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Atlantic Canada | April 2021

Last Call for Voting

Show your support for Resolutions submitted to Lactanet by voting BEFORE Thursday April 29, 2021. All licensed Canadian dairy farmers have the opportunity to submit one vote per dairy farm for each Resolution posted and results will be posted on April 30, 2021. 

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Strategic Guide to Feeding Diets Without Palm Oil Derivatives

In an effort to address consumer concerns, and reinforce public trust towards dairy producers and dairy products, the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) have asked producers to replace palm oil derivatives in dairy cattle diets with alternative solutions. Since every farm is unique, there are diverse reasons for the use of these products that will also necessitate diverse strategies. In consequence, producers will need to identify the right alternative to meet the precise needs of their dairy operation.

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Update on the Use of Silage Inoculants

With such a wide array of silage inoculants on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Thankfully, several solid studies have recently been published about these products and their effects. Here is a summary of the most recent scientific information on the subject.


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DairyTrace...one single system with many advantages

Have you activated your DairyTrace account? Do you know how to report animal traceability events? We have easy step-by-step VIDEO instructions on how to activate your DairyTrace account, access the portal, and report animal traceability events on-line.

This video is for dairy producers and other affiliates that live outside the province of Quebec.



Top 1% herds: What sets them apart from the rest?

Every year, Lactanet publishes the top herds according to the Herd Management Score/Herd Performance Index. The herds that are designated as the Top 1% of Canadian producers are part of an elite list, a reflection of their unrelenting hard work. 

So how do they make it to the top of the national herd rankings?

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There is Definite Interest for Selective Dry Cow Therapy!

Lactanet and Mastitis Network have joined forces to encourage the judicious use of antibiotics during the dry-off period.

It is in this context that webinars for veterinarians were held at the beginning of the year. These were followed a few weeks later by webinars for producers all across Canada.
If you have missed them, don't worry. Now's your chance to learn all you need to know about sDCT. These webinars are now available online, anytime!

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A Cow’s Circadian Rhythm

Cows have both a circadian rhythm and a seasonal rhythm. In general, the circadian rhythm is a biological process that is defined over a 24-hour period and that alternate between awaken and sleeping phases.

The daily circadian cycles control several physiological functions but how can they affect milk production?

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A New Era for Production Efficiencyghfghfhfhfhfhfhf

On April 6th, Lactanet launched the nations first Genetic Evaluation for Feed Efficiency (FE). In fact, we are one of the first organizations globally to be able to deliver this information to the doorsteps of Canadian dairy farmers.

Haven’t yet had the chance to visit our April proofs? Discover this new trait and see how some animals are more efficient at converting feed in the bunk to milk in the tank.

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Lactanet Genetics: 2021 Calendar

June 10th - Lactanet VIRTUAL Open Industry Session, 12:30-3:00 pm (EST) with open discussion until 4:00 pm. Registration will be available soon.

August 10 - Lactanet Genetic Evaluation Release

October 14th & 15th - Lactanet VIRTUAL Open Industry Sessions - 12:30-3:00 pm (EST) with open discussion until 4:00 pm.

December 7 - Lactanet Genetic Evaluation Release



Available soon: A new dynamic dashboard for informed decision making 

Herd management involves making decisions in the heat of the moment, every day. Although managers often rely on their intuition, the best decisions are the ones based on data. Lactanet’s new dynamic dashboard is designed for easy access and interpretation of this herd management data.

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