March 4th, 2019

Theme - Stickers
Simple crafts, a recipe for homemade stickers, games, and loads of activities that will keep little fingers busy!

Educatall Club
A picture game, word flashcards, an adhesive scene, activity sheets, and of course…stickers galore!

Colorful caterpillar
The ideal press and stick activity for toddlers!

Family photo quilt
Grab your glue sticks and family photos!

My mosaic
A craft that recycles popped balloons.

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Creative discoveries

Arts & crafts for the tiniest fingers…

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Stick and remove

Simple sticker activities for younger children.

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It melts
Help children understand why the snow is melting away.

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A blindfolded experiment that may yield surprising results.

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Homemade stickers
Discover how to turn magazine cutouts into stickers!

Soap crayons
Clean coloring fun!

Shiny gel paint
A different way to add a touch of glitter to children’s artwork.

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10 things to do with envelopes

Create games and crafts with these office basics.

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Big tools for little kids

Why not introduce children to dictionaries?

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Create a simple lacing activity

Use kitchen staples to entertain children of all ages.

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