School of Kinesiology

2022 Winter Registration

It's time to get your schedules out because the Active Kids 2022 winter registration is opening soon!

Our programs will be visible on our online calendar on November 8th and registrations for those programs open on November 22nd.

Updated Covid-19 Policies

In addition to our current Covid-19 policies, a new verbal health order dictates that any person above 5 years of age is required to wear a mask while indoors. However just as before, once their physical activity program has begun, they may take off their mask while participating.

Daylight Savings and Remembrance Day Reminder

Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour as we see the end of Daylight Savings Time on November 7th at 2am.

Additionally, there will be no class on Thursday November 11th in recognition of Remembrance Day.

The Benefits of Multisport Programs

Research has found numerous lifelong benefits associated with exposure to multisport programs as a child, some of which are outlined in this article.

Expose your child to the benefits of a multisport program by enrolling in one of our winter multisport classes here.

Vitamin and Mineral Intake in Children

Ensuring your child is getting the nutrients they need is essential to their growth. Vitamins and minerals play a large part in the growth of a child and this article may help clarify some questions you may have about giving your child vitamin and mineral supplements.

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