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According to Transport Canada, nearly 30 percent of fatal accidents are due to a loss of control during take-off or landing. And often they are experienced pilots. How to explain that? You better understand what is happening because it could happen to you!

Aviateurs.Québec will publish a feature article on this topic as part of its program to promote aviation safety that was launched following the many accidents that occurred this year.

Take a look at this video taken in Oshkosh this year.

It is clear that the pilot is late in the final and his approach is not stabilized. He seems to have a steep descent angle and he is not aligned for the final and decides to make a 45 ° turn to what can be seen. At the same time, he seems to pull on the stick to correct his rate of descent which decreases his speed. He is probably at stall speed. We see the nose sting. It achieves it in time by putting the gas in recovery. He came close to it.

This is the classic example of the pilot whose approach is not stabilized, who is preoccupied and stressed and who tries to correct. Several accidents occur during a turn at a high angle during the turn in the final. The pilot realizes that he is not aligned and tries to correct by a sharp turn at 45 ° or even 60 ° while raising the nose to keep his altitude. The result: the speed decreases and the plane picks up. At this altitude, it is unlikely to recover.

What happens to your stall speed during a turn? At 45 °, the stall speed will be 20% higher than that in level and at 60 ° it will be 41% higher.

So, for example a Cessna 172R stalling at a stall speed (Vs) of 51 knots (POH) will land at 72 knots on a 60 ° turn. The recommended approach speed is 65-75 knots. The pilot who is used to making his approaches to 70 knots and who decides to make a turn at 60 ° while straightening the nose is likely to win. This has happened to many.

The moral is that if your approach is not stabilized and you are not aligned in advance in the final go straight. The habit should be that when we feel discomfort with our approach we should simply go back on the gas and come back. We will not tell anyone!


THE MOST IMPORTANT IN A SITUATION OF EMERGENCY is TO SURVIVE! ... Then, it's to be LOCATED QUICKLY! As you know, no matter where you take off, it's a matter of flying 10 to 20 minutes to be above inhospitable regions. In Quebec, even if it is successful, a forced landing in the forest can become an extreme survival test for any pilot. The importance of being located quickly will make the difference between life and death.

Redundancy of instruments is a basic principle in aviation. We believe it should be the same for the distress beacon. The ELT 121.5 is making way for the 406 and soon other options will be available but what about redundancy?

Several technologies using satellite networks already exist. These technologies are portable and improve from year to year. Technology now makes it possible to stay in touch via text messaging at very reasonable costs when compared to the costs of using satellite phones.


For all these reasons, we have asked the two major suppliers in this technology segment to submit an offer to AVIATEURS.QUÉBEC members. We received a detailed offer from David Milord at GLOBALSTAR CANADA. This covers the entire SPOT range including the new generation SPOT X (Bluetooth) pre-order that will allow texting via your smartphone. We are waiting for an offer for  Garmin equipment we will communicate it to you as soon as it is available. 

Here are the discounts offered by Globalstar Canada

For more details or to order, contact:

David Milord ( dmilord@globalstar.ca)

Regional Sales Manager, Quebec & Atlantic Canada

Director of Distribution, Quebec and Atlantic Provinces

1353 Régis-Phaneuf | Beloeil, Quebec J3G 0P9

(Off / Bur.) 1-905-712-6653 ( CELL) 1-514-924-4404

It's time to implement redundancy for your emergency tag!

These offers are valid until September 4th.

The price of the devices is in Canadian dollars.

The SPOT subscription is billed in US dollars.


Regular: $ 129.99

Aviateurs.Québec Price: $ 98.99

+ 50% discount on postal discount and 50% discount on the  first year of subscription.

Use summer code50trace

Net price after rebate: $ 49.50

Spot Trace Package

( September 4th promo 50% off)

$ 99.99 the first year with tracking at 5 min.

+ $ 24.99 for tracking at 2.5 minutes


Regular: $ 189.99

Aviateurs.Québec Price: $ 129.99

+ September 4th promo: 50% mail-in rebate  and 50% rebate on the first year of subscription.

Use summer code50

Net price after rebate: $ 64.99

Gen3 package

(September 4th promo 50% off)

$ 99.99 the first year with tracking at 5 min

+ $ 49.99 for tracking at 2.5 minutes


Regular: $ 349.99

Aviateurs.Québec Price: $ 199.99

+ promo 2 months free of charge if activated on an annual pass.


Spot X Bluetooth (Pre-sale, available this fall, is identical to Spot X)

Regular: $ 349.99

Aviateurs.Québec Price: $ 299.99

Annual Spot X package (with free 2-month promotion valid until 4 th September)

One-time activation fee of 19.99 US

Base: US $ 119.50 for the first year includes 240 text messages for the year with tracking at 10.30.60 minutes

Advanced: US $ 199.50 for the first year included 1200 text messages for the year with  tracking at 5,10,30,60 minutes

Unlimited: $ 299.50 for the first year unlimited text messages with  2.5.5,10,30,60 minutes tracking

For Spot X, a tiff Flex is available the 2nd year if a member has benefited from the annual promotion with 2 months free of charge.

Flex package available soon for Gen3 and Trace (minimum 1 month per year) - in US dollars

Not eligible for the 50% discount rebate and 50% off the first year. Can be used during renewal for members who have taken the annual subscription.

$ 24.99 per year per device (1 month minimum)

Gen3 $ 14.95 per month + $ 6.25 for extreme tracking at 2.5 minutes

Trace $ 12.50 per month + $ 6.25 for extreme tracking at 2.5 minutes


The Western Festival of Sainte-Tite will be held from 4 to 17 September. For the occasion, Nav Canada issued a supplement to the AIP related to the Restricted Area (CYR) and a temporary MF.

In the image, the area circled in orange is the MF area (3NM radius, surface area (SFC) at 3500ft ASL, at 122.7MHz).

The area encircled in red is the no-fly zone (0.75NM radius, from the SFC to 1500 ASL).

To consult this supplement, click HERE


This year's RVA at CTQ2 will take place on Saturday, September 7th starting at 9am. The long-term weather looks good. Of course, by flying, everyone assumes their own risks. Last year, 60 aircraft and an overflight of the New York area were recorded. Thank you all.

The food consists of fresh sweet corn and other vegetables from our organic gardens and orchards that you can enjoy and a Beefalo burger for $ 20 as a gift. We could use volunteers to help with the movement and parking of planes.

At other times, you are always welcome to come down to pick up delicious ripe products in our self-service garden and orchard, not far from the track. There is a small building next to the garden / orchard door with a scale, a price chart and a piggy bank. For example, the $ 100 burger could be replaced by the $ 100 "carrot" or "pear" when you and your family go flying and picking.



The annual rendezvous at Casey is fast approaching.

For more information, follow the Facebook page of the event .


The FBO at La Tuque Airport also offers $ 0.03 / l discount to members of Aviateurs.Québec.

A reminder that our members benefit from gas discounts at many other airports in Quebec.

For a list of these airports, visit our website.



Lake St-Jean otherwise!

Congratulations to Carole-Ann Voisine for the winning photo of June, photo sent by France Voisine!

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Contribution by Jean-Pierre Bonin


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