We survived September! Now for October’s changing leaves, fun festivities, comfort food and……slippers! As the flavours of fall flourish all around us, this month is a great time to get/stay active and earn our pumpkin spice treats, fair and square! Be sure to check out www.bowencommunityrecreation.com for vibrant activities and programs available to you!

Build Your Child’s Best Day Every Day!

In order for children aged 5 to 17 years old to live their best days, they need a combination of high physical activity, low sedentary behaviour, and uninterrupted sleep to be healthy, EVERY DAY. Participaction provides the following guidelines for Canadian children to reach their optimum health;

SWEAT! A child’s best day wouldn’t be complete without at least 60 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity.

STEP! Several hours of light physical activity, especially outdoors, will help build a best day.

SIT! Try not to spend more than 2 hours a day on a screen or sitting for long periods. Get out and be active!

SLEEP! End a best day with a night of uninterrupted sleep. AGES 5-13: need 9-11 HRS, AGES 14-17: need 8-10 HRS

Bowen Island Community Recreation can help you with the sweat, step and sit parts of building your child’s best days. Our after school programs; Dryland Training, Drama Team, Sports Super-Stars, Multimedia Magic and Fun in French have active and imaginative elements that will contribute to staying healthy. Don’t forget our Pro-D and Winter Camps coming up soon! Visit www.bowencommunityrecreation.com to sign up now!


Bowen’s Families Unplug!

The world will keep spinning! Why not make every first Saturday (or whatever day) of the month “Family Unplug Day”! We really do live in paradise, so let’s take it in! Spend 24 hours without devices, television and/or movies and see what you learn from the world around you (and your electronic habits). Keep your phone with you, but only answer it if it rings, in case of an emergency. Other than that, challenge yourself (and your loved ones) to live like it’s 1995 and see what happens – you’ve done it before, you can do it again

Active Goal Setting 

As back to school arrives and the summer ends, many of us have new goals in fitness we hope to achieve as we enter Fall.

Achieving goals requires consistency, routine and fun! Practice your fitness routines on a regular basis to create the habit of fitting fitness into your everyday. Record your activity with a calendar or planner to keep yourself accountable and track progress.

Fitness can take multiple forms, and it’s important to find one that fits for you! Walking the dog, going for a swim or playing a pick-up game of soccer are just a few examples of activities that will keep you active and having fun.

Bowen Island Community Recreation offers a number of fitness classes and drop-in sports programs throughout the week that can be incorporated into your routine and help achieve your goals this year!


Walk it out!

With Fall arriving and schedules changing, some can find it hard to find the time for fitness. But there is a low impact and free workout that you can do anywhere and see the benefits from- walking!

Walking is good for both the body and mind. Brisk walking has the same effects as running in the reduction of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Walking has also been proven to both reduce and help with the recovery of depression.

Bowen Island Community Recreation is excited to offer a 55+ walking group, the Bowen Trailblazers, running this October on Thursday mornings. This is a great opportunity to get walking, feel the benefits of movement and explore the trails of Bowen Island.


Fall Registration is OPEN!

Click below to register for some of our featured programs.

Come together, Bowen Island!

A multi – use space to call home has been a dream of residents for many years. The Community Centre will be a place for Islanders of all ages to gather, learn, celebrate, connect, be active, create, and access services. It is a place to enrich individual lives while creating social inclusion that leads to building a strong community. Here’s what you can do to make our dream of a Community Centre come true:
Donate – no amount is too small.
• Show your support! Attend and
participate in FUNdraising activities and initiatives.
• Become a Community Centre advocate.

Visit the website www.ourislandplace.com