February 15, 2021


Theme - Sledding
A whole lot of winter fun is packed into our circle time ideas, crafts, games, outdoor activities, arts & crafts, and more!

Educatall Club
Slide through cold winter days with our stickers, activity sheets, coloring pages, counting games, puppets, and other documents.


Decorative skate
Children will love lacing up their paper bag ice skate.

Original manipulations for color and letter exploration
Teach children their ABCs with pipe cleaners, glitter, and modeling dough!

Original ways to explore Scratch Art
Watching colors appear like magic with every “scratch” is so much fun!

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My snowman
Discover ways you can explore these cool winter characters with younger children.

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Things that fall
Explore cause and effect using readily available items.

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The rocket
An out-of-this-world introduction to science.

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The sky in a glass
Children can make hypotheses as to why the sky is blue before completing this experiment.

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Dye for rice and pasta
A great way to create colorful sensory bins for your group!

Magic paint
Make your next treasure hunt extra special with this preparation.

Moisturizing modeling dough
Prepare this fun to manipulate dough and soothe dry little hands this winter!

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5 games you can hang from the ceiling

Get active indoors with these games on cold winter days.

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Savasana pose

Even the youngest yogis can master this pose…and reap its benefits!

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Creating activities in just a few steps

Our 5-step guide to endless activity ideas!

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