Happy Spring, and we hope you had a wonderful spring break! This week's edition of Educator Resources is focused on 'Expanding Narratives for Transformational Justice.'

The links below include recommended resources to continue facing facts and expanding narratives that include diverse voices to initiate applicable actions that lead to transformational justice for the betterment of All. 

Educator Resources:

  1. A project by Historica Canada, the Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide includes history and social science activities for middle and high school students to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of Canada’s history by exploring "the depth, breadth, diversity, and regional variation of experiences of Indigenous peoples in the land that is now Canada."
  2. How Students and Teachers Can Take Action for Clean Water in First Nations includes information and a water drop activity, developed by the Council of Canadians, to help create greater awareness about the lack of safe and clean water in First Nations, including what can be done for the betterment of All. 
  3. Check out Math That Matters, including "lesson plans, designed for grades 6-9, using math to teach about social justice in a way that is both accessible and powerful."

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