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Learning and Teaching Happenings and Resources for Teaching Assistants

February 2023 | Issue 1

BCCampus dimensions of wellness wheel

Caring for Oneself

February is a time to prioritize caring for yourself and your overall well-being. There are many holistic wellness supports on campus to support you and your students. The BCcampus Wellness Wheel is a great graphical representation of different wellness facets. Wellness is not one thing to one person – wellness encompasses so many aspects of life and it is important to nurture and care for yourself in the different dimensions of wellness.

Hopefully this month you can take some time for yourself to recharge and rejuvenate. Reading Break is happening February 20-24 where all classes are cancelled for the mid-term break. To help you on that track, below is some great wisdom shared by your fellow TAs and graduate students around mental health and self-care.

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February's Featured
Teaching Assistant Consultants (TAC) - Words of Wisdom

profile photo of Lyn

Iman Fadaei (He/Him)
International TAC

How did you find TAship so far? A set of tasks or something more? We might experience both, however, I prefer the later enabling us to establish deeper connections with students and help them in their path to flourishing. Deeply, I believe that it can open one up to the world of “care” in which one can go beyond the tasks and realize the moments of being-with-others.

Yes, “to care” is to get open to the world, but a world to which one’s self has a part to play as well. There is a piece by the Iranian poet, Saadi Shirazi, about a patient and his friend who sat at his bedside to take care of him and cries all night over his body. In the morning, the patient recovered, but found the friend's body cold beside the bed. Saadi, who is a true advocate of care, is just trying to remind us that taking care also includes taking care of one’s self. So, these days, if you decided to entangle TAing with “care”, do not forget to visit yourself from time to time, as well.

profile photo of Julia

Hannah Brown (they/them)
International TAC

Always remember to listen to your body about what is productive to you. If you are tired, then rest is productive for you! Taking regular time for self-care is key for maintaining yourself as a human and making your semester a smooth one. Breathe, take care, and use all the support that is available to you for your success

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