October 2 Engagement Event Gathers Valuable Feedback

A public open house was held at the Frances Morrison Central Library on October 2, 2019. The public was invited to view the list of topics that have been identified to be included in the Project and provide feedback. The Open House was also an opportunity to discuss the Project with the Project Team as well as other community members.

Information about related projects was also presented at the Open House, including the Development Fee Review, the Official Community Plan Redesign, the Corridor Planning Program, and the Development Permit / Building Permit Process Review.

The event was attended by 46 participants. Participants included developers and builders, planners, architects and designers, business associations, businesses, and members of the public.

Some of the feedback gathered at the event included comments on:

  • Accessibility of the Zoning Bylaw (creating a digital version)
  • Parking regulations
  • Secondary Suites
  • Setbacks
  • Landscaping
  • Promotion of best practices and current trends
  • Residential infill
  • Uses in FUD district
  • A performance/outcome based approach to zoning

Other comments included items not directly affected by the Zoning Bylaw Review (including the Downtown Arena, Saskatoon Freeway) and these were forwarded to the appropriate areas within the City.


If you didn't have a chance to attend the event but would like to view the materials and offer feedback, you can find them all on the City of Saskatoon's Zoning Bylaw Review Engage page.

Zoning Bylaw Review Engage

Next Steps

Information Reports on the Zoning Bylaw Review will be presented to the Municipal Planning Commission on October 29th and the Planning, Development and Community Services committee on November 5th.

Information and feedback gathered over the last few months of meetings and engagement activities will now start to be developed into more concrete ammendments and housekeeping items for the revised Zoning Bylaw. Continuous feedback from our stakeholders is encouraged.

Want more information or would like to give us some feedback? Please send the project team an email!

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