September is the “Other January”

It’s time to reflect on the passing of another Bowen summer of fun, frolicking and freedom. As September is upon us now, we have the opportunity to re-establish proper sleep schedules, make solid plans for staying active into the winter, continue to eat healthy and get organized for the winter that will soon be upon us (yikes!). It’s time to get back to those personal goals that we temporarily shelved for the summer of us – bring it on September!

That’s a Wrap!

Another active and adventurous summer at Bowen Island Community Recreation has come to a close. These endings are always bittersweet after spending months preparing for and anticipating summer camps, programs and lessons, selecting and training the exceptional staff, recruiting and scheduling the incredible youth leaders in training, working with our outstanding community partners (BICS, BCC, BISK, Cormorant Marine, Bowen bus drivers, BIM, Bowfest Volunteers, RCMP, BIVFD, TBCA, BIFC, BIGC), seeking out fun and exciting program ideas, advertising and communicating with parents. Then, after just eight short (sometimes long) weeks, it’s all over and we have one day to pack it all away. The work that goes into camp is intense but the memories and outcomes are unforgettable.

This summer, the BICR Playcare program was fortunate to have not one, but two very helpful and conscientious summer staff to help Sharon Sluggett out. Sadie Duffield and Casey Wright were thoughtful and caring with all the little people in Playcare.

Sophie Walters taught swimming lessons for the entire summer. The always popular aquafit program was co-facilitated by the dream team of Sophie and Billi Behm. Thanks to both instructors for keeping our swimming skills sharp. A few fitness classes continued at the fitness studio and BICS, thanks to all the instructors for their dedication to our health and wellness.

BICR’s summer specialty camps included the much-loved Legotown camps facilitated by Ryley McLeod and Tammy Sanhedrai. Both camps were sold out and the facilitators were once again blown away by the creativity and abilities of our young Lego builders on Bowen. Mme Devon McLeod, former BICR daycamp leader, Bowen library staff and West Vancouver teacher extraordinaire facilitated the French for preschoolers program. Lastly, the summer basketball and kindie sports camps, facilitated by Rebecca Lyne and her trusty volunteers, Greenlee and Keen Lyne, saw our island children learning new skills, gaining confidence and having fun each day.

Summer camps were a huge hit. Leader Evan Wynen returned and we had the addition of the talented former Bowen Island Yacht Club sailing camp leader, Emily Hauner. New camp leaders included Chloe MacKinnon, Teagan Hartwick and Sienna de Vries who impressed us with their kindness and enthusiasm.

Summer may be coming to a close but the memories from adventures on Bowen with old and new friends, while challenging ourselves and growing as individuals and a community will last lifetimes. We are truly fortunate to have staff, facilitators, partners and volunteers in our community who are willing to contribute to making this island a better place to live, work, play and grow up. Thanks to the parents who sign your children up for programs and let us get to know them. Lastly, many kudos to all of Bowen’s brave, talented, kind and adventurous children, you impress us and make our jobs fun and rewarding every day. Thank you to everyone for all you do.

After the Bell Goes: Importance of After-School Activities 

There is plenty of research on the valuable benefits of keeping children aged 6 – 12 engaged after the school day ends. Most importantly, studies have found that many children and youth get a large portion of their daily physical activity after school. Some studies focus on the dangers associated with not partaking in after-school activities such as increased participation in sedentary activities and high risk behaviours in addition to developing poor eating habits. Either way, there’s no doubt that after-school activities provide a significant opportunity in supporting the health and wellness of children, and thus our community.

We are very excited to share that, thanks in part to funding from the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA), BICR has some fun and exciting after-school options for Bowen children. Please see the list below for things that may be of interest:

  • Fun in French! (5-8yrs)
  • Movement Mondays (5-8yrs)
  • Inspiring Art (5-8yrs)
  • Creativity & Confidence Drama (5-8yrs)
  • Road Hockey (5-7yrs)
  • Road Hockey (8-12yrs)
  • Creative Collage (9-13yrs)
  • Strongirlz (9-13yrs)
  • Boys Crew (9-13yrs)
  • Gym Games (5-10yrs)
  • Gym Games (9-15yrs)
  • Beginner Basketball (5-7yrs)
  • Basketball Academy (8-10yrs)
  • Basketball Academy (11-13yrs)

If your child has any additional interests or you have any ideas for great programs we could include on Bowen, please get in touch with us in the Rec Den at 604-947-2216, or come by!

Give It A Try!

At any stage in life, trying something new is always a good idea! With the support of BC Parks and Recreation, Bowen Island Community Recreation will be holding a Give It a Try event at the Bowen Island Community School on Sunday September 29 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. This an age 55+ activity, to help draw attention to the 55+ BC Games taking place in Kelowna this year. Pickleball is the focus of this event with volunteer facilitators on hand to introduce players to the sport or improve their skills. Following the play time, there will be a social component afterwards where refreshments and activities will be provided. This is a free event, and all players new or experienced are encouraged to come out and join!

Here are a few reasons why pickleball is a great sport to play for all ages:

Physical Health: Pickleball is a cardio-focused sport which has a variety of benefits including lowering blood pressure and increasing lung capacity.

Social: Pickleball is a multi-player sport which makes it a great socializing opportunity.

Coordination: Pickleball requires hand eye coordination, which can help improve cognitive health and promotes brain stimulation.

Mental Health: Both physical activity and socialization have been proven to benefit mental health by reducing anxiety and depression levels.

So come on out and give it a try with us! If you have any more questions about the event, feel free to phone the Recreation Office at 604-947-2216.

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