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  • TSB investigation report A19Q0153: Loss of control and collision with terrain at night.
  • TSB investigation report A19Q0109 : Main rotor blade failure in flight.
  • Recency training session for ultralight owners and pilots, April 20, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom
  • Transport Canada: new documentation available online.
  • News from Hydravion Aventure - one of our corporate members.
  • Saint-Jean-Chrysostome Airport (CSG5) is waiting for you.
  • Annual General Meeting: April 10, 2021 via Zoom videoconference.
  • The short story of Gray Rocks Airport (CSZ3).
  • Survey: University of Alberta.
  • Foreflight training available to members of Aviateurs.Québec.
  • Your virtual library, updated March 31, 2021.
  • Photo competition 2020-21.

TSB investigation report A19Q0153: Loss of control and collision with terrain at night.

At 2103 Eastern Daylight Time on 04 September 2019, the Cargair Ltd. Cessna 172M aircraft (registration C-GSEN, serial number 17264779) departed Montréal International (Mirabel) Airport, Quebec, for a night visual flight rules flight to Sherbrooke Airport, Quebec, and back. The pilot was alone on board. At 2147, when the aircraft was approximately 19 nautical miles northwest of Sherbrooke Airport, it encountered instrument meteorological conditions and disappeared from radar. The wreckage was found on 07 September 2019 in a heavily wooded area near Racine, Quebec. The aircraft had struck trees and had been destroyed by impact forces. The pilot received fatal injuries on impact. There was no post-impact fire. No signal was detected from the emergency locator transmitter.

For a copy of the TSB report, click HERE

Photo: Sûreté du Québec

TSB investigation report A19Q0109 : Main rotor blade failure in flight.

On 10 July 2019, a privately registered Robinson R44 helicopter (registration C-FJLH, serial number 2044) was conducting a day visual flight rules flight from Lac de la Bidière, Quebec, to Sainte-Sophie, Quebec, with 1 pilot and 1 passenger on board. The aircraft never arrived at its destination. It was reported missing at 1158 Eastern Daylight Time the following day to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Trenton, Ontario, which began the search. No emergency locator transmitter signal was detected.

The Canadian Armed Forces launched an air search with the assistance of several aircraft, including Sûreté du Québec and Canadian Coast Guard aircraft, and volunteer air search and rescue organizations in Quebec and Ontario. A ground and water search was also undertaken. The aircraft was found on 25 July, 14 days after it was reported missing, in a wooded area near Lac Valtrie, Quebec. The occupants were found dead. There was no fire. The aircraft was destroyed.

For a copy of the TSB report, click HERE

Photo: TSB

Recency training session for ultralight owners and pilots, April 20, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom

Aviateurs.Québec is pleased to announce that in collaboration with Claude Roy, we will be offering a training session for owners and pilots of ultralight aircraft on April 20 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. This training will qualify for the purpose of updating knowledge (RAC 401.05).

Claude Roy is the sole owner and operator of the company Challenge Aviation which began its activities in 1997. He has flown ultralights since 1984, holds an ultralight instructor diploma since 1985, has more than 35 years and more than 6,500 hours of training. flying experience in the field of ultralights. Claude is also an Authorized Agent of Transport Canada and a Radio License Examiner.

The main object of the training will be to prepare the participants for the flight season after this long winter break and the COVID 19 pandemic.

Aviators. Quebec, as a relief in these times of pandemic, continues in its recent tradition of graciously offering this training to all (members and non-members). As the number of participants is limited by our Zoom package, priority will be given to members of Aviateurs.Québec - if necessary.

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Transport Canada: new documentation available online.

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News from Hydravion Aventure - one of our corporate members.



Saint-Jean-Chrysostome Airport (GSG5) is waiting for you.

As some know, the paratroopers left St-Jean-Chrysostome Airport for two years now. We recently made the decision to restore the airport to its vocation of serving general aviation first and foremost.

To do this, we have put in place a facility redevelopment plan that will provide quality and affordable services for airmen and women.
Our development plan includes, among other things, the plan to open the runways 12 months a year, to offer more flexible refueling services, to restart catering and camping facilities as well as to organize aeronautical events.

We offer quality, affordable indoor and outdoor parking spaces. We want to create a place where aviators and the public can share their passion in a welcoming and warm atmosphere.
I invite you to follow our Facebook page and come visit us on site.

Dominique briand

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Annual General Meeting: April 10, 2021 via videoconference

A reminder that the Annual General Meeting of Aviateurs.Québec will be held on April 10, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. via Zoom videoconference.

Open to members in good standing only. 

If you haven't already done so, you can register by clicking HERE

The history of Gray Rocks airport, now known as Mont-Tremblant airport (CSZ3)

Planes serving the hotel industry

George Wheeler's eldest son, Tom, learned to fly in the United States Air Force. The progress of aviation was such that once the world war was over, he saw the immense potential of air transport. As early as 1919, back in Saint-Jovite, Tom considered acquiring planes to serve the hotel and especially remote hunting and fishing grounds. In 1920, he acquired a first Curtis JN-4 aircraft for the sum of $ 700. His great friend, a demobilized war pilot, Hervé St-Martin, was hired. In 1921, Tom Wheeler officially founded “Laurentian Air Services” later known as “Gray Rocks Air Service”. In 1924, a small aerodrome was built not far from the Gray Rocks hotel. Tom Wheeler's company obtains Canada's first commercial aviation license.

More JN-4s were purchased, and Curtiss Seagull, Junkers, Travel Air and Waco aircraft were added to the growing young company's fleet. Hunting and fishing customers can now benefit from state-of-the-art service. The Gray Rocks Empire stretches as far as James Bay. Several hunting and fishing camps dot the territory and the clientele benefits from the best guides in the person of Cree Indians.

In 1946, Gray Rocks Air Service became Wheeler Airlines and new aircraft came to increase and modernize the fleet. In 1952, the transporter was awarded a major contract for aerial spraying of insecticides in New Brunswick. This contract requires a fleet of 200 aircraft leased mainly from American companies. This contract is followed by several others, notably in the Far North, Fort Chimo, Knob Lake, Baffin Island, Great Whale River, Goose Bay, Labrador and Roberval. Several small lakes are discovered and fishing adventures begin in these areas. Then come the goose hunting camps in the James Bay region.

Among the 1952 employees were pilots Charles Forbel, Dorila Théroux, Alfred Cockle, Howard Koller, Tom Watt and Paul Gagnon. The mechanics are Maurice Cyr, Eddy Austin, Roger Guay, Bert Gregson, Marcel St-Louis, Arthur Stundon and Éric Bentley. The radio operator is Bill Shaughnessy.

In 1960, the heavy division of the fleet was sold to Nordair, Tom Wheeler reserving only light transport for hunters and fishermen. Finally, in 1967, he decided to retire and sold the remainder of the operations to Power Corporation.

Contribution by Jean Schoeters
Source SOPABIC-patrimoine.org

Survey: University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is doing a survey on the habits of pilots with regard to the doctors or health specialists they consult versus what is declared because of the fear of losing their medical.

They hope to demonstrate the need to be able to consult anonymously, without the sword of Damocles. The survey is in English and completely anonymous.

We therefore invite you to take 5 minutes to complete it. Click HERE

Contribution from Sophie Dufresne, VP Member Services

Foreflight training available to Aviators.Québec members

We have grouped together a number of training courses in our Documentation Center . Among others, the following training courses are available to members of Aviateurs.Québec:

  • Foreflight - Initial configuration of the application.
  • Foreflight - Flight planning
  • Foreflight - Weight and balance
  • Foreflight - Visual approaches in Foreflight

To access these videos on demand, click HERE 

Your virtual library, updated March 31, 2021

Aviator Photo Contest. Quebec 2021

The 2021 competition has started!

We have a first winner for 2021. It is François Audette. François won one of the following prizes, a cap or a polo shirt in the colors of Aviateurs.Québec.

It's time to submit a photo or two for March!

We are currently accepting photos (aviation related, read regulations) for the January round. We currently do not have any photos in the bank.

Aviateurs.Québec members in good standing can send their photos to photos@aviateurs.quebec before March 31 at 10 p.m.

The winning photos for each month plus the photos with the most votes during the year, up to a total of 20, will be finalists.

The pricing structure

Grand annual winner: gift certificate $ 75 plus trophy
2nd and 3rd annual: gift certificate $ 25 plus trophy
Monthly winners: Cap or Polo

In order to allow everyone to have the chance to win during the year, the same person cannot be declared winner of the month more than four (4) times during the year.

For a monthly round to be held, you must have received at least five photos, from at least three different photographers. Otherwise, the photos received are entered in the following month's round. The total number of photos in the final remains at 20.

The complete contest rules can be viewed HERE

Our sale continues. We reduced our prices by 15%.
Take the opportunity to display your colors, those of Aviators.Québec

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