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Atlantic Canada | July 2021



Are you ready for September 1st?

As September approaches, validating dairy animal traceability will be on the forefront of proAction. If you reside outside of Quebec and you haven't yet activated your DairyTrace account, get started and click the link below: 

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For those that have DairyComp herd management software, we can't help but mention the ease of traceability right at your finger tips.

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A Peak in Robot Concentrate Costs

The 105 Holstein robot farms that participated in our "Mastering Feed Costs" workshops in the winter of 2021 provided a snapshot of their margin over feed costs in January and February of 2021.

See their results and help better define your feed cost objectives:

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Fifteen Days: Take Them or Leave Them

For the P5 producers, the negative tolerance days should be seen as an opportunity to recuperate the kilos of fat from those days.

See how you can prepare for the new tolerance day regulation that is coming in the summer of 2022.

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How to Promote de novo Fatty Acid Production?

It is mainly the de novo fatty acids, which are synthesized from rumen fermentation precursors, that reflect rumen health and increase with milk fat.

From July to December 2020, we carried out a study on 102 dairy farms in Québec. The goal was to identify the management practices that promote the production of de novo fatty acids.

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Artificial Insemination (A.I.) Market Share Update

On July 15th, updated A.I. national and provincial market share data was published onto Lactanet's website.

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Look for the results of the next Genetic Evaluations to be released on August 10th.



Isabelle Morin, D.M.V., Cert. LAM, Dairy Heard Health Coordinator at Lactanet

Key Elements to Consider to Improve Milk Quality* 

  1. Washing performance must meet or exceed standards set by equipment manufacturers. Hot water is an absolute must and cleaning products must be suited to the type of equipment and potable water supply used on the farm.
  2. Milk must be cooled as quickly as possible after milking – it’s the secret to success.
  3. Cleanliness of cows, milking equipment, milking parlour, etc.
  4. Mammary health status in the herd must be assessed with the help of your veterinarian to clarify the situation and develop an action plan that will enable you to attain your goals.

*Quoted from : Le Producteur de Lait Québécois Magazine - Are These Targets Within your Reach?



July Challenge: Have you recorded your harvest info? 📅✏️

When you take the time to stop and evaluate your 2021 season, you will congratulate yourself for recording important information about your harvest (i.e. number of bales, boxes, inventories/silo as of xxxx, etc.).

This month, text your harvest information to your advisor, record the data in your cell phone or jot it down in a log book - all techniques are good. What will be yours?

Need help calculating your crop yields? Our advisors are there to help you!