


Singles: Cindy Royet


Triples: Maxime Faury, Virgile Machado, Amaury Dumont

Guernsey (GGY)


Singles: Lucy Beere
Pairs: Rose Ogier, Lucy Beere
Triples: Jackie Nicolle, Gemma Lewin, Lyn Small
Fours: Rose Ogier, Jackie Nicolle, Gemma Lewin, Lyn Small


Pairs: Matt Solway, Matt Le Ber

Hong Kong China (HKG) 🇭🇰


Singles: Helen Cheung
Pairs: Cheryl Chan, Angel So
Triples: Shirley Ko, Phyllis Wong, Helen Cheung
Fours: Cheryl Chan, Shirley Ko, Phillis Wong, Angel So


Singles: Tony Cheung
Pairs: Lyndon Sham, Tony Cheung
Triples: Imen Tang, James Po, Kaho Lee
Fours: Imen Tang, Lyndon Sham, James Po, Kaho Lee

India (IND) 🇮🇳


Singles: Tania Choudhury
Pairs: Nayanmoni Saikia, Bangita Hazarika
Triples: Sarita Tirkey, Tania Choudhury , Rupa Rani Tirkey
Fours: Sarita Tirkey, Bangita Hazarika, Nayanmoni Saikia, Rupa Rani Tirkey


Singles: Mridul Borgohain
Pairs: Ananda Kumar Narzary, Mridul Borgohain
Triples: Sunil Bahadur, Navneet Sing, Dinesh Kumar
Fours: Ananda Kumar Narzary, Naveneet Singh, Sunil Bahadur, Dinesh Kumar

Ireland (IRL)


Singles: Catherine Beattie
Pairs: Ashleigh Rainey, Sarah Kelly
Triples: Megan Devlin, Catherine Beattie, Shauna O’Neill
Fours: Megan Devlin, Ashleigh Rainey, Sarah Kelly, Shauna O’Neill


Singles: Gary Kelly
Pairs: Mark Wilson, Martin McHugh
Triples: Aaron Tennant, Ian McClure, Gary Kelly
Fours: Aaron Tennant, Mark Wilson, Ian McClure, Martin McHugh


Isle of Man (IOM)


Pairs: Clive McGreal, Mark McGreal

Israel (ISR) 🇮🇱


Singles: Ruti Gilor
Pairs: Ruti Gilor, Tami Kamzel
Fours: Amalya Levy, Irit Grencel, Edna Zomberg, Tami Kamzel


Singles: Tzvika Hadar
Triples: Tzvika Hadar, Danny Slodowik, Allan Saitowitz
Fours: Daniel Alonim, Selwyn Hare, Danny Slodowik, Allan Saitowitz

Japan (JPN) 🇯🇵


Singles: Keiko Kurohara
Fours: Yoko Goda. Yukie Koyama, Midori Matsuoka, Hiroko Emura


Triples: Hirokazu Mori, Hisaharu Satoh, Kenta Treacher Hasebe
Fours: Tomoyuki Tamachi, Hisaharu Satoh, Jun Koyama, Kenta Treacher Hasebe

Jersey (JEY)


Pairs: Rachel Macdonald, Fiona Archibald
Fours: Jean Holmes, Ethel Southern, Lorraine Bowman, Fiona Archibald


Singles: Ross Davis
Pairs: Derek Boswell, Ross Davis
Triples: Greg Davis, Scott Baxter, Malcolm De Sousa
Fours: Derek Boswell, Scott Baxter, Greg Davis, Malcolm De Sousa

Malaysia (MAS) 🇲🇾


Singles: Siti Zalina Ahmad
Pairs: Nurul Alyani Jamil, Emma Firyana Saroji
Triples: Syafiqa Haidar Afif Abdul Rahma, Azlina Arshad, Siti Zalina Ahmad
Fours: Nurul Alyani Jamil, Syafiqa Haidar Afif Abdul Rahma, Azlina Arshad, Emma Firyana Saroji


Singles: Fairul Izwan Abd Muin
Pairs: Zulhilmie Redzuan, Fairul Izwan Abd Muin
Triples: Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple, Mohammed Fairus Abd Jabel, Mohammed Syamil Syazwan Ramli
Fours: Izzat Shameer Dzulkeple, Mohammed Fairus Abd Jabel, Zulhilmie Redzuan, Mohammed Syamil Syazwan Ramli

Malta (MLT) 🇲🇹


Pairs: Rebecca Rixon, Connie Rixon
Triples: Irene Attard, Rosemary Rixon, Tahlia Camilleri
Fours: Tahlia Camilleri, Rosemary Rixon, Rebecca Rixon, Connie Rixon


Singles: Brendan Aquilina
Pairs: Mark Malogorski, Brendan Aquilina
Triples: Peter Ellul, Troy Lorimer, Shaun Parnis
Fours: Peter Ellul, Troy Lorimer, Mark Malogorski, Shaun Parnis


Namibia (NAM) 🇳🇦


Singles: Bianca Lewis
Pairs: Amanda Steenkamp, Anjuleen Viljoen
Triples: Elzaan De Vries, Bianca Lewis, Diana Viljoen
Fours: Elzaan De Vries, Amanda Steenkamp, Anjuleen Vijoen, Diana Viljoen


Singles: Carbous Oliver
Pairs: JP Fouche, Cabous Oliver
Triples: Schalk Van Wyk, Steven Peake, Johan Jacobs
Fours: JP Fouche, Schalk Van Wyk, Steven Peake, Johan Jacobs

Netherlands (NED) 🇳🇱


Singles: Saskia Schaft
Pairs: Ineke Nagtegaal, Norma Duin
Triples: Betty Schiltman, Elly Dollieslager, Saskia Schaft

New Zealand (NZL) 🇳🇿


Singles: Jo Edwards MNZM
Pairs: Tayla Bruce, Jo Edwards MNZM
Triples: Debbie White, Val Smith, Katelyn Inch
Fours: Tayla Bruce, Debbie White, Val Smith, Katelyn Inch


Singles: Shannon McIlroy
Pairs: Shannon McIlroy, Gary Lawson
Triples: Andrew Kelly, Mike Kernaghan, Ali Forsyth
Fours: Andrew Kelly, Mike Kernaghan, Gary Lawson, Ali Forsyth

Jo Edwards

Norfolk Island (NFK)


Singles: Carmen Anderson OAM
Pairs: Shae Wilson, Christine Jones
Triples: Tracey Wora, Maycee Deszecsar, Carmen Anderson OAM
Fours: Tracey Wora, Maycee Deszecsar, Shae Wilson, Christine Jones


Pairs: Haydn Evans, Ryan Dixon
Fours: Michael Godfrey, Gary Bigg, Haydn Evans, Ryan Dixon


Niue (NIU) 🇳🇺


Singles: Frederrick Tafatu

Papua New Guinea (PNG) 🇵🇬


Pairs: Piwen Karkar, Catherine Wimp


Singles: Joe Morgan
Pairs: Joe Morgan, Matu Bazo
Triples: Kenneth Ikirima, Gabriel Simeon, Fred Koesan
Fours: Kenneth Ikirima, Gabriel Simeon, Matu Bazo, Fred Koesan

Philippines (PHL) 🇵🇭


Pairs: Hazel Jagonoy, Rosita Bradborn
Triples: Marisa Baronda, Ronalyn Greenlees, Ainie Knight
Fours: Hazel Jagonoy, Ronalyn Greenlees, Ainie Knight, Rosita Bradborn


Singles: Chirstopher Dagpin
Pairs: Rodel Labayo, Leoncio Carreon Jr.
Triples: Hommer Mercado, Christopher Dagpin, Ronald Lising
Fours: Hommer Mercado, Rodel Labayo, Leoncion Carreon Jr., Ronald Lising


Samoa (SAM) 🇼🇸


Singles: Solomona Faamaoni

Scotland (SCO)


Singles: Dee Hoggan
Pairs: Kay Moran, Stacey McDougall
Triples: Dee Hogan, Claire Anderson, Lauren Baillie-Whyte
Fours: Kay Moran, Claire Anderson, Stacey McDougall, Lauren Baillie-Whyte


Singles: Darren Burnett
Pairs: Paul Foster MBE, Alex Marshall MBE
Triples: Ronnie Duncan, Derek Oliver, Darren Burnett
Fours: Ronnie Duncan, Derek Oliver, Paul Foster MBE, Alex Marshall MBE

Darren Burnett

Singapore (SGP) 🇸🇬


Singles: Tammy Tham Mee Kim
Pairs: Tammy Tham Mee Kim, Shermeen Lim Xin Yi
Fours: Josephine Lim Poh Tin, May Lee Beng Hua, Amira Goh Quee Kee, Shermeen Lim Xin Yi

South Africa (RSA) 🇿🇦


Singles: Colleen Piketh
Pairs: Nici Neal, Colleen Piketh
Triples: Bridgett Calitz, Esme Kruger, Anneke Snyman
Fours: Bridgett Calitz, Nici Neal, Esme Kruger, Anneke Snyman

Zimbabwe (ZIM)Men:

Singles: Jason Evans
Pairs: Wayne Rittmuller, Jason Evans
Triples: Prince Nelounde, Charles Mathewson, Pierre Breitenbach
Fours: Prince Nelounde, Wayne Rittmuller, Charles Mathewson, Pierre Breitenbach

Spain (ESP) 🇪🇸


Singles: Thomas Rodgers

Thailand (THA) 🇹🇭


Singles: Kannika Limwanich
Pairs: Kannika Limwanich, Patsorn Bryant
Triples: Chamaiporn Kotchawong, Palita Gangur, Nannapat Tomak
Fours: Chamaiporn Kotchawong, Nannapat Tomak, Palita Gangur, Patsorn Bryant


Singles: Uthen Ontong
Pairs: Woramet Singkeaw, Uthen Ontong
Fours: Woramet Singkeaw, Sonthi Manakitpaiboon, Wattana Kadkhunthod, Thanakrit Thammasarn

United States (USA) 🇺🇸


Triples: Candace Defazio, Janice Bell, Anne Nunes


Singles: Charlie Herbert
Pairs: Bob Schneider, Charlie Herbert
Triples: Loren Dion, James Flower, Neil Furman
Fours: Loren Dion, Bob Schneider, James Flower, Neil Furman

Wales (WAL)


Singles: Laura Daniels
Pairs: Sara Marie Nicholls, Caroline Taylor
Triples: Laura Daniels, Ysie White, Anwen Buten
Fours: Sara Marie Nicholls, Caroline Taylor, Ysie White, Anwen Buten


Singles: Daniel Salmon
Pairs: Daniel Salmon, Jonathon Tomlinson
Triples: Ross Owen, Chris Klefenz, Stephen Harris
Fours: Ross Owen, Chris Klefenz, Stephen Harris, Jonathon Tomlinson

Zimbabwe (ZIM) 🇿🇼


Singles: Caryn Sinclair
Pairs: Caryn Sinclair, Melanie James
Triples: Allyson Dale, Heather Singleton, Kerry Craven
Fours: Allyson Dale, Melanie James, Heather Singleton, Kerry Craven


Singles: Aaron Chilundo
Pairs: Myles Hopper, Thomas Craven
Fours: Loionel Coventry, Myles Hopper, Clive Robertson, Thomas Craven


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